marvin and wife-Optimized
People unu need fi know say a dhq nickeisha throw out him things them a run him a him yard an tell him go suck him mada in front a everybody an say she tiired a him a jealous ova everything an bare things guess they had a fight that night because a same jealous sumu deh say she tired a it suh she run him wicked that’s why he was in mobay before he leave to go bk to ny if u look u will see dhq nickeisha throw shade to say she run the mistake lol but really an truly marvi look like him love Nikki real bad anyway just letting u guy know what happen my friend told me she was there an saw everything NIKKI THROW OUT THE BWOY THINGS THEM AN TELL HIM GO A HIM YAARD AN LEAVE HAR ALONE SHE NUH WAANT HIM AGAIN AN HIM A POST LIKE A HIM LEFT THE GAL


  1. Marvin will love anybody who a mine him and put him up!

    Not the first time she throwing shade at him though!

    Guess we have to wait and see what going come of her “mistake”!

    And what going on for him and the wife, that he is “single” from!

    Them ppl ya really keep the mix up going! :toast

  2. Weh Nicki fi get money from mine Marvin kmt…a him gi har a ting from time to time… An me tell MET longtime say Marvin love Nicki, him might a have a ting fi dingaling too yes , but him check fi Nicki..mi know dat longtime.. In other news, kenezer a see u post finally under disya.. Me always say u stay Inna u lane as a big Oman n ting n a say yu no bizniz wid weh ZOOM wan do but now u have me in questioning (clears throat) mi say MET (clears throat again) ZOOM keep party fi ERRICE and buy har Rolex sah den all of a sudden Ms Kenezer she a post bout reap what u sew? KENNY baby I sense some jealousy, but u get bizniz n the kids so no worry ya just hope ERRICE follow in u footstep n look business to since she put hers on pause fi do Zoom’s own.. Lawd di ressa side chicks blood suppose to a boil over the (approx 15g US gold).. Him went all out for his lady’s bday tho, ERRICE u officially win ova from MOODY gwaan truuuuu good gal

  3. Nickesha neva haffi nasty so mi no know how marvin stan dat deh big duty nasty waud deh. Dutty house, dutty clothes, dutty plates and dutty yard kmft the whole lot a dem roun deh big n nasty like daag. From jody to andrea to nickesha d all a dem. Is a shame

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