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Six year old Phedra Martin who was reportedly kidnapped from her father is feared to be in immediate danger. Phedra’s father told the news that around 1”00 pm on Tuesday he was walking home with his daughter when he was pounce upon by a man with a 3 star ratchet knife, there was a tussle and he was then confronted by a second man who were pretending to have a gun. Both men allegedly took the child into the waiting car and drove off.
The six year old has been part of a custody dispute between both parents and in an interview with the news, the mother of the child expressed disgust at what some reports have suggested. She admitted to not being at the scene and said her chief concern was her daughter who is missing at the moment.


  1. A six year old is not an infant. Some of these reporters need to do better. So there’s a custody battle? Let’s see develope with this case.

  2. I certainly hope she is returned unharmed, however, I am not buying this as a random kidnapping. I’ve never seen or heard of kidnappers forcefully snatching a child from her parent’s hand.
    If the father didn’t hurt the child then the mother sent men to retrieve her.

  3. theres no custody battle that ended OVER a year ago …media just want a story…for those who want to know and care to listen to reason. I am greatful of the delicate way u have written this and it only makes me trust this site more…i am a close family member. we just miss Phaedra and want her home….ppl are out there saying she is found she still is missing and we urge the public to keep an eye out. I read the papers this morning and saw that a another 5 year old was missing we are praying for her too….Phaedra just did her test to move to primary level and score a perfect 100% she is our pride and joy and the future…she just got her first tablet and everytime we look at it i cant imagine her not snapping a selfie or playing a game.

  4. This story is indeed a bit off and can go either way.First of all.The father was stopped by a man wielding a ratchet and the other a possible gun that he didn’t see. I can assure you some fathers, would have put up a big fight to protect that child and even possibly giving up their own life for the child’s security.

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