THE first audition for Dancehall’s Got Talent took place at the Jamaica Performing Arts Centre in Queens, New York, last Friday.
The talent show is geared at providing opportunities for upcoming acts to showcase reggae and dancehall culture in the United States.
The event was hosted by Nicole ‘Nikki Z’ Duhaney, with judges Timberlee, Ed Robinson, DJ Roy and Dougie Platinum.
“A lot of great talent was in attendance, the female talent was a lot more heavy than expected. It was a pleasant surprise. We can’t reveal too much, but I’d like to tell everyone to make sure to tune in when the shows airs,” LA Wright, executive producer, told the Jamaica Observer.
The show is scheduled to begin on September 28 with elimination rounds. It is open to the public. Scheduled to be broadcast on OmniPresent Media and OPM Digital Network, the winner from 18-episode series will receive US$5,000 and a recording contract.
Dougie Platinum, one of the show’s judges, was impressed with the talent displayed at the audition.
“Quite a few contestants came out with their “A” game with the hopes of securing a ‘YES’ from the judges. The diversity in performances only has me on the edge of my seat waiting on what to expect next in the later auditions and rounds,” he said.
He also said he was impressed by the contestants’ passion.
“Many of the contestants displayed a passion and love for dancehall that, at times, it’s like you just didn’t want to say “NO”. They were prepared for the most part, and I was quite impressed that many contestants came out with originality in their song choice, instead of singing already released songs,” he said.
The next round of auditions is scheduled for Sunday, September 21 in Jamaica, Queens, New York, and the last audition is Tuesday, September 23 in Hartford, Connecticut.
— Cecelia Campbell-Livingston


    1. Yawdie, ah who tell u seh di judge dem nuh talented ma, a wah di rarse u is are not saying Ma? But is singting wah people do all di toime still:maho

        1. Lol, Mi nuh know Ma’am, now adays u nuh haffi hab no talent innah nuttn fi judge and or do long as dem can fake it till dem make it wi nuh wi si. But Yardie im nuh big big dancehall promotah and dem tings deh Ma, suh maybe a dessuh im get him diploma and surfitikit, suh wi nuh wi si wah galang.

          1. Plus u nuh hear DP seh im have grace, personality and spiritual awareness, wah u call dah Yardie? ROFL

          2. Mumma mi nuh too too eena di rottweiler face bwoy eno…suh maybe ah das why mi question him many many talants :ngakak Weh him seh…grace, personality an spiritual wha ra??? I are weak :ngakak

        1. No ma’am I am an :angel, if there evah was one…DWL. Nuh follow mi Met don’t know di young man personally, a was just thinking out loud seh a mussi dat ah him hidden talent why nobodie nahn really speak up bout wah im do innah dah arena fi mek im qualify..but as mi seh im seh im is spiritually aware, im have grace and great personality suh who knows, maybe dats all im need..

  1. It look like is one of dem public access channels it will be airing on dats why unno caan find it. Mi going to need someone to upload it online, please and tenks. Sending luv and kisses to di pirates dem, big up unnoselves.

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