you remember the baby weh them find in the gully about a week ago … One girl from the community knows as befica . she had the baby at her home because the guy she breed fah and her did hide and f**k and she live with a har son father “she as 3 children two girl and a boy ” met the baby was a girl and she use a stone to mash the baby head so it would not cry and give it to a mad man to throw in the gully but the mad man talk back and started tell person in the community ,,, this all took place Swollowfield community near stadium ..


  1. The better question is….. How in heaven’s name could you breed, carry di belly for 9 months, give birth, and then tek stone mash di baby head?????!!!!!

    Girl you are nothing short of a monster…. May you rot in hell. I only have sympathy for the remaining children

  2. She fi get 100 years…..y carry the baby then that’s just heartless you cud have left the baby at a hospital alota couples cant conceive.

    1. An abortion would a solve her issue. I scared to adopt cause traits pass on and fi her monster traits may would not want.

  3. Betta she did give a jacket as long as all 3 parties black. It could pass. Cut to fit any father

  4. Didn’t her baby father she live with see that she was pregnant, how did she hide that from him? And like people have commented how did she know the baby wasn’t the mine own she live with… People do things in a haste and do not think everything through… Why you dealing with another man anyways and then you having unprotected sex…. She is just nasty… She needs to be locked up for a very long time killing her own baby!!!

  5. Maybe she carried the child thinking it could have passed, but when the child born it look just like the father and if the man know the side man then he would realise it wasn’t his. Sad really.

  6. Sad really.but why didn’t she use protection with the side man,so if belly comes she knws a whom.why didn’t She just get rid of it instead of that monstrous act

  7. How is having an abortion any better than what she did? At the end of the day, I am sure not many can afford a safe abortion as an option and since crime and killing so rampant in the country, whose to say she ain’t a product of her environment!

    1. she should a have an abortion. giving birth, murder the living and discard it like trash is worst than an abortion.

  8. Here i thought maybe it was an 11year old who got pregnant and hid it and had no where to turn..COME TO FIND OUT THIS IS THE REAL CASE. A grown woman. I HOPE THAT BABY’S MEMORIES HAUNT U FOR ALL YOUR DAYS AND YOU ROT IN HELL. GOD, I ASK U WHY??? BECAUSE, LOOK HOW MANY WOMEN CANT CONCEIVE AND THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN/MADE BEAUTIFUL MOTHERS. god why???..

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