Good day Pinky, HMID please. So Roxann returned the Cuban link necklace and bracelet that MM asked her back for, and he has apparently regifted it to Ms. LC and she is all smiles.


  1. LC is a beautiful girl you should be with one of MM’s sons. Chris Millwood would fit you right. However, you would have to compete with the Asain girl.

  2. Isn’t Roxann’s office on that same plaza that MM own? Now she will have to leave right? Me say same way she laughed at Lauren a the same things she’s doing right now. Me still need the tea why she leave Money Mike, and is it for good this time.

  3. Dem seh Roxann find young boy and lef Missa tekki back Mike long time but him did still a hang around and she did still a tek him tings. She left fi good now and it look like him did hurt fi a while but him find di LC girl and want back di tings from Roxann fi give to she. I don’t understand how these women are so blind to him antics…him disrespect him wife who him live with by being with them openly and when things get sour him tek back him tings like it was jus a loan…it is rumored that he took back most of the stuff he gave to Lauren too.

  4. Well good for her if she find a young man. A long time she fi find a nice guy fi settle and enjoy herself with.

  5. Well word is she deh wid di son fren weh a fire fighter inna New York. Gi back di jewelry yes mek dutty man mike gweh.

  6. A so much woman MM have? Mi hear say in a sex Keisha too (@shopmypieces) on IG. But then again me hear say she a escort too. Kingston messy bad!!!!

  7. Met LC post Mike and her matching shoes at sunnation party and Roxanne gone a hotel if I laugh. These old men trifling

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