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  1. This is why we no like battyman. Dem always haffi push the envelope and do some shit, wha dis fa?! an look pan di next rass beside him like a him put it deh, tasteless and disgusting

  2. Is that the handicap man she was talking about in her other video talking about her expensive h&m tee shirt?..I am somewhat saddened at the state that these gays have caused Jamaica to be in..just disappointed…our yawd men were once a force to be reckoned with, but these gays have people questioning our Jamaican men and their sexuality smh…

  3. nah lie all mi cuda duh a
    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    unno caan cuss mad ppl unno weh end up mad tuh dwrcl no dis yah wan give mi all stitches lmfaooooooooooooooo

  4. Sad. There are some very, very mentally disturbed Jamaican men both inside and outside of Jamaica
    . Mental health is a field that is terribly neglected.
    Obviously this homosexual is suffering from some some severe deep-rooted issues.
    ( He and many straight men too that sleep with gays and claim that they are ‘straight’).
    If one studied psychology in college, you learn about Sigmund Freud’s concept of females during a point of their early childhood suffer from ‘ penis envy…’
    – Well I totally* disagree. The men them from long long time suffering from ‘pussy envy.’
    Woman can’t can’t have NOTHING fi we self again . D fuka dem gone with we makeup, we clothes, we hairstyles, we nail salon… Now dem take we sanitary napkins and WAh baby belly.
    – these WEAKHEARTS they call ‘MEN’ obviously end us and our vaginas. So they go the extra mile to be ” flaming” I don’t see the entertainment and fascination why this pink bwoy AH get SO much AirPlay pon jmg…….NEXT

  5. On a more heterosexual note…( mi tired read bout this girlbwoy yah)…
    BIG UP Skatta Burrell on d way he TEAR up that clash… His DJ skillls were impressive…
    Love when he say
    ” is FIVE sister mi have… Any time me see AH FYAH ah get beat, I’m Nuh craze AH WHO… Mi say come here baby”
    – ishwana AH glow in she & she new man victory selfie ! Big up.

  6. Typo: ( actually d computer typed d word automatically…
    I think he said when a * woman* ah get beat… I meant

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