The brother of reputed leader of the Spanish Town-based Clansman gang Tesha Miller was reportedly shot dead by unknown assailants shortly after 8 o’clock this morning.
Reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that the man, Kishawn Miller, also called Gizmo of a Quarry Hill address was seen lying in a pool of blood on the Spanish Town Bypass in St Catherine.
The police were unable to provide further details at this time.
Tesha Miller was convicted in the United States last year for illegal entry into that country.
He is now serving time at the Coleman penal institution and is expected to be released in January 2016.
More information later.


  1. I far as I know, this is the second Brother to be killed and the third family member, including the sister that was killed a year or so ago by the Clansman Yute, Hodges. A how many Brother and Sister Tesha Miller have?

    Someone soon run een and sey a Dave Clans order the hit.

  2. 2.5 hours and this post silent…lol BABY-MAMAS, best friends, boyfriends, cousins, gingarations ROLL OUT mek the WWW see you in mourning! :kacau:

  3. More to come. Blood bath dem a deal with. Fox and Tesha me frighten when them come out

    1. Wasn’t he seeking Asylum in the US, as reported in one of the Jamaican Newspaper? I guess he might use the death of his three family members as ammunition to support his cause.

      1. Will never get it because Jamaica isn’t in a state of political or human rights turmoil for asylum classification. If him rat out couple bigger criminals him may get a conditional visa…then again him his a high risk.

  4. Mi feel it fi di ppl dem a Spanish town. Here I am in my house in America reading this on the internet(thanks met) while di innocent people scared fi dem lives. Mi wah cry! Dem cyan call police because dem all corrupted and as a result dem forced to rely on their local “Dons” and bad man to protect them. It sad bad, because a di same Don dem a hot up di place and cause a lot of bloodshed. And when di place get hot what does di Don do: him gone a country gone cool out. To my people out there that think that no one sees them or feel their pain, remember god sees you.

    1. Again wid generalizing and blaming the police. Go a spain and go let the residents know you intentions of riding their community of their beloved criminal sons and you will see if a de residents or the police ago kill you…chances are dem oman kill you first.

  5. Jamaica better not let those piece of shit back on Jamaica land shoot them as them step off the plane

    1. I so mi see it to! Can someone explain to mi why I have never heard of an attempt on Teshia Miller life? Why the police nuh kill him yet? Who a protect this piecee of shit?

    1. No say so Ooo dem we bex wid yu.

      Dem love de big send offs and airbrush coffin dem and the occasional block road protest of women, children and elders calling them saints.

      I say this in jest, but I mean it at the same time. Because the decades of this shit and no lessons learnt then no lesson no inna a it- it seems.

  6. Mi nuh think tashika miller a go last long when him come home police aguh kill him or him friends or he might just change and repent but that couldn’t work a Jamaica cuz some one want his stripe .fi sey a mi fly him duppy bat .im afraid of Jamaica all if yuh nuh mix up yuh wi dead ,like mi haffi guh tun bruce jenner cuz them nuh really kill oman so dwl

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