Mi on the job ae usual oo getting to di battam a tings. Dem say Corey whey dead is a regular hitman whey always get hired out fi do jobs. Now this is the twist so far. Yesterday Triston did a gi we ahint but my links dem line it up now. Corey used to go Rollington Town regular. Him and the producer whey dem kill….Roach was good fren.That is why he was around there although a Alman town him come from.
People whey did a keep up with Roach killing also know that some people did a blame Corey Todd.Dem say dem go down a Mobay and wait until Corey dem a lock off then try rush dem from a blind side. The Corey up top couldnt run fast enough like the next one. That is what mi getting this morning


  1. People really put up wid slackness enuh,I cah believe family members defending dis man fi him doings.If a my family memba a straight disowning.
    Look pon Andrew Zimmerman weh host Bizarre food, that man change him name to Zimmer cause him nuh want no affiliation wid Trayvon Martin killer to him name

    1. Hi hello di man name Andrew Zimmern that’s like totally his birth given name, the killer of trayvon is George Zimmerman no relation stop typing crazy. Unuh fi stop it a so lies get passed around.

  2. Mi can bet you any money seh dah fool yah did dung a Tivoli and get way and swear him still badd. Him wah live gun life and figet seh him can get it any day also. Him life neva value nothing to him so why should we be concerned for him. He was not thinking of his kids when he picked up this lifestyle. I’m sure his babymadda ago find a next bad man yah now, cause thats all she knows. He wanted to be di next Dudus only thing is, fi him fame only lasted a few days. But coo pan him to bout him a hired hitman .. Him shoulda meck sure him have life insurance to ease di burden pon him fambily.

  3. Once your name call on a body that mean him not as clean as you all are saying. He’s all about making the next dollar and at who’s expense? Someone stab or try to stab him in Megamart, him get shot after before. Come on ppl obviously this man is involved in much more. Besides opening clubs, what else is he doing for anyone besides the party goers in the country. Whoever living in J.A. Please tell me exactly what Mr. Todd is doing constructively for the young youths in J.A.

  4. corey todd has no right to order a hit on anyone and no one has the right to order a hit on corey todd. mi tiad a d f*kery inna dis country. COREY TODD AND ROACH WERE NO FRIENDS.

  5. Dis dead bwoy get him owna early Christmas present. Since him couldn’t live in peace, den him rest in it den.

    1. Sharon, he was truly an OG all in death he was an OG..OLD GARBAGE! that in death is the back of a pickup truck him end up wid a ole tire a brace him up! :travel KEEP IT MOVING COCK TEH TEH

          1. But he said Corey stole it from his friend who brought Corey here. That’s what I got from that.

          2. Oh ok but when Corey got to Jamaica it was with some rappers I believe and some energy drink thing. No man nah mek dem lick half mil from them n walk street nope.

  6. LA! LA! And the beat goes on. Bottom this nastiness is a teka of people’s life, him kill people for money, him never value Gods handy works of creation, so him dead now, what is the fuss all about, who knows if is never him same one them pay fi kill Roach, Reaches me reaches you! Same knife kill the sheep it same one slaughter the hog weh them dash ina the truck back yesterday.

    1. bammy di wicked dem seh real og :hammer
      until it reach dem door then they will call murder murder or a killer a killer..Remember dem seh Kartel never kill nobody important so him shoulda free and lie bout what lizard did not do..that is just the way Jamaicans are..hence the reason crimes will never be solved nor will justice be served. Even my own family in Jamaica thinks like this a jus so dem think…When they killed those people in Tivoli and dumped the bodies, every one said they were criminals even though many of them were not identified…but now , hearing from the residents its a different story. And mi sure me and u did know from day one say nuff innocent people dead…Jamaicans in Jamaica justify crime

  7. Met good morning O, be prepared, we going to brace we back against the wall this mornings, mi hear the sounds of sirens like Elijah did hear the sound of rain, a some whole heap of mentality deranged, some sociopath, mentally challenged people in every areas of them life ago run in on we this morning. Be ye prepared! Warning!

  8. Corey di manager tek a plane and come back to farin if u want fi live longer.I’m on the outside looking it cause mi scared fi you,this pass serious.I would be on the first plane outta yawd this morning

    1. That is exactly what they want, the man must flee the country and leff him business. Is like black people nuh fi own business in jamaica leff it to the chiney and white people dem.

      1. Seems suh missis. Mi know of one case where di one black grocery store owner had to do just dat after a number of attempts were made on his life. Now di entire town grocery providers are Chinese, not even fi wi long time Chinese ppl wah a true Jamaicans who mi hab no issues wid dem opening dem businesses. Nopes, a dese migrant Chinese wah siphon all di money dem meck out di country and lodge it a fi dem place. When dem hab enough dem lock up shop and move on living in di lap a luxury wherever dem come fram.
        Dese folks nuh realize seh dem minds still colonized. While di shackles off dem body di shackles of the mind still remain

        1. Onu a mek too much sense! lol Me tired a talk to me fellow Jamaicans, but me get the same “a so things run”…which makes me sad and literally ill.

  9. Ppl believe me this has nothing to do with Roach, hold it at that ma ppl peace. Yuh live by the gun yuh ago dead by the gun.

  10. Met please . Met a guess u don’t know Corey he is no saint that a very dangerous man kind ? But the fact still remaine the bible say do unto other as they would do to you Corey is very wicked met the man is a under cover killer very wicked met keep quiet him and little miss fe live and stay together two wickedddddd human being . But god not sleeping

  11. @11:27 that comment funny you mek mi buss out ah big dutty laugh mi like ppl what is funny even when I don’t know them!

  12. News from 2007… Detectives from the Half Way Tree C.I.B are now probing the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of two men and the injuring of two others at the offices of energy drink Pimp Juice at Balmoral Avenue, Kingston 10 last night.
    Dead are East Kingston strongman, Errol Leys, 47, otherwise called ‘Bobby Reds’ of Kirkland Avenue and Clarendon businessman David Henry, otherwise called ‘John’ of Rickings Avenue both in the parish.
    The complex that houses the headquarters and warehouse of the local Pimp Juice distribution network is shared with car mart. The Pimp Juice brand is owned by rapper Nelly, and has appeared in several commercials endorsing the beverage. The brand recently hit the Jamaican market and has been sponsoring quite a few entertainment and other events making an impression on the locals.
    Reports from the CCN’ metro officer are that about 9:15 p.m., the four men were at the car mart when a white Toyota Corolla motor car with several men aboard drove up. An occupant alighted from the vehicle and asked for the owner of the local Pimp Juice franchise known as ‘Shampoo’ immediately opened fire hitting the four men after he identified himself. Leys died on spot while the other three men were taken to hospital where Henry succumbed to his injuries, and the others admitted in serious condition.
    A man who identified himself as a friend of Leys told that he was not at the scene when it happened but when he arrived he saw his friend’s body lying on the ground. “Bwoy mi nuh know, Reds was a good man, him did a do nuff fi people, him help promote Pimp Juice, mi nuh know why nobody woulda wah kill him.” The man said.

  13. Corey Todd was instrumental in pimp juice and has been accused of ripping off $500k US. Back in the day prominent east Kingston underworld figures involved with pimp juice got killed. The assassin who went for his life is from east Kingston….hmmm

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