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Beautiful view from a small side of my home in Jamaica just to let you know am Gonna be live on air today Tune in .. Mavado LIVE on air with @presskaypr on FAME 95fm today 6:30pm


  1. There goes my one time boo (cause mi an him leff due to circumstances beyond our control aka LIEEEEEESSS) So him cannot go back a Merkerrrr???

    1. Tell yuh bout dem one time boos Cita, dem too damn lie!DWMFL!!! :hammer :hammer :hammer ..Vado ah try dig shame outta im yeye, bout view from small side of his home…your home is your home, big or’s okay Vado, wi know yuh shame baaaaaaaaaaaaad right abouuuuuuuuuuut….NOW! :malu2

    2. I know. As an ex I feel the same way. It’s sad how we parted, but I will hold on to the memories of when things were good. He not the same person I used to know and love, hedone gone and change.
      Me dey hah pan de gully side if u warn kno how find me

  2. lol he also had a X5 ….ANOTHER X . some gyal confuse a slap for a X…….LOL MI BELLY. my youth hold ur head up u nuh homeless and music can make and u still can live. the room small because is a mansion the man have. bless up youth. you a do better than nuff man yah now. who nuh lock up a whiteman country and the next one weh a f**k off the inmate dem fi the next 30 plus years….NO SHAME MY YOUTH . just hope the cash money deal did set up good

    1. Leave skirt tell alone. :ngakak Btw, which “cash money” u talking about, Bird man dem? Rumor has it he’s broke

  3. Dis a wah him interview aguh soun like, yuh dun know….yuh zi mi… me is a man…like yuh dun know…. yuh zi mi…a jus ppl a talk yuh zi mi …….loll bigup yuh self mr. Gully lol

  4. honeybee dat mean him never write the contract good …poor fellow… can make still deportation is material fi write bout …lol

  5. The thing dat perplex me is di whole heap a big talk vado did a mek EVEN after he found out Rainsberger had been investigated, arrested, charged and found guilty..bout how some man career stop a airport an dem ting deh. Wha him did expek? America aggo lock up one a dem own fi give him, movado, visa, and den still mek him, movado, stay inna dem country?? How dat mek sense? If him mek a lawyer tell him bout appeal and tek whe him money, him double fool. Him shoulda listen to busy…
    Real Talk 😡

  6. Good night met, off topic- u see the video with the girl skip church and giving heads in the car, saying she want hurry up and suck cause she want go back ina church

  7. What a way jamaicans have something to talk bout and chap up dem yam gums now bout eh?
    Good ting mavado have mansion and talent and a mother and children and property to come back home to.
    Big up mavado. I support u no matter what.nfrom nothing to something. Watch man like sizzla and jah cure. U can still tour local and Europe and eat NUFF nuff food.
    All who say him change. I had the honor of talkin to mavado when his fame was now setting in. All dem times he still humble.
    When money and status grow pon a man, he will never be the same person he was ten years ago when he was hungry ok. Who wah call it arrogance go through, but men of great status in this music industry have BIG roles to play, and their confidence and personalities will reflect that. D money don’t change den, dem change d money. Learn dat.

  8. Bitch I wish ja could refuse him him must shame him gone back in a the unfinished house. Bounty to the world

  9. IS like most ppl a wait pon the man downfall but the day him come back to Jamaica is the day him run music again remember me tell you dat.
    But as Anonymous seh, thank God him have him nice mansion and real estate investments among other things to come back to.
    All who feel the man bruk all mi can do is laugh at unno. Don’t feel sorry fi him feel sorry fii unno favorite artiste wha nuh better off.

  10. Was he really on the radio yesterday? Did he have anything interesting to say or just a lot of the usual “Nawww mean” and the “people a badmind him” argument?

  11. go focus pan some music yah now yute…tek farin offa yuh mind yuh neva really need it. see u lef jamaica from 2011 and nuttn major still nuh happen fi u a farin..jamaiaca yuh stay and build yuh name.

  12. You soon hear say him divorce that Girl who he got married to for green card. LOL. Gwan go hold a meds Movado and enjoy the land of your birth, look how much country you can go and tour america is not the only country in this world.

    1. Maybe not you know, because if I am correct she would be entitled to half of anything he accrued during the marriage. He would probably just stay with her to save face. But then again, he does not strike me as being too smart.

  13. Awrite dipportee…..try memba all di man dem weh yu use Rain man dun dem. Keep a close look over yu shoulder. Jankruh buil him ness high but a grung him nyam.

  14. Black people always like fi see other black people fall, when yuh see a ghetto youth raise nuff people pray fi him downfall, mavado not perfect but him a promote jamaica and di music, so remember dis when you fight mavado yuh a fight yuh own music and culture think bout dat people and big up all ghetto youths who mek something wid dem life.

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