The mother and her common-law-husband who have been charged under the Child Care and Protection Act following the gruesome murder of three-year-old Nevalesia Campbell, were denied bail when they appeared in the St Ann Parish Court this afternoon.

Mahalia Poyser, 24, and her 30-year-old spouse Roy Downs are scheduled to return to court on July 29.

The two were charged after it was revealed that Navelesia and her twin brother were left alone at home when she was abducted and murdered.

Attorney representing the accused, Peter McHugh, said the prosecution was not opposed to bail. However, bail was denied due to concerns for the safety of the two, especially the mother.

The matter was heard in-camera before Judge Andrea Thomas.

The man who was charged in relation to the child’s murder is also expected to make his court appearance soon. However, Superintendent Wayne Cameron said the date was not being disclosed.

He said residents in the community remain upset following the discovery of the child’s mutilated body Sunday morning.


  1. Met see wid me fi a moment.

    Prosecutor fi run right up unda it Mumma! Bout not oppose to bail. So if nobody Neva want string up the careless mumma she would a walk road today yah? Onu gwan shield her nasty careless rass!

    And the word murda nah cut no dash! That baby rapist BUTCHA the baby afta him rape her!!!! Me nah ease up pon anything whey associated wid bumboblo%%%$@dclat rape or molestation!

  2. Yes, keep her careless ass in there….these damn so called mothers make me sick. And also the man, because not one is better than the other. You would think women with children learn from all the killing and raping of little children.

  3. Plz plz oh pretty plz plz please don’t deny the rapist bail.plz Judge n prosecutor that man is presumed innocent so nuh deny him bail.

    We nuh want no more Mario Deane type killing inna jail so plz let him roam the streets “Free”.We the citizens will ensure he Doesn’t Die “in jail”

    1. Says the citizen *with is machete behind his back* :ngakak

      …and so says the other citizen with a gallon a kerosene oil at her feet and a burning spilff in hand :ngakak

  4. The mother look younger than 24 and she so careless with her young children, she and the boyfriend just want to go out and party and careless bout her children… Why would she think leaving her kids in the house alone sleep that nothing would happen to them… In everyone neighborhood you have one person watching you every move and waiting to strike why would she think her defenseless children were safe… She needs to be held accountable for her actions…

  5. I won’t even dignify dat wastegal by calling her a Mother. She is of no use to society whatsoever, given the fact that she was supposed to love, nurture, and care for that child. This story is heart – breaking and disturbing beyond words. May God DO NOT have mercy on that little girl’s parents’ tormented souls!

  6. No sah, bad tings can happen to anybody pickney, but what animal who leave 2 three year old and go a dance. Nah pass judgement, But some people nuh fi deh pon earth. Stinking piece a shit. If she have no conscience, she woulda stay in a jail.

  7. This isnt nothing new. Most of these women do the same shit up here. Run go breed after careless sex. Bring baby without a real stable home life. Soon after dem pop out the baby they go run the streets looking for another come up. Just for the sake of kicking it and turning it up.

    Then they bring all these different men in and around their children. Man start fool around with their daughter now sons. Most of the time, these woman pick up the man just as careless like them too.

    3 year olds left alone? My GOD wasteman raped a 3 year old? What can “any” grown man see in a 3 year old baby!!!!!! That’s a true sickness!!!

    1. But wah me a say how him cocky stand up fi a baby??? What wicked bloodcloth…an the muma fi dead a prison look how hard me a try fi have a next baby after 22 yrs an it nah happen an she have baby a lef careless…jungle justice fi d three a dem…

  8. Di summen bun me skin suh till!!! I DONT HAVE NO WERDS FI DIS CALISS GAL WHO HARSELF LUK LIKE SHE A 19…She fi stay a jail wid haad time cause ONE SMADDY, 2 A DEM AT DAT, SHE AND HAR MAN, CAAN BLOODCLAATE CALISS SUH..Regula ting dem doo all di while..AS FOR THE ACCUSED, GASOLINE AND DASH HIM PARTS INA GULLY. :nohope: :nohope: :nohope:

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