1. Chuety, how does u mi honey bun :peluk
            Mi deh yah same way mama, mi a try ketch up fi di two weeks mi absent.
            mek u bad so?? bout sprat nuffy steam it fi fry!!! mi seh drop right off a di bed when mi read dat comment :ngakak :ngakak

          2. All dat u read?___________________________________________________________ u know a whey day me and mi fren go have dinner and a laugh bout di steam sprat..chuet is outa order eno

          1. met!!! waah gwaan?
            mi a dead cuz, me too feel it fi di shoes.
            cuz di shoes a scream out bloody murda!!! cuz true it is a luxury shoes, it did tink dem kinda pressure deh wouldn’t reach it.
            Poor shoes :ngakak

          2. Smaddy go comment under it say dem nuh have nothing fi seh but RIP to di shoes mi did haffi go wash off mi face_______________

      1. Those pair in particular: Metty, you kill me sometimes with the shut you say_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. of course a him son got mad money nd de pon de reality show celebrity rich kids or supm like a suh wid de dunce gal weh nuh knw weh jet lag means

  2. A him son fi true him fava penguin dem poor shoesss lol
    Seerusly I don’t know is wat kinda curse deh pon magic Johnson but it seerus ahhh boyyyyyy then watch how the lil purse lost inna him big ole hand to no mi caa badda ya man lmaooo

  3. Him need a gym membership asap, and throw in a gastric bypass surgery while him at it. Bout him ah fashionista
    Good aftanune Met and Metters. Long time, but I am very much still here

  4. Him are wid a likkle skinny young man dem seh..awh sah wah fi do but smh just anodah day in dah naybahood.

  5. One bag a dem come from the land called RichKidsofInstagram mi say a dem say money laaaag. mnl the valet need fi hurry and pick him up. it dont look good.

    1. any how dem knee deh was one a dem army rifle or weapon deh………….mi wudden fraid a china like how mi fraid now

  6. smaddy did lef one comment pon mediatakeout seh back inh days magic Johnson, arsenio hall and eddie murphy use to run the holyood gay underworld and is a man really gi magic the virus and when dem find out dem drop him like a hot bread. I dont know but something bout it rang true the way the person wrote it.

      1. Yes, Met it was the three of them from NYC to LA……every Friday night they use to be in this club call BENTLEY’S where all black celebs came to meet young black men for the night.
        Met, you need to watch the show is son is on,it lets you know just HOW RICH Magic Johnson is(BITCH)nene voice.

    1. anytime eddie name call a battyman argument. aii sah mi know bout arsenio but magic is first. wow den a next one is michael strahan him and Dr Ian Smith from tv inna one sword fight fi how much years now.

        1. once is a accident twice is a trend. at this point i say these are the relationships she is most comfortable with. lol

  7. met yo have to understand that some women don’t mind at all. We live in a very “liberated” world. She is with Michael Strahan now.

    1. Nuff prayers fi the demons being let go in this world..I dont know what will become of this world in another 10 years

  8. met true.. cuz if you check it a lot has changed so rapidly in the last ten years, and not I a good way, so can you imagine what the next ten years will unleash?

    1. Yes we a go see demons walking live and we still nah go believe it …They think the world a get better it only a get worse…freedom nuh mean free ..they will soon learn though but it will be too late

  9. Met demons a wlk mongsk mi areddi.. di veil a get thin..
    but met yuh si weh insisde of a man cyahh hide fi son get di full dose a weh inna magic.. di bible cyaah lie..smh.

    1. It aint never.. di wife was just a cover up all along das y she even stay around till him get di hiv n she never get it…clearly they weren’t doing anything

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