Hey Metsy happy holidays mi just a fast pon IG n buck up this chick say Movado a har husband n every picho is of her n him a Mo this? Her IG name is ashannagully mi confuse now tho help me deh

0 thoughts on “MODIVA IS NOT MO DIS???

  1. Met please inform this young chicken head that mavado is already married. Me a wonder if she blind? She nuh see mavado say mo a him wife on his IG? These girls have no self control Dont know when to stop making themselves look silly.. Bout husband. Even thou mi caah stand the one mavado.. But this girl need to know that she is just a sidepiece.

  2. Met how it fi be her husband when mavado lay up in bed with rose the other day . With a caption saying his wife mo did that for him.. On his birthday. These delusional girls smh these chicken just love embarrass dem self

  3. Morning Met, as delusional as dis girl is, it is up to the man dem fi keep di side chick in check. Dis girl a step outta bounds cuz im gi har reason to. Mavado real gallis know how fi run dem show.

  4. The girl said she’s a fan n some on run wit it she Dnt really mean she his wife read the hole post n stop send in foolish she is fan n dats all

  5. Really how a di girl fault one…..di bwoy hol ar roun di neck jus like how him do di mo dat mean they married ……mavdo jus ready fi gi di bun in a public now ……………..and mo u r the reciever

  6. I thought and heard myself that Mavado is married he needs to stop mess with the young gal dem and bat up dem head with pure dreams and just do what he do with dem and mek sure him keep it real… You really can’t seh wat is wat now a days wit these fans and groupies and little girls that more den both of those things side pieces it’s just crazy how women put their heart and soul inna man that is clearly taking and might not leave him wife fi yuh, him happy wit what it is between you both so ladies stop mek more then what it is, take the gift the likkle money and call it a day at the end of the day you know what your position is stop making it out to be more then what it is because his just a regular man wit some music behind him… Wake up women and stop leaving the dream and get your own man that’s not taking so you can be happy!

  7. No she’s not if u visit her page u will see multiple pics n odes n books dedicated to Mofraudo n if she’s a fan how she one have so much access to him?????? I’m a big fan of Trey Songz would love to teck so much pics wid him
    A so Modiva love carry out him gal dem to studio kmt

  8. She’s just a damn fan went through her page she even have a post up saying thank god I finally met you .. People always throwing false information out there. The post is irrelevant and it a draw negativity to the lil gal ..

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