A mother and her two-year-old daughter who were shot dead during an attack at their St James home last night have been identified.

They are 33-year-old farmer Nicole Luton and Saskia Mullings of Arcadia, St James.

The two-year-old’s father was also shot and injured in the gun attack.

Reports are that about 11:30 pm, the common-law couple and their four children were at home when their attackers tried to kick open the door.

The parents, in a bid to keep the attackers out, braced the door.

However, the attackers fired shots and the parents and the two-year-old were hit.

They were rushed to hospital where the father was admitted in serious but stable condition, while his spouse and their daughter were pronounced dead.

Horace Hines


  1. Earth a run red!!!!! Dem sumin yAh grieve mi heart,mi read it and feel like mi waan use the bathroom immediately.Why why why?! What is little Jamaica coming to tho god?!!! Met I mean at this point am wondering if people should start fighting fire with fire.(sad)

    1. Sigh I don’t know what to say. Posts like this mek mi weak I can’t comment. I keep picturing them bracing the door smh

  2. I’ll be praying for my friend who retire early a build a mansion a Mandeville, God keep him safe and all Jamaicans safe from whatever evil may try come visit dem a nite time.

  3. WAH GWAN METTIE LONG TIMEEEE….Jamaicans need to start petition to have the death penalty put back in place. Instead of complaining about the politicians they need to unit and make the law work for them. When scamming got out of hand and the USA start feel the pinch. They act; they say they need actions to be taken by the Jamaican government. The Jamaican public had no say as to what USA want, the law was passing without the public say as to what should be done and you see the results. People loose assets get extradite get prison time. My point is WE JAMAICANS NEED TO STAND UP FOR JAMAICA AND JAMAICANS…SEND A STRONG MESSAGE DEMONSTRARTE FOR THE LINCHING…. isn’t our motto out of many I people? We have these loose barbaric men going around killing women, children and innocent men and they sit around asking what’s becoming of our little island. YOW DISS BURN MI ANY WAY BLESS UP PEEPS.

  4. Jamaica really out of control…………the devil is a liar………….father Jesus wash u blood over innocent ppl plz I beg of thee…..good evening metty n folks…..

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