Phoenix police were investigating a triple homicide after a woman allegedly stabbed her three children to death at a home near Interstate 17 and Bell Road. Police confirm that the children were partially dismembered.

Sgt. Trent Crump said the woman was acting irrationally when her brother arrived home around 12:30 a.m. Thursday. She then locked him in the garage.

The man forced his way into the home and found his sister, 29-year-old Octavia Rogers, with multiple self-inflicted stab wounds to her abdomen and neck, according to KPHO.

Octavia Rogers, 29, stabbed herself as well but survived and is being treated at an area hospital, according to police. (Facebook)
Crump said the woman reportedly told her brother that “she is stabbing her abdomen because she is pregnant.” Police have not verified the pregnancy at this point.

Crump said the man went to grab some towels and sheets and called 911. He then went back into the home and found his sister trying to drown herself in a bathtub.

Firefighters treated Rogers and transported her to a nearby hospital. She is in critical condition but is expected to survive.

Police officers went into the home and found that Rogers had allegedly killed her three sons, ages 8, 5 and approximately 2 months old. Crump said the officers found the older boys in a bedroom closet and later located the baby, who had been “stuffed into a case.” They all had been stabbed multiple times.


“An absolutely horrific scene for the officers and for her brother to arrive to,” Crump said.

Police were waiting for a search warrant to enter the home, which is owned by the Rogers’ mother. Rogers and her children were staying in the home.


  1. More questions than answers. Is from weh day mi deh see some news bout seemingly normal women a stab and kill innocent ppl. I been preaching about all the radio waves and microwaves out here affecting the electrical current in the brain. We are being bombarded by too much wifi and cellphone signals everywhere. We will see worse if remedies not put into place.

    Rip to the little angels who are at peace.

  2. What kinda human being is this ! Why she never just kill her frigging self and leave the kids alone?? Omg ..

  3. Aww such a shame..obviously the women was not in her right mind..Mental illness is no joke. The demons this women must have been battling to do such a unbearable to think about..The children are now resting in peace..the worst thing is I bet her mental state was contributed by stress from her children’s father…some women judt can’t tek on di man stress at all..sleep sweet lovely children

  4. Mental illness is rampant I won’t blame the mother solely she’s sick and maybe didn’t get any treatment. That’s something not talked about in the black community.

  5. What an abomination! Now this is some real live horror movie shit right here! She do what dismember their bodies oh nooo. This world is lost oo! So much wickedness going on nowadays that is becoming the new norm! People please wake up OOO! :sorry

  6. I personally believe that this is something here might have to do with the children father. She night told him she was pregnant again and he might told her he ain’t want no more kids and something beyond that went wrong. Because if she have a mental problem, it wouldn’t just out burst like that.

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