77 thoughts on “MORE A FOXY BABY……

  1. Shouldn’t babies be off limits come on now man unuh teck dung di innocent baby …an so what if spragga nuh post her wtf is wrong WID unuh grown up BULLIES

    1. Why did her mother, Foxy Brown, post her innocent baby on Instagram? Send her a DM, and tell her to take it down and see if she nuh cuss you out. Today must be Bitch For No Reason Fridays.

  2. They did say spice phuck women to one time Don’t? Well well well no surprise she will do anything for attention like the rest

  3. Foxy nuh waah real dark skinned gal. A white man breed har??? Yes batty gal spice, slowly but surly yuh a come out a di closet, bout ooman crush, di f**k! I will admire a woman and what she does…. but wheh di f**k mi a crush bout if mi naa f**k ooman.. Yuh too looou tuh fi big ooman smaddy can crush pan foxy? hold dah bag a brick yah cause it smater dan yuh right now.

    1. Dem yankee gyal love nyam front, foxy known for that so she a send out her message loud and clear , she’s into those things too. Maybe foxy can line up another 3sum with Jay&puffy so she can get a real Buss lol

  4. Up top is right because of someone sent in METS Kids for discussion, she – herself will be vex.

    MET…… i know its your site and all but do better. especially if you are a mother.


  5. Foxy herself post her daughters picture on Social Media, Met post it here….what’s the difference!?


  6. I hope motherhood gives Foxy the peace and joy she never really found in her younger days. I am happy she finally has a love to call her own, that child will be the love of her life.

  7. Met post derogatory stuff they said about my sons and when I comment to let her know the effect it had on my kids she did not post it. But yet still you have a disclaimer about not talking about people kids.

  8. This is a BEAUTIFUL BABY, real pretty what I don’t understand is why Foxy keeps saying perfection etc. I’ve seen people say my heart, my Angel, my life etc. But Foxy keeps referring to her looks. God bless u both she really is BEAUTIFUL

  9. Marie STFU as mother would you like to put your kid’s pic on your page and somebody post it on another gossip page how the phuck would y’all feel and no today is not Friday to be a Bitch bitchhhh I’m just stating facts

    1. This is not the first baby posted here so u STFU and pick another day for the bullshit. She was not spoken about in a negative way so start shit elsewhere..

      1. People who know me inna real life can’t make me STFU but you keyboard bad gyal can? Right! There is a difference to bitch and to be a bitch but your slowness is obvious. If you’re so offended why the behind hole did you select the post hypocrite? Stop wearing out yourself and everyone else.

  10. Trust and believe me met i have no need to lie on you and one day one day you will see it all. I am still here for my personal reasons.

  11. Uno seem fi figet who makes the rules here and pulls all the cards here. For one, I ignored all the foolishness because a nuh everything mi ansa to but when uno a go come and a tell smaddy bout STFU and bout baby posted on a gossip page…….is that what u really bitching about???????????? I guess because mi chill uno feel seh mi is a do as uno seh person…wrong person uno have down..I made the rules here so no one can come here and tell me about my rules here and what to post and what not to post

  12. Uno chat so much b.s till smaddy come tell lie bout mi delete comment whey dem write in defense of their child…Did the post spoke about the baby in any way…..NO? Dont come here and tell me what to do …thank u

  13. You all need to leave Foxy Brown child alone .a no Every woman F**k money black ugley man to have kids for okay,I have 5 kids one daddy ex husband they all mix that is what I choose .I don’t want no black ugley kids around and all of my grand kids is mix also my daughter is Jamaican she looks like Dominicans okay to each is own we just like the Shawn Paul looks run with this now.And that lady what come on Ms met site telling lies on Ms met .go some where else leave ms met alone Bitch

  14. Most dutty bad mind people and comments I have ever come across !
    Which mother is not proud of her first born baby and don’t post pictures ?

    Foxy calls her perfect because she is perfect in every way. She is extremely beautiful like her mother. She is a perfect adorable baby with her innocence as all babies are.

    The baby is perfect because she is born in the perfection and grace of a God and Foxy gives thanks for that publicly by thanking Jesus .

    All the Colonialism that is experienced in Jamaica is NOT experienced as much in Trinidad because there women don’t bleach and are proud of whatever complexion they are born with: so I doubt highly she is “ glad “ she made a light skin baby. Stop rub off your oppressive plantation thoughts unto others .

    Foxy is PROUD of her BLACKNESS and is one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY WOMEN IN THE WORLD, when she just Buss and still now.

    She attributes the child nickname “ RED FOX” to hers, born of a FOX “ Foxy BROWN ,,. Her color . She never hated it. She remained dark and chocolate throughout her early and late career.

    In Trinidad I know just like Africans did, people’s nicknames are given based on character and physical attributes ( characteristics )
    Example :
    “ Fatboy “
    “ Darkie “
    “ Reds”
    “ Indian “
    “ Piper “
    “ Sweetness “

    Trust me, the Fox just glad she made s beautiful healthy baby.
    We do not have to pray forlightness or buy bleach where we come from ,,,, nuff nuff man RUSH d ‘ darkies “ and “ blackies “ in Trinidad and see then as a source of true sexiness and beauty.

    Please women, you all look like big stink MONSTERS when you put down a Oman that just gave birth .

  15. What a way dem teck set pon PINKWALL…Dont know y unu up in arms when this pic is public on the child’s mother’s page..Unu fi gweh to cause even the blind man know that child is NOT FOR SPRAGGA…

  16. @shygirl… It’s ‘ugly’. The word is ‘ugly’. I really hope your ‘lpretty mixed children spell better than you do. Wouldn’t want them to be pretty and dunce.

  17. G 12:53 am don’t worry about my grammar worry about where are you going to sleep.and what you have to eat monkey i dont deal with primates, I see you on Net go wild and planet of the APES I don’t have a bush in my Gate place full of Bannana to feed you go suck your mother now

  18. Anon 10:55pm go find or get a life this Women here is far from dunce BITCH what i have notice about you jamaicans you always calling people dunce and 85% of you garrison boat people on this site caunt read.i have something to tell you I go to University of the West Indies in Kingston Jamaica I have 14 subject.i came back to my country here back I Graduated from USC medical school in LA .so cut your all b’s out I write like this only on pink wall ,because you people on here is Low Class so I treated you all like that .The only person i respect on her is MS met the owner no one Else .i dont know if the Shelter you are staying at lock you out tonight but come off of me.find you a place under the Bronx Express Way with your Card board box to sleep tonight don’t you COLD????

    1. Hi you up top, I was going to hold a reason with you, but from the way you speak (typed) I see that the conversation would only go one way. But hold down on the stereotyping of Jamaicans. NOT EVERYONE is as fortunate as you to acquired an education…but I can tell you this and put it in your pipe and smoke it… YOUR INTELLECTUAL LEVEL IS NOT AS VAST AS SOME GHETTO PEOPLE…their wits ALONE will LICK Yu fe six!!! So please stop brag and boast about graduating from UWI etc. because even professors are logged in to “halfway housing” with their plastic bag and no where to call home…you sight? :nerd

  19. “Shy girl” please remove the “University of West Indies in Kingston” from your comments. At UWI we would not and cannot claim you, you would be a disgrace to the institution hypothetically speaking. Bout write like this on Pinkwall. If you think so low of Pinkwall you shouldn’t waste your time here. I can tell your self esteem is lower than your ambition. At UWI we learn to enhance our critical thinking skills, but as we can see you can’t even think much less. You are very shallow and dunce! I have been to the best schools here and in America but that does not make me smarter than anyone else neither does that make me have a negative perception of persons who may not have had my same opportunity. Oh btw I will not respond to your response to this comment I have no more time to waste. Also, I hope you understand the use of verb and noun in that sentence. In case you don’t know the brain is very important no education can compare. Get one first.

  20. Whether the baby is for spragga or not she’s a beautiful lil girl an prettier than fi nuff a unuh weh Kno di so-called baby daddy a unuh zutupec Pitney …unuh damn internet bullies

      1. Mi a go seh this and mi hope u nuh vex. One thing I dont and have never done on here or on facebook or online for that matter and that is to come different/ assume another personality and cuss anyone…It has a lot to do with me and the way I am…I hate deception and if I feel like I cant say what I need to say I will not say anything and usually that is when Im super angry. I know how u feel and I know why you have opted to be this way (you know what Im talking about)..and maybe that is mainly my fault because I should have nipped the person in the bud and checked the anonymous that were talking shit…we are not perfect and I do take responsibility for that because you do look out and u do keep this site going because u will look for topics to send in :kiss thank you. I went into my kitchen and quickly made my banana bread because cooking gives me time to think…I should have done something and I should have done it sooner than when your situation happened because we are all grown folk and we do not impact each other’s lives that much for what u said to have been used against u. I hated it but I just did not know how to handle it better then and have found a solution now..The solution also goes for u..we are too powerful when we coexist in a civil way…our discussion bring up important and valid points when we get down …as of today..I will add to the rules that I do not want to see no regular address another one in a disrespectful way…I do not like it…it makes me super super uncomfortable and all of the regulars are my supporters so Im always in a tight spot ..Let me know if we good on this :kiss

  21. @Met, what a way dem pressed?? Pinkwall have then piping hot and severely bothered. I HAVE ONE MESSAGE FI UNU, ANCESTRY.COM..It will give unu some peace..Unu annoying nuh bumbo..

  22. 7:01am and 8:27am i don’t really care what you Bums of to say you all need to leave my COUNTRY self Deported your all self .Daddy Trump and ICE will find you all soon,you all Bothering me because of other reason but I will be still doing me you are the ones need to look into the mirrow and see how your life is F**k up,I am living a good life.also ms Met they are so Stupid I know of a lot of them on here what Law Enforcement want to really talk to one here putting up there boy friend pictures.this is facts I am saying ms Met that is why I know that they Bumbocloth fool fool .and now you all Scammers drug mules shoplifters can go try and get a life

  23. Ms Met they have no Country to go to .some of them are State less but they don’t know so when they have ICE forceing them to sign papers they should not sign,for example if Jamaica government can’t proof that you where born there means America of to keep you and if the Registered General office in Spanish don’t have and proof you where born in Jamaica .Jamaica government cannot issues any Travel documents for you to come back .they need to be wise when ICE hold is a reason why I am saying certain things ms Met enjoy you day I am busy now

    1. forceing?

      You need to be busy with a dictionary or Jamal classes. I sear Shyt Girl is using one of her grandkids to write stuff for her or she is barely literate. How dense can the UWI/Medical School graduate be. H-E-L-P!!!

  24. The “of to “ kills me alllllll the time me waaaaaaa fight unnu stone unnu how can a highly educated “bullshit” person type that if u ask me not even JAMAL would teck unnu kmt

  25. Go and suck your mother boat people .I guest you all find another Shelter Bed tonight.Under Bronx Express Way got flooded out or the NY PD have you all moving.Lol.ICE sending you all mails now wow long Run short ketch time is the master every thing of to come to a end.i am into my bed watching Television

  26. I doubt Foxy Brown knows who the father is. That baby was born from in vitro fertilization, sperm donor unknown. I know a few Jamaican women whose quest for mixed race children has gone this route, requesting that the sperm donor to the sperm bank be a white male.

  27. 4:15am you are still sleeping under the Bronx Express Way you are cold as F**k get your life together and.leave Foxy Brown and her Baby alone ,something’s is just not right to say about another woman baby why all of you coming on Ms Met site doing this is because she is not a Jamaican????????.i am going to take up my Bible this Sunday morning and read a certain palm.for you and the rest of Crazy on here and the ones what messing with me .then I am going to sign you all off at the Cross road ,you all life need to f**k up have you ever heard some one don’t of to know you to shut you up and f**k up your life Bitches I learn this from when I was raised up on the Island of all need something to worry about I will make shore

    1. OK obeah wucka!!! I fight fire with water! Aunty every year some strange really strange unknown come on yah! Noo sah! Shy girl mi shame to read ur sentences :hoax2 u right a palm u aguh read not psalms!

  28. And you all need to back up off Foxy Brown and her Baby girl.foxy is a Disabled mother she is Deaf and for all of you Store away Vavagon mongrels coming on MS Met site doing this to her and her child it is on thinkable
    There is a Law in this Country for people how keep doing things to the Disabled people you can be in big trouble for it,if Foxy Brown want to take it that route
    Keep doing she have very good Lawyers you all forgot how she is Spraga Bends is no man special okay .leave the Disable mother and Child alone my GOD this of to all mad because you all have UGLEY kids????????

  29. Mongrels watch and see I am going throw you all into the Ocean /sea you all will drift for the rest of your all life and go crazy like the sea
    Bitches messing with the wrong one you all don’t know which Parish in Jamaica me raise up at one of the Baddest bitches you all chat too much .member me said that too I am not Foxy Brown I am start working on you all since early this morning I am scream shot all your all shit get your all Vibrations.that is all I need.Run with this now.dont forget my black dolls too.candles and I don’t have to say no more.i am badder than blue stone bobbett.Apple mother you all f**king up now .Ms met I am not playing I know how is responding saying these shit about me .there problems just begin

  30. You will know how suffer from what me Dun talk I don’t speak broken English because .no one in America hire people how talk like a lot of you.Now Ms met listen to this I have know a lot of them on your site acting like they have things going on for them .do you know where they have been going to Thief clothes now the thrift stores .Where the white people’s bring them used clothes.go sell and they also bring what they wear to sell too ,ms met because they have no food .rent money gas money and they always getting Evicted from people place then when i go with some of them you know you ride with them they asking me to watch them I said I am scared .they even thief the old shoes the white people wear and don’t want I can called names .it is sad then they bring there kids too make matter worse.How these Duppy can talk to no wear fath in a and slight damage.old broak clothes with shit stained I buy my new clothes all the time joncrows



    I had a good laugh laughing at the crazy nonsense you typed earlier … but as you continued I see that your are obviously deranged, suffer from some type of mental illness and just plain evil.

    You need a HELP. And you and you are NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE ..,. BITCH …. go SIT DOWN

    Also I have a Bachelors Degree in English and went to grad school for a Masters …also in English …



    All 3am yuh typing on here,
    When LAST yuh got a GOOD F**K ??

    Obviously a long long time, because them hours of the blessed quiet morning I am riding my man,

    Please SHY FLY …. fly away

  32. Haha Shy Girl didn’t know they allowed electronic devices in the Mental Institution you are, in pure garbage. Look like di obeah yu working a mad yu lol lol. Stop trying to put your Dirty NY lifestyle on people…btw I have never lived in NY

  33. Good morning Ms Met this vampire can’t rebuke me Dev suck my DOG dick is the 1st of the month you all have my Rent ????.You all sleep under my Bridge I can respond what ever time I want to monkey I already tell you all what I do for a living work wise read between the line ,what kind of people up 3am going to work.because you all don’t work you will never know

  34. Shy Girl, not now please. We have the Kanye melt down in progress. Not you too. Just wait and we promise we will get back to you.

  35. Good evening ms Met I have been busy all week
    Bitch Kanye his Rich bitch what you have?? I don’t care what you all said about me no more come with something’s better okay,ms Met I am just here enjoying my self your site is very Entertaining but when I go down to the Court house it will be more they have to say stay Tune.good night ms met it will be weeping and wailing

  36. Dutty gal Shy Girl wey di f**k yu a worry bout wey mi have…Mi have mi f**king education, mi more dan you dutty gal. Yu hear mi come a brag bout UWI degree? In your mind mi nuh have nutten, but what I have is more than you can ever accomplish in this life and that’s intelligence. Mi bright an it a badda yu. Ask Met, she knows me, I have been interacting with her for a while. My credentials up. So gwan run dun material things. Bout UWI graduate and cant construct a simple sentence. Go tu the courthouse mek di Judge sentence yu an yu loose pussy!

  37. I can see that you are off your meds .low life Bush baby my pussy loose the last time i remember I could not take your tongue out of my pussy,and my ass hole your Education is Scamming shoplifting and using other people names .Go back to your Shit hole Country you have no rights in the USA .me going to jail that is you and Marlon JONES .junior going to Death Row. Met have a site running but you are Running from the FEDS you are one of the Dutty Jamaican .bye Bum Bitch come and suck my DOG dick and let him f**k you and your Dutty mumma

  38. Every one of you Threaten me on pink wall will get Arrested remember I tell you that ms Met cannot refused to turn over your all informations under court orders okay remember that Bitches I am here working for my self just like the rest of you .secret snitches ms met they are all informers.i am a WITNESS that is a big different thing a eye witness uno don’t scared me a bit i am Laying up in my Bed right now laughing at you mongrels

  39. Met yu nuh si sey di gal a idiat. She a look smaddy fi frighten fi har. Mek shi know sey mi sey mange tek betta dag dan she. We aint never scared…

  40. Good morning Ms Met don’t worry about what I said about a Court order.have you ever heard some one saying something’s and Suspects keep talking this is not about your business you are Running ms Met it ,is about how can take people down small fish always a winner.I am saying if you ms met Summons or Court order to turn over a lot of things people send to your site you of to Turn it over.even there Pictures and the IT address too that’s a Fact these Fools don’t know how and how on pink wall reading .let me said no more.they think because they said you know them you can protect them NO.they are not your Family’s they better know that Bless up your self ms Met I will be busy all week working.And if they don’t stop come over here F**king with me Every party and Dance they keep in LA I am going to send the Mens with the Badges in there some is coming up they better Cancels watch back is a bitch all the one they keep at them house stay Tune ms Met I will Make calls this week’s

    1. Mi jus a ask bout di court order cause mi have nuff mi waa mek sure urs sort out before di res

    2. Good afternoon ALL,SPECIAL GOOD AFTERNOON Shy girl ,

      Imma disregard virtually all you’ve just typed even the part bout the fools don’t know how n how* is on pinkwall.In good conscience I really can’t ignore the IT Address that Met haffi turn over n since u know for a fact…mi very much interested oo.

      WHAT IS THIS IT ADDRESS THAT YOU SPEAK OF? ?I NEED TO KNOW IT SO MI CAN TEK OUT SUMMONS TOO N PREVENT IT FROM BEING TURNED OVER ENUH!! All a who a come over here come trouble her,kindly cease n desist!

  41. Hello Marie I caunt say too much okay me good evening Mr Yardylovetug it is IP address I miss type they think when I talk it is a joke the are Fool the Book of Proverbs talk about fools
    They are not going to take your advise Sir let that Dumb bitch keep saying she is not scared of me .when is Trial time for Marlon Jones and these F**kers show up in Court I will point all of them out to the FEDS in Court you all will be leaving in Silver Bandles

  42. Yardie a me. did a argue wid Shy girl. A me get har riled up. God know when mi si bout IT address mi ketch mi fraid an run. Mi did ready fi guh court guh battle it out. However the IT address is no match for me. A suh mi know sey good gal Shy Girl really have a Masters Degree. Poor me wid Bachelors Degree inna Business Administration, is no match for Lady Shy girl. Come chu yah Goody!

  43. Hello Marie bless have a good Mr yardielovetug don’t listen to 8:pm okay I willing typeing in Errors because a lot of people know me okay I of to throw them off .or I can get Killed like Marion main Wittnes I am not a Fool where every I go I of to watch my self,it is not easy thing I usto do I can’t any more places I usto go I can’t no more but I of to do the right thing in the Eyes of the Lord

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