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  1. So Modiva fly Winford to Miami fi show say him still signed? Mi nuh like how ina Modiva mouth look

    1. Mavado u wicked bad……………How u neva did fi go a di Corey club and u reach dere wid u frens?

        1. name one artist wah killa buss who nah seh killa badmind and grudgefull
          crab inna barrel ??? who still nah believe n admit it, crack inna yuh hennessy too

  2. @met thisis not bout mouth, hair,nor teeth ..with respect — story talk now lets discuss the real issues ..u need fi tell gary this bigger than him. and you need fi give ivodny pryce that name..cause nobody cant lap frock tail like him. alot of real issues were addressed dem a try style the man. right
    now streets tun up and a bun killer whether u like it or not,

    1. We will discuss how much of a liar he is..but mi glad u can see for urself that what i told u was true..Killer did cuss say dem mash up him party outside a di club…so when did it move from that feud to badmine?? a dat mi waaa know

      1. MAWNin met ……………mi nuhlike how him mouth set and mi nuh watch it yet;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; mi sistren a complain wah day ya se how miami hot …weh him a do inna jacket ? …….him all look posses……………………..him mouth inna di first pic look like how di oman barry street weh did a defen di bleachin….di second pic look like him a copy him sista jody

        1. Him lie bad and all now him cannot say how killa badmine him..Him a try dis busy and him know how busy story go..busy was not a road man he has said that many times..and him and killa did fall out but dem gree back especially now dat dem say modiva bus pan dem..something that he has not addressed

    2. Mi nuh care who a bun killa because as mi say fi di millionth time…what is true is true and he is lying

  3. Good morning seriously they need to stop this war thing it’s not a good look. I really don’t know what’s the reason behind this war but it’s not getting either of them anywhere sometimes we just have to be the bigger person and leave things to time. Badmind and jealousy will never end. Just hope they can get pass this and go forward.

      1. Ok Met I will be waiting patiently to hear what you have to say cause I honestly don’t know much about what causing these two to be feuding. So dash it out please.

        1. Will do because one thing mi have a good links and dem nah tell no lie..People must give ceasar his due..bounty have his ways but mavado has done MANYYYYYYYYYYYYY very small things n pretend like him innocent..I do not like that..if u a go kill mi do it boldly dont hide and try juk mi

  4. bounty killer need fi leave him alone.. make him fall on his own sword if a lie him a tell then. a nuh everything mavado say killa must pick up.. if bounty killa did real him would allow mavado to chat until people find him out.. but no.. bounty killa is too ignorant and dark if mavado do a song and don’t call bounty killa name why would he pick it up? and say a him the youth a diss when him no hear him name in any song.. bounty killa is a bully and he need to know that people are tired of him and is dirty ways.. mavado you need to stop go pan interview a convince people say u loyal to killa and have respect if it is true leave it to GOD him will show the people them who is who.. bounty killa a the biggest hypocritical person in dancehall him chat everybody and laugh up in their faces nothing bout bounty nuh loyal if him buss the people dem him chat it when him vex with them… bounty is too damn badminded him fi go way and lef mavado.. mavado cousin was killed at bounty killa party and before bounty come on and say him sad for what happen.. him come a talk bout him never invite nobody.. me a choose me cousin over bounty anyday.. he is a big hypocrite back stabber. mavado is not smart or educated but right now mavado look smarter and more educated than bounty… somebody need to talk to bounty him too bitter

  5. Mavado mek some good points. When Kartel did a rub out Alliance him stand up not killa, busy, elephant or bling dog. The singer stand up not one dj. Why Busy neva guh clash at Sting or bounty?
    Busy too nuff cause when kartel a diss him up him is no where to be found now him a try nuff up himself.
    Everybody know Busy nuh par wid killa suh wha mavado seh is no surprise.
    Mavado nea build Alliance but a him did save it cause where is alliance now? Everybody a do dem own thing a just mavado did a hold the torch. Weh ANG deh?

    1. Busy is not that kind of artiste for one..two why him nuh tell people why him n busy fall out because at one point dem did gang up against killer so him fi stop go round corner and talk di real truth..but mi a go talk it fi him doe because him neatly asking me to

      1. well now you see none a them no loyal not one.. so them fi just stop it.. people tired of bounty now he is too gullible and badminded for years he stay like that.. he need to grow up.. if him a help people help them and stop use it against them when him and them fallout.. bounty killa is just a hypocritical dunce head gullible ignorant man

        1. What badmine have to do with this war? Both mavado and busy were victim of Mavado’s manager Julian lil tactics. Mavado himself said here that a him friend death cause it , him a say badmine and cannot pinpoint not one thing killa has said or done to badmine him..He is upset that Killa did not send condolences to his friend but he did not give killa a chance to say anything before him attack him..Mi nah go sidung and type type today I will document what I know for posting tomorrow

          1. ok met please do but that will not change the fact that bounty killa is not loyal he is gullible and too ignorant he needs to leave Mavado alone… stop help people talk about it.. if I went to one of my good friend party with my cousin and the friend also knew my cousin and he got into an altercation with anyone cops which is not right.. I would not want my good friend to say he did not invite my cousin when we went their to support him.. bounty killa is just upset that he made the big party and invite the people dem a embassy fi get back him visa and because the police go kill mavado cousin.. him a try play it off fi get back him visa bout him no invite nobody when killa know the whole a them.. killa too f**k up. bounty should a just keep him mout shut cause him know the youth..when him wnt help a the youth him send call to help him with certain things.. why bounty no tell the people them say a dats why mavado vex..

          2. One thing mi nuh do a work nuh kinda miracle, from my experience I have seen and know that not everyone is capable of rendering true justice nor has the capacity to be fair. Enjoy your sunday

    2. busy song weh him sing for mavado doe even sound good to me… di whole a dem fraid kartel a mavado alone dem have strength fa true h portray himself like a idiot.. dem want to take disadvantage of him. me no wrong him no make nobody shit pan you run the whole a dem..

  6. Suh if him is not that person how him turn that person now?
    When u guh address mavado address busy cause him mek it seem like the single certified platinum in america when is Denmark. 30k sales is platinum in Denmark and “Give it all to me” sell way more than that suh wha Busy a try hype bout?

        1. Dat nuh phase mi nor do I care. A truth mi will talk and that and that ONLY..I dont care who believes or not..never did..That is never my M.O

    1. The people dem a seh good music now dem nuh inna d war thing suh anything u seh nah guh change the people dem mind.
      Killa buss him so what? him buss bling dog, predator, ANG, marshall but weh dem deh?
      U think nuff man round bounty nah seh ” a true vado a talk still”. A cause nuff a dem roun him cant do nuh better.

  7. so hold on deh met, you can’t look at a situation and take good and bad from it. regardless of what lie he is telling, he made several valid points. did you know connie is my second cousin? yup by my father side. i never met him or care much for him, but i know he wasnt no saint. i know exactly what happened why him get shot, so im not even arguing that part. still the part about him use to run errands for killa is correct.
    killa shouldn’t be talking about no party mash up. that shows how petty he is and alot of you on here try to paint killa as some moral man who isn’t more successful because he didn’t sell out. nonsense!
    his point about busy is correct, when kartel was beating him like a slave, he was like a lamb. now all of a sudden he is militant? even if mavado drop sublminal disses that is nothing to the blatant in your face that gaza gave him.
    there is no single truth to this, there is two sides and the answer lies somewhere in the middle. both sides are clearly guilty of being emotional and ignorant.
    still if my bredren dead and the only ting you ago worry bout is party mash up and not even tell him mada condolences, we cant link again. i’m surprised you are even trying to justify that part. if mavado wrong on everything else and he could be, that part alone shows the colours of bounty killa.

      1. heheh met I love you.. me like you I like talking to you.. I like how you stick to your point and allow other to also say what they feel I really like that about you.. happy sunday and walk good

        1. Yes man tomorrow..A not even desso di war start but I will try to take it from the beginning..I will never defend killa as being and all around good guy, he has done many bad things but mi a go tek time today n take it from the top…To me, if we a friends mek we cuss and me say what my problem is and u say the same..then we will walk away together as friends.. Thank u for ur words and much love back to u :kiss

    1. bounty killa is a bully and me feel like him say so because him want back him visa and him don’t remember the good things that dead boy usually do for him.. him just want him visa which party a killa loyal? and killa did know the youth killa fi go sit down with him bad minded self.. leave mavado alone if him no loyal allow fi chat and make the whole world find him out stop go toe to toe with him.. it only makes bounty killa looks bitter a mavado save alliance when kartel did know di whole a them business and did plan fi wipe dem.. a mavado alone stand up and fight..

    2. a suh dem stay a try justify a man life ova mash up party. Party can keep every day but wha bout d man life?
      Bounty selfish longtime and all a d man dem wha par wid him know suh no matter wha met come wid , d fact is that bounty friend , or a man him use to call pon, drop out and him not even coulda visit the man house and offer him condolences.
      But mi nuh surprise cause when dem ask bounty if him talk to busy when him lock up bounty seh no but him talk to shane brown. Some general him is. kmt
      All him a talk bout is a party wha mash up? Weh him loyalty deh and respect fi d family? Mi glad mi nuh have friend like dat.

      1. One last thing mi a go ask u…Why Mavado neva say when Killa did a cuss di young man neva dead? :ngakak a morning yaw

        1. I dont know if him neva dead yet mi know a 3 days after him get shot him dead but still bounty neva look fi d man.
          Why u nuh ask why bounty neva seh somebody at the club got shot and in hospital and lets pray for his recovery? dat is the question


  8. mavado didnt start or lay the foundation for alliance, but he saved it from dying a horrible death. when the war was on, kartel was butchering every single one of them and it was only mavado who went toe to toe with him. anybody who can’t see that is either naive or crazy.
    why is mavado wearing leather in miami? strange. still i want to see him and bounty sit and do a interview as winford suggest. i cant stand to see two black men with such talent go at it. its mostly women and batty follower men who encourage this and tek sides and fuel the fire, den one dead and the other in prison. old time jamaican people cant wrong!

    1. OC…if a man shat offa u and nearly kill u #$%^&** u nuh mus war him? Vado neva have a choice him n kartel did a war fi real, him lef out nuff tings..Busy neva a tek dat chance..Remember Kartel go shoot up vado ends..Him nuh fi mek it look like a jus lyrical war or a jus because a was a real war and him did waa shot vado so das y killa a say y after dat him a go big up kartel? cho mi done mek mi go write…tomorrow :kiss

    2. When kartel left the alliance, mavado was the person who sang the first set of diss songs, it took kartel a while to answer. Mavado is responsible for his fren death, the guy was defending mavado and bax the police man and got shot. If mavado think it was a hit against him why did he big up kartel after? If him think killa guh keep party at the enemy place, why a year before mavado was surprise act at the building?

  9. I dohh know a wahh mavi do met but she despise di bwoy bad! No matta wahh she nevva hav nutn good fi say bout di bwoy yet. When mavi hav di visa man dem a link him invite bounty to dem me see wid me 2 big blak yeye when mavi a do introduction me see di embassy man dem a keep party and killa ele and dem followers come dere come meet up wid movi and di man dem so met low di bwoy. If killa was so Good and have so much good ways him wouldnt a live so now, is a beaten him a get fi him dutty heart and dutty mind and dutty ways

  10. GoodMorninG All
    When it comes to Drake donation money Mavado is a wicked. How you gonna say that the money just build a empty building. After how much money him ah mek with dj khaled him couldn’t finish it like him finish him house.

    1. dat is true still. him could buy some windows and paint and mek d man dem inna d community deal wid it.

  11. well i can think for myself. i have said it before there is no blog that has a more loyal fanbase than this one here. anything you write tomorrow, the bloggers shall be agreeing. i already can tell its going to make this mavado fault and poor little killa is a victim. i mean he lost a party and mavado lost a person, we all know which one more important . killa who big up how much gunman and shotta, now upset that the f**kry he worships turned up at his doorstep LOL
    when killa go pon sting and say him son dem ago clash was proof what a weak man he is. he should have thrown all his support behind mavado because kartel was cutting alliances to pieces at that point. mavado saved alliance from being written off into the history books as another kartel victim.
    say condolences to the youth family, not mavado! do dat and i would say shut up and keep quiet mavado. but killa’s arrogance has been disgusting. killa could have given connie madda at least a text. dis is a youth dat do tings fi killa! and me know what me a talk bout.

    1. I agree. Cant wait for all the bad things that is going to be said about Mavado and what killa did for him when him a start out. I can see it now…..

  12. Winford shoulda ask him a wha connie do so mek him get shot, gully pad never tell jamaica the full story yet, a shoulda adams or bigga ford deh a the door and them try box one a them police deh u woulda c a different out come about ten a them woulda get shot, met the have up killa from 2008

    1. A Bounty teach dem da style deh fi guh a every gate an cause problems.Every gate Bounty guh him cause problems.Twins of twins talk some tings more time if unu listen good unu wi really know who killa is.Bounty investment inna Tivoli gone.CROSS, ANGRY, MISERABLE fi di rest a him life.

  13. u c seh unnu a clowny everbyyyyy badyyyyyyyyyyyyyy knw seh a das y killa an ppl cyaaaaaaaaaaaaan gree becuz him luv chat so hw d mn fi chat ppl behine dem bck….same way hw killa tell him inna him face seh him mash up party aso him ago tell him heney ting else…..das y dem no like killa cuz him luv chat so y him wuddan fraid fi tell mavado seh him a pussy….mavado juss vex seh him tell him seh him mash up party hw u go party cause somebody life come in tlk d truth………mi will always rate mavado but a juss so d ting set…..vado a mi singer mi neva like d killa till mi hear vado aso mi get fi like d killa……vado killa neva need u fi defend him wid kartel…..unnu go bck go watch u tube wen vado n kartel seh peace a jamboree killa go pon stage go class up kartel…..check deso….unnu cool mn…u shudden go a d mn party go go cuz no fiction dats d truth …..killa stop d f**kery if connie was u frein u go luu dehso…..mi luv unnu stop mn…..n no mek khaled do colab wid d singer n u anybody else but him…….

  14. When dunceness and money combine, this is the result. Bout Killa and movado uneducated, them get likkle money and the same that happens to every duppy bat that get few shillings, a dat happen to dem. Nutten more, nutten less.
    Real Talk 😡

  15. some a dem kartel fans yah a unnu a help push dis but kartel dunn get 35 years an ano bounty badmine do dat…..unnu cudda bex till unnu busssssssssssssssss……which part kartel rub out killa ….go sidung

  16. Guys, I listened to the interview and I must say Mavado makes a valid point about the condolences that Bounty should have sent. What I am hearing Mavado say is that Bounty not sending out condolences in addition to Bounty talking about him behind his back is the cause for the contention. As Mavado stated Killer was not at the door when the shooting took place and Killer never asked what happened before he started running off his mouth. Seems to me that it’s the same deal Mavado. You were not there when bounty was so call talking about you behind your back. So how can you be 100% sure that he was. Just as Bounty did not ask anything Mavado did not ask anything. Mavado could have gone to Bounty and say, this is what I heard,is it true but he didn’t. It was just easier for Mavado to malice Bounty and run off his mouth. During the interview Mavado talks about bounty being a coward for whatever happened year ago while dem did a par. That mean while Mavado was walking up and down and smiling up with Bounty, deep down this is what he was thinking about the man. So who is a hypocrite and who is a fraud. I think there is more to this because it could never just be what Mavado is saying. Maybe it’s guilt that Mavado is feeling about doing something underhanded to Bounty and this is the only way he can justify his action. Remember Mavado, what is in the dark mus come to light.

  17. He is really MO’s Diva …he is turning around his speech and supporting hear seh….I feel and believe that Mavado set up him friend death …..a so mi feel …bcause him live pon it too much ,,,,,Modiva really set up in a some whole heap ting ………look like him gone inna a ting like di yankee dem anyting go fi money

      1. because him spiteful …Corey and kartel a two different ppl …him a mek peace wid kartel weh seh him mumma a whore him confuse

        1. Him really nuh have a point that is all that is. Kartel have him pan phone and shoot offa him and him a go talk bout peace..a spite him think him a spite killa but him mek himself look bad. What mi would appreciate is if him can mek people stop influence him and be his own man.

          1. him nuh have nutten bout him…him seh killa neva give hima dime yet den him seh killa gi him di fus pile a money inna him hand……………………….mavado if killa did bad mind him woulda hold yu bak dem bus yu pon di biggest riddim anger management weh man a play all now …..a jus di riddim ppl hear and a waonder a who u
            …yu too wicked ……..all yu haffi do is be abigga man if killa a move like fassy …….and u can neva have killa beenie stand mi a tell u dem a real general

          2. Real him say killa obeah him ina chase cross song mi a wonder y him nuh talk up di real tings….Him say killa nuh respect him because killa go off pan him di same night outa di club n he feels guilty that his friend died because a him..I understand that and I also understand say killa could have given his condolences but a more guilt why he was upset ..He should have left killa to his own conscience

          3. and who di hell is jayz him love wen man call him name…..but a MAVADO ……..KARTEL did disrespect him mavado and him tun roun …him lie and mad a di same time…madvado

          4. him a talk bout teach him son..him need fi listen to dis song n learn di words den teach
            Play Song
            “The Gambler”
            On a warm summer’s eve
            On a train bound for nowhere
            I met up with the gambler
            We were both too tired to sleep
            So we took turns a-starin’
            Out the window at the darkness
            The boredom overtook us, he began to speak
            He said, “Son, I’ve made a life
            Out of readin’ people’s faces
            Knowin’ what the cards were
            By the way they held their eyes
            So if you don’t mind me sayin’
            I can see you’re out of aces
            For a taste of your whiskey
            I’ll give you some advice”
            So I handed him my bottle
            And he drank down my last swallow
            Then he bummed a cigarette
            And asked me for a light
            And the night got deathly quiet
            And his faced lost all expression
            He said, “If you’re gonna play the game, boy
            You gotta learn to play it right
            You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
            Know when to fold ’em
            Know when to walk away
            Know when to run
            You never count your money
            When you’re sittin’ at the table
            There’ll be time enough for countin’
            When the dealin’s done
            Every gambler knows
            That the secret to survivin’
            Is knowin’ what to throw away
            And knowin’ what to keep
            ‘Cause every hand’s a winner
            And every hand’s a loser
            And the best that you can hope for
            Is to die in your sleep”
            And when he finished speakin’
            He turned back toward the window
            Crushed out his cigarette
            And faded off to sleep
            And somewhere in the darkness
            The gambler he broke even
            And in his final words
            I found an ace that I could keep
            You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
            Know when to fold ’em
            Know when to walk away
            And know when to run
            You never count your money
            When you’re sittin’ at the table
            There’ll be time enough for countin’
            When the dealin’s done
            You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
            (When to hold ’em)
            Know when to fold ’em
            (When to fold ’em)
            Know when to walk away
            And know when to run
            You never count your money
            When you’re sittin’ at the table
            There’ll be time enough for countin’
            When the dealin’s done
            You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
            Know when to fold ’em
            Know when to walk away
            And know when to run
            You never count your money
            When you’re sittin’ at the table
            There’ll be time enough for countin’
            When the dealin’s done

  18. Fi seh killa did scared a kartel dats a lie….killa style up kartel every and any weh every chance him get, but most of it fell on def ears becuz him is considered a old artis…di attention was on kartel and movado becuz dem was fresh an current suh di younger generation gravitate to dem both…..but him talk like killa did jus shut up an a teck style up dats a lie….mi can’t even memba a time weh killa ever shut up lol

    1. a movado kartel start pon fus…so mi reallly nuh know how him a seh killa neva a defend him self …wen kartel tek set inna him head back like lice or knife point mi nuh know …it look like mavado really mek cretain tings a get di bes a him

  19. so how him son go school wid kartel son ??? and now him seh ……him pickney dem live a merrymakka wid him ……………….bwoy vado …winford look like him dont believe yu

  20. listening to khaled juss knw a him tun mavado inna pussy him cyan even she a killa build fi hik career to…..d 2 a dem deserve each odda …..unnu galang go married uncle sam…… hurt mi bout badmine u a tell mi she u no ave even some groupie weh cyan married killa an mek him get visa like u vado…go sidung unnu an unnu gay lobby cyaan mash up d mn ….unnu cyaan ketch a foreign so dis a unnu stategy fi mek Jamaica ppl hate unnu wrong….unnu gwaan go tun uncle sam wifey

    1. den two oman nuh come wid ring fi married to killa already but him neva do it all di om an weh did deh up pon yah shi slim and have curly hair ….mavado lef him oman go deh wid ar cousin fi papers ..and him nuh married one year and him wife likkle sista dead ////and it look like before di marriage complete him best friend dead …i dont trust him

    2. u got to be born as such ….if u a dick u just a dick him jus did a wait …him sell out himself fi di whole heap a colour colour clothes and so him can walk and tell ppl seh him wife “brown” dam dounce bat before him hide and go learn fi read….a wonda how him yute dem undastan him

      1. den if mi nah go den yall still gonna bun him out seh killa keep party and him nuh like are u serious

        1. all a gi pamputae 30000 gran fi go shop …and a call busy mean ……………………………………….30000 gran cah even buy a panty fi pamputae…………..him love oman …….but da laugh deh weh him bus out near to di end…………….mi couldnt manage it …..him seh all killa can talk seh a him bus him…u can imagine how him woulda look dung pon di gully yah now ….cause nobody else woulda bus a man weh cah spell bus

          1. Pupa Jesus please help real weh yu say 30000 cah buy the draws mi just flat line

  21. No baddy no wok more obeah dan Movesha and him Madda. Movesha tell di people dem bout the OBEAH MAN A ST BESS MR MONTIGUE! Yu madda still a go da. Tell di people dem how much ben ova yu affi ben ova and make dem rev out yu back door and mike yu affi tak fi reach way yu da. Talk how yu give up busy, di immigration man and most a di artist dem even di money makers to keep yu visa and stay a farrin. Stop gi Montigue yu money and see how fast yu world mash up. BYE MOVESHA! HOW YU DOING IN MY WENDY VOICE!

    1. Dem mek aidonia ketch a piece a scaredom ________________________________________________ lawd mi baddie i cant

  22. him fi go easy mn…..everybody nw seh killa far from d n wid d halo ova him head but come on …. u d inna a group weh did a hole it up fi strong back mn an u gone mek d mn dem gi u a diva status MODIVA….hw come…… don’t look good…….diva …..u no c seh killa a profit u really gone tun groupie fi tru……….b careful a birdmn and likkle wayne no mek mi c u a buss no kiss…..den mi wi knw a who ave d brown bakkle wid henessy wid crack……….LOL…MOOOOO—-DIVAAAAAAAA…..LOL MI TUMMY…..GANGSTA COME BCK N LUUUUUUUUUUU

  23. the reality of this debate or fued is that ,killer has a trend of molesting his stablemates whenever they become successful, and we all should know this , we all go to school to learn so that we can better ourselves in the future, dont , I never heard no teachers, whether it be high school or college demand their students not to excel or shoot for the stars so to speak. bounty is jus full of envy and jealousy where whenever who he gave a break in the business should always remain under his level as far as success

  24. Vado yuh lef mi wid more question dan ansa….vado from di shooting yuh make it clear seh ppl did come deh fi kill yuh…..yuh seh a you dem did waa kill and not ur fren! Who want to kill you and why? Better yet if dem waa kill you so bad, why wud dey ignore you and shoot ur fren instead, wen you was standing right dere?


    1. Dis a no bout how much kills have every body know back have more ah dat aid some a wi money is everything ah dat mel some a wi lose wi way


    1. go ask popcaan di same ting …him and movado inna studio as we speak …nobody nuh like kartel a jamaica cause him a ediat a bear duppy follow kartel ….literally ..any ute u know love and did practise kartel ….either a swim dead or deh a prison

  27. MAAD mek mi tell yu something,Killer fear carte/shawn especially shawn like puss a me fi tell nuff time gaza pussy up adt and him affi easy a killer greatest joy is dat a ddi gone a prison because a ddi link dem di get way 2 stinkiner dan fi him own dem,when yuh si killer a 10 man and when yuh si Mr Palmer is a whole housing scheme..BACK UP!!! MOVE MOVE!!!!

    1. Bounty killa a one dj and beenie man and buju a three dj mi certain from my experience no fraid a nobody ….wen buju box out di mike outta di yute hand a fully loaded nuff dj dede and killa one step up and tell buju seh him mus memba seh him was a young artist at one time and dat nuh necessary dat deh time deh …buju a walk wid blacks and dem man deh …di so called badis man ina di entire kingston ………..unu fi talk facts and stop mek up story


  29. kartel fans unnu bassssssssss get 35years …..mi sure as god exist seh ano killa badmine do dat……..unnu a rejoice fi dis……but god is gud…….lol…..unnu bassssssssssssssssss get life in prison unnu can go join him…….kartel leff d group cuz a d same mavado bcuz him seh killa a show more interest inna mavado career dan fi him own …..killa ago b d last mn standin @ d end dis unnu basssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss did tink a him………..bout killa a chat bhine bck……anyting weh killa haffi seh d wurl ago knw dat cauz it wat it will………ano him tell unnu basssssssssssssssssssssssss fi kill ppl ………….a sacrifice mavado sacrifice him frein…….

  30. all a unnu weh a chat bout killa dis an killa dat look hw much money making machine out deh weh floss dem money inna d entertainment business who much a dem tun dem yeye pon unnu dutty jancrow an try fi help none a unnu but d 1 weh try n help unnu das unnu cyan go live n buil unnu house pon d hilltop a him unnu a tlk bout badmine……who much a unnu mn sketel him help out inna life an who hype pon unnu an kill unnu an mek unnu bawl like baby n tun unnu inna gigaloo a dem unnu gi d ratings lke him a beg unnu summen …..all a dem big artist deh weh unnu a big up who dem help…..maybe kartel alone an him still neva do it like killa weh no tek nutten from nobady dem haffi pay up r gunshot wi buss ova dem bloodclaat head an a ppl weh treat n look out fi unnu unnu cuss out….

  31. @real u a idiot or something is 3 son Vado have two a foreign and 1 hear u forget the mansion on the hill? He has a son that attends same school as addi son. And they are best friends so know the facts. Killer it’s simple you should a say jah know mi sorry fi the loss simple as that!

    1. I am the idiot ? Please make space for me in the line………………………..I see you guys are way ahead of me ……..a nuh me u fi tell seh mavado have three sons …..I think u should tell him he made the statement

  32. And it was not mavado kartel start on first it was killer angel wedding cause it. Then mavado defended the thing after addi diss everybody except mavado with his first song. Mavado defended when him call addi songwriter.

  33. all a dis start mek kartel walk eh from alliance cuz him she bounty nah spend no tm pon im kartel career

  34. only thing me get from this here that it took Movado a whole year or more to finally let the world know mo u his wife I shall wait on u to run in and defend your hubby

    1. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… bec him wah wi know him a us citizen

  35. @real him sell out nuff people to get that piece of paper eh and if he get citizen so fast him still a sing

    1. Bev Mavado and chase crosses lie a farin long time a dem jnr reid sing bout …………….chase cross neva go a new kingston till 2009 and him did a RAP Like him a yankee

  36. next questions him say rap artist like u and respect but it look like niki never to interest to be in that video she just stuck in the car ad when she come out she hardly a move or and why the studio for the interview thought I would have seen the big house u and mo live in

    1. bev a nuh dat …mek him neva invite him rap star fren dem to di interview ..khaled big and tuf and fava sausage and mi mind tell mi seh him nuh live inna di house widd him so call wife …bout him a go jamaica soon ………………….like wi fi wait pon di great

  37. Naw lie bounti a me artist still … but me understand wha vado a say no care what , bounti shoulda show little respect when de youth dead ,him feel like him a defend a man and bounti no hav him back , so him feel betrayed. Vado did have me till dem ask him bout t. Building, pure lie him spit out, come on us 25k fi dat? And u couldn’t finish it ? Lol

  38. if you and a man are friends and his best friend dies, you must give condolences as the bare minimum. that is the bare minimum killa should have done.
    hopefully killa sees this interview and at least attempts the bare minimum of what a human being should do. unfortunately killa has gone to recording songs already against movado and handled the situation incorrectly.
    both men have to make restitution.

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