THE brutality of yesterday’s brazen daylight murder of a mother and her two sons in Bucknor, Clarendon has hit the normally quiet community very hard.
“Mi never know people could be so cruel,” said one resident who admitted that the triple murder has shocked the community where the sign at the entrance proclaims ‘Welcome to Baileys Ave; No guns, drugs, violence.’
Police report that approximately 7:00 am, 44-year-old Kareen Brown and her sons — Shavian Mitchell, 17 and Shawn Mitchell, 21 — were at home at when gunmen kicked in the door to the house.
The killers, the Jamaica Observer was told, kept firing, even as the mother and her sons pleaded for their lives.
“Wi hear that they… just start pump bullets in the house,” said one woman.
“A more than 20 spent shells dem remove from the scene,” one resident said as she watched from behind crime scene yellow tape while the police searched for evidence.
Police said they were following several leads, but did not disclose any details.
However, sources from the area theorised that the older son may have been the target of the attack, as he was alleged to have been involved in gang activities.
The incident was particularly hard on the slain young men’s father, Carlton Mitchell.
“All now mi still a try come to terms with what happen, to see the body of mi son lie down there, mi really can’t help it,” Mitchell said, then paused to take a gulp from a bottle containing clear liquid.


  1. Awh Boy the father know what was coming am just sorry they had to die, the older son was mix up in badness and the father moved out of the home out of fear of what was to come and so said so done. I wish these kids would listen and turn away from badness, because the said cronies gonna come cut dem down and kill the poor innocent 17yr and his mother.

  2. Bwoy wen mi si this yestiday mi just tear up,mi heart weap fi Jamdung nahn lie, caz dem wicked dung deh bad. Summn must give man.
    May they SIP.

  3. yo bad bwoy dem just sorry fi di mother frm daddy to sons dem a teeth..all di daddy do a walk round an meck pickey an left dem

  4. Suh a three ppl haffi guh bury from one family now. I don’t even want to know di lebel a pain involved in dis.

  5. Jesus is comming soon … So we better get ready … Things in jamacia are big gonna get better only worst … These are the signs of the time we living in … May God have mercy on us!!!!!

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