See this is why it’s good to not envy and badmind nobody cause u nuh know the dignity and pride weh affi drop fi achieve certain things. Samantha aka krissy.. make wen u did a post say u not even 23 yet and u have two cars and u buy condo down in Las Vegas and u go do up u breast and batty and lips and while u cussing out hard working ppl on they 9-5 jobs saying they broke why u never include the likkle detail say u a stripper a Atlanta in a club?? Eeeh?? If the likkle cussing never gwaan last night wid strainford u wudda make it seem like say a lotto u win
. Cause we all know say from school days u and u family never have it certain way. Barely could a find fare come school and the prisma powder and styling gel dem done u lunch money. Anytime Unu get a likkle buss fi go foreign. Unu go over deh go sell Unu body, stripping or drugs just fi make fast money..nah knock yuh hustle mumma just don’t bash the hard working ppl dem wid dignity weh a make fi dem honest bread


8 thoughts on “MORE DAN DANCING

  1. That’s why mi nuh jealous or give a rat’s ass wid people and dem material tings. Tings might look good at face value, but “behind de scenes” yu might not know what’s happening. It’s okay wid me, caw Mi wi continue to stay inna de slow lane.

  2. Hey did she even respond? Why was she even showing off to start? These girls are so stupid. none a dem nuh humble and @ sender stripping is honest bread

  3. Dem love boast bout dem age and wah dem hab at dat age, and when you dig deeper you see the true picture. When you know your ting dun come straight and it crooked keep your mouth shut. What dignity is there in being a stripper, criminal, or drugs mule?

  4. So because she’s a stripper thats not hard work? It’s legal work, unnu act like seh if it’s not corporate America or a nursing home the work not valid. She making legal money. When they scam and tief unnu talk, when them work a legal hustle unnu still talk.

  5. Where and wat is the name of the strip club tht she works bcuz mi wudda go throw sum dolla bills on her. She don’t look 3 bad. Sen on the info mek mi go fat up her pocket sum more

  6. When has stripping become a honest living. Just saying! Reality TV and Rappers have made every WHORE I do mean WHORE feel that they are relevant! Thats why I will never envy people for thier looks(given to them by a doctor),shoes n bags (from scamming, stealing, or fraud cards), really all the worldly you things and brands that they hold so high. At the end of the day I’m not willing to do non of the shit they do to obtain them. What a Sick world we live in man when the once considered low lives of society is now the must BES! As far as I’m concerned the whole of them is Demons Strrraight!

  7. There is a huge difference between what is legally accepted versus morrally right. There is also no general rule of morals as this differ person to person.

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