Details coming out of St. Thomas Technical are that there were no religious classes going on during the time of the unusual happenings. There was construction taking place on the grounds of the school which called for a digging of some sort.
During the digging it is said that the workers came into a burial site and some of the the remains had jewelry.Some of which were said to be stolen. Students became possessed by the spirits and some ran to the office of the principal banging on the door asking for back their jewelry.
After a while, many more children became possessed and the school sent for a religious leader in order to pray over the student body who were by then , becoming rapidly possessed. This did not help and a Kumina band was sent for, also there were no drums at the school.
When the Kumina band arrived, it is said that they were surprised at the amount of students that were possessed and tried to help but could not quell all of the students. Many of them still went home with the spirits still in them. Elders in the area say every year around the time of the Morant Bay Rebellion there are spiritual happenings throughout St. Thomas and Portland until around the 24th of October.
One woman said that when she heard of the happenings at the school, she thought it was the happenings of the rituals of the Morant Bay Rebellion but was quite puzzled by the amount of children who were possessed and at the time it was taking place. She said that everyone in the area knows that the school was built on an old sugar plantation, part of which was used as a burial ground for slaves and slave holders.


  1. Well they made a huge mistake by bringing in a Kumina band if all the commotion was caused by spirits being disturbed and creating disturbance, why? because the drums brought down MORE spirits to add to the confusion!!! someone one should have been brought in (someone competent t) bind the spirits and this person should be strong!!…RUM, WATER AND LOTS OF SALT WOULD HAVE BEEN SOME OF THE TOOLS USED TO QUELL THESE SPIRITS…MUCH MORE TO IT, TOO LONG TO EXPLAIN!

    1. When an African grave is dug up and there is jewelry on the bones/body that means the person was held in high regard..Dem need fi return di jewelry to dont?

    2. water, rum and salt not gonna help, was in a similar situation yrs a go at school, demons took over and a boy got possessed, we prayed and called down the blood of Jesus and then went well….BLOOD OF JESUS nutthin caaan stronger

  2. YES THEY DO!! if they do not more problem will come…..These spirits are not evil, many of them still have attachments to the earthly realm and stealing these items are of the highest form of disrespect

      1. Metty dem depraved people dere dont care one bit. All dem care bout is cash fi gold. Lets hope someone can convince dem to return d jewellery, but all we kno it might well cut up an reach a foreign by now or well melt down,

        No regard for the dead or d living

  3. The background to hat episode is soooo deep. I know that with Kumina thu can call on or quell spirits. But what’s freaky is the fact that they were possesed before they called the band. Nope would not want to be dere. Those ting not of God in my view. Dem fi return the jewelry, cuz dem ago keep come back fi dem

    1. a dat mi wah noe to caw mi tink a di beat a di drumz cause di spirits any a di 3 fi rise suh ow di spirit possess di ppl dem befor kumina stawt play? a doah get it

  4. most dead are attached to most things, it is said that when purchasing antiques these items are to be blessed after purchased or else! jewellry stolen from the dead isn’t much different either! who doesnt or wouldnt kno not to disturb the dead ? smh

    1. That is sooooooooooooooooooooo true I remember my pastor saying that for true about antiques. he said one day a generation kept getting ill with cancer, sisters kept dying, lo and behold he went to the house and there was a painting that stood out….he prayed and told them to take it out, after that no more generational curse of the cancer

    1. Well those kids sure did look possessed 2 me. Is not like dem wining,daggering or any of dese dances a an excuse. Dem look like dem in a nodda world

  5. it luk like di duppy dem a farrin get freeze out caw luk ow much grave a farrin get masacraaaa an nutten nuh happin….it luk like all di principal tief suma di jewelry dem to cho smh

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