Defamation Suit Filed Against Emily Shields

Vaughn Bignall of the St Andrew-based law firm Bignall Law has filed a defamation lawsuit against attorney-at-law and radio talk show host Emily Shields for comments published on her Twitter account on or about December 2, 2018, about his law firm.

Bignall takes issue with a tweet posted via Shields’ Twitter handle during ‘The X Factor’.

Shields’ Twitter account has more than 40,000 followers.

In court documents obtained by The Gleaner, Bignall said the tweet suggested that he practises law in an unethical and improper manner and exaggerates his clients’ personal injury claims.

He said that there have been recent publications and public statements about regulating personal injury lawyers and contingency fees. In light of this controversy, he asserts that Shields’ comments would be readily understood to be true.

As a result, Bignall has claimed that the words were calculated to disparage him as an attorney and the tweet was intended to lower him in the estimation in the minds of right-thinking members of society generally and to expose him to odium, contempt and ridicule.

Bignall has asked relief from the court for damages, aggravated or exemplary damages, and costs.

The move to file a defamation lawsuit came after law firm Nea Lex, representing Bignall, sent a letter to Shields demanding an apology, among other things.

It is claimed that such demands were not met within the one-week ultimatum given in the December 10, 2018 letter.

The Gleaner reached out to Shields’ attorney, Ransford Braham, who indicated that his client was only served with the documents yesterday. He said that he is now in the process of preparing a defence.

A date has not yet been set for the matter.


  1. But even if she does not support the way he conducts his business what matter is it of hers. If he is in good standing with the bar then she and others like her need to let him be. Keep unno emotions out unno work. Meck di man get his slice of the pie in peace. If the governing body finding no fault of him why you going to broadcast to the globe your unfavorable feelings. Emily, suppose one of your peers was to air you out in the same fashion, would you feel good about it, especially since such a damaging statement cannot be backed up by facts and is tied up in mere feelings? Live and let live!

  2. Is this the same Emily that was shacked up with a white man for years (albeit they are now married?). The same Emily wey dey wid Mark after Mark was with Nadine the Go-Go turned model. OKurrr then Lady Virtuous. I assume your record is now spotless.

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    Anything he “implemented” was already being done in the UK.
    Don’t forget he tried to create evidence that Bob woolmer was strangled, when in fact he had a heart attack.
    So yes she is a self righteous fantasist just like him

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