1. She looks stunning….wishing them all the best on the next chapter of their journey..they have to remember 3 in a marriage him her and the almighty.

  2. Beautiful bride!! Baby question which is easier to say she looks nice or she looks the same????? It kills me how hard we are on each other sometimes smh the fact of the matter is she looks nice n u won’t lose a pint of blood to say so

    It looks like thought was put in the whole thing beautiful wedding congratulations ppl!!!! May your Union be blessed

    1. Agreed babes just wish them peace prosperity and spiritual growth. Its very rare to see a dancehall artist that makes moves like this, instrad of having babymother drama and making the blogs, but these two look lovely together. So for everyone who has something negative to say , he made her his wife what about your life?

  3. I wonder if this wedding was rushed. The venue looks great but all of the outfits look awful. First I ever see the mens outfits look so terrible. Black and white weddings are so boring….their stylist messed up. Overall this is a big YAWN.

    1. It shouldn’t look rushed at all. They’ve been engaged over 4 years! Up to this month she was looking at dresses, I heard. Maybe she didn’t believe it was going to actually happen so everything was rushed.

      1. the wedding dress should’ve had a detachable train, to reveal a shorter easier to dance in reception dress, her body is fire and while she look nice in the lace dress, I hate the material looks cheap to me, but wen ur body is so on point u can wear anything and bring it off.

  4. Dem boring eeh…..just Mi opinion but mi feel like she shoulda go fi some colors no lie.. Yuh wedding day fi a pop…. Like I wasnt interested to see cause noting neva grab Mi my girl…like she have on Sumting weh Mi say yes Mi wah see dis…. Noting!

  5. Yuh shoulda put up all Yuh hair give Yuh face a different look wear a different color dresss to di ception no man Mi look again an yuh boring bad caah blame Yuh man Cause Mi know him just spend but.. :thumbdown anyways congratulations Mi always like when ppl tie di knot…. Watch out fi dodge doe… Nuh badda feel like Yuh married dat ago stap har.

  6. Say congrats and keep it moving I always disliked when others criticise the way a person do “their” party or celebration, maybe it was there preference for the venue, dress code colours and yes hair and makeup. What you guys individually like for yourself may not be what they like, it’s having a different sense of style. Not a big deal.

  7. The bride’s hairstyles and choice of dresses could have been better but overall nice wedding if I go by the pictures.

    1. Agreed.

      She would have looked so stunning with her hair pulled back and sleek, wearing a beautiful satin gown. But everything looks IG boutique-ish and her hair is her every day side part weave. I won’t even comment on his hair. Smh

      I love classy and sophisticated weddings but that isn’t the appropriate adjective for these two. We expect people to become something they’re not when it’s time to show out, so very often we end up disappointed, like now. On second glance, the setting and outfit selection suits them just fine. Cheap and clean to dem ting. Dancehall’s finest. The reception seemed fun and vibesy though.

      Again, congrats!

      1. I like Aidonia I also thinks she is beautiful but there is a difference between looking good and being good looking .. U have to change it up .. No eyelashes hair pulled back smaller earrings and natural looking makeup would have made her stunning … She looks like she posing for a social media pic

  8. Congrats to the couple.They seem happy and that is the important thing.Their attire may not be up to par for public review but they seem comfortable and happy.

  9. She looks like the Queen of the ghetto .. aidonia could have looked better but idk that reception dress better she never change dress looks cheap n tacky

  10. Some of you f**s are some judgmental set of human beings! Nothing pleases you. Smh nuh wonder nuff a we cya reach nuh weh… if you nah nuttin good fi say about the wedding shut u f***g mouth. Jeesh

    1. Says who? If you want to read only positive comments about their wedding, you need to stay on their IG pages where people who know and love them are telling them nothing but nice things. This is a gossip blog where people voice their honest opinions. Sometimes it’s the same people from IG over here, but they don’t want to say it to them directly. If you don’t like it, don’t read the comments. I don’t know what people expect when they log on to this site. Honestly.

  11. Everyone is free to voice their opinions and mone is that it’s her day so if that is how,she,wanted to look that’s fine, even if she looked the same smh. That wedding is expensive considering the beach, canopy etc. If they wanted to wear their yard clothes it is their day. Congrats love weddings 🙂

  12. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lawerence may God bless your union along the way it won’t be easy and it won’t always be hard either,keep your heads and know it’s your union no outsiders input needed if it’s a personal/private matter

  13. Dry and stale if yuh ask me. For a man with a likkle dancehall money I expected better. Smh!

    @Kimberly (the bride) you can unblock me now cause ah you seh wife wid a man that will forever give yuh bun. 😀 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak you look the sameeeeeeeeeeeeeee I hated your entire wedding… from the gowns you wore, bridesmaids dress, and even your reception decor :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :alay :alay

  14. If I had a 4 year engagement, my wedding would be perfection. It looks to me that they only started planning this wedding in the summer after Aidonia got back his US visa. They probably didn’t have the money before.

    I heard that up to last month she was looking at dresses on IG so nothing was really thought out and planned. This is the result of a two month planning with people who don’t really know much about weddings or have any real taste. They are ghetto people.

    I know Kim could care less about critics because after all that she go through with this man, to get the ring is her dream come true. I am hear her now, you call mi wedding cheap some more, mi a wife now!

  15. The reception decor is the only thing that looks good, Ntn else. Kim should’ve put her hair in a bun or something different. She always wearing her hair like that or center part that is why she looks the same. Not a fan of her dresses, both looks cheap

  16. People get married for their love and not to show off or trying to impress others…. (f) uck all u criticisers. … Bless up the marriage..

  17. Not every one likes to be a a crowd pleaser or to spend dem last just fi get a hype. The young lady looks just fine ! And comfortable! Fi dem wedding, Fi dem attire, Fi dem money spend. Who are we to judge when we never contribute a dolla? Kmt

  18. Just like how u can come and say weh u want say same so we can voice we opinion 2. As soon as some1 talk dem mind we badmind and we fi eff off. It a get old now. Dont come over here if u nuh want see ppl talk dem mind cause everyone does not think the same way. Weh unuh want we fi do, tell lie?

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