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  1. In the pictures depicting Blue’s hair seemingly not groomed, I think the visual has more to do the with lighting and camera angle more thank anything else… I don’t see anything wrong with any of those photos.
    I love when my daughter hits the road with a wild fro…

  2. Hot gal pickney fi look good, and well groomed, if I had a daughter, her hair have to look good like mine, she is a reflection of me, and I don’t mean in a womanly fashion, but in her little kids style. Some baby mother too disgusting, them don’t put too much in their kids appearance. Kmt.

  3. Maybe she is taking it back to Roots, I don’t get it one minute negroes are all yea, yea natural blah, blah and then this uproar. She’s a kid, they are not abusing her, who knows perhaps combing her hair is unbearable to her, so they spoil her!

    1. No disrespect @Quena, but I suggest you read Sketelbam’s comment at 1:48
      That says it all
      afternoon one and all

      1. I appreciate your politeness! I guess this is one of the topics I really can’t say much, perhaps Bey is allowing the Rastafarian look and whats wrong with that as long as the childs hair is clean.

        1. I always try to be respectful Quena, but like Bam said ‘the way the child looks is a reflection of you the parent’… I feel like whether hot gyal or not, pickney muss always look as neat as possible, not unkempt … If you always look good and take pride in your appearance, so should your child #that’s just my opinion still

        2. Did this wetback bitch just say Negroes? dwl….I guess she feel it’s the “polite” way of saying Niggas. PQ we would rather be addressed as Black people or African descendants okaaaay. But I feel you know this and just like being slick with your asshole of a mouth.

    2. Lady as you said negroes are complaining because our hair is coarse, whether it natural or not, it need fi comb, if it no comb it get natty and unbearable..U always find a way fi come up yah come look attention that you obviously not getting at home, sour SPIC…the dutty man weh tek yuh up an tun u inna wife a di negroe. Bomboclaat termite yuh!!!
      An me mean it wid the utmost DISRESPECT!!!!

  4. This Sunday, Blue Ivy has a father to celebrate Father’s Day with….wonder if the those who signed that ridiculous petition can say the same?!?!….I thought children were off limits?????

  5. so ahm who write the rule book sey little girls must comb dem hair? thank gad mi no have no girls because me feel a so har hair woulda look, god know…lol

  6. Yes Blue Ivy have a father for fathers day, and a very rich and famous one I might had, but this is the real deal, Beyonstray image mi a chat bout, this woman has never portrayed herself has being into natural, so what you all trying to say, she like every thing false but her baby natural. Beyonce is no better than some of dance hall worse when it come to her pickney, uno go and take a look at even how she dress the little girl before uno give natural look bad name.

  7. Mi mother used to plait up mi natural hair and send mi go to school and church, no chemical, wid mi likkle piece a ribbon, if was some dance hall gal pickney look sun we would put them on the auction block, B and Jay can do better, plus them in the spot light, people aguh chat, cause them give them reason to. All in her bedroom Beyonstray well dress, and the baby fava tame robber. Talk the truth, them very rich them pickney fi look better

    1. True Bammy, or she could at least chiney bump Blue’s hair…but she cute baaaad!!…splitting image of Jay Z..pretty likkle girl..

        1. As long as she nuh inherit di puppa lips ah nose she wi arite mi dear :ngakak , but she is a pretty lil doll baby, she really is…

  8. OMG, it’s just hair………..what about all those rasta kids with dread in them hair pulling off they hairline…….People people people, they must be something else to talk about other than this. Come on lets do better.

  9. People get real that child is spoiled rotten and loved is clear look at her parents faces when they look at her..her HAIR is not one of Jay Z 99 problems. maybe they just letting her be a kid and all the pictures we see she is on the go..I for one am glad they dont always have her looking perfect like a fake stepford wife

      1. LOL!..no, Jigga always look confused, but that 1st pic looking like he scurred…ah B or Solange dat?

  10. not every woman can comb hair neatly and at the same time not every women want a next woman ie. hairdresser grooming their kids hair so maybe thats the best she can do.. stop hate unless u know why Blue hair is like that…shhhhh

  11. All this notion of neat and tidy is all European in aspiration. The comb is not a requisite when it comes to the grooming of our hair… As log as your hair is clean, just live free…

        1. Africans have always always groomed their hair. The most beautiful braids i have seen in my life are worn but the masai men. Also they consider cutting and shaving Lil girls hair as grooming. Suh pls nuh try style up Africans cause ah Dem invent style.

  12. theres no reason viable for it da pickney head tan bad it fi groom proper one clip n grease will do whappen tuh licklee cornrow n da granmadda ah hairdresser to baxside PLUS dem hav all da money ina da wurl n da nanny nobadi cyan see seh dat nah tan good………………..but she cyan wear all kinda designer dis n dat……no sah Beyonce surprise mi seriously watch n see if Kelly pickney head ah go tan soh wedder ah gurl or bwoy it nah look soh mi sure to god

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