0 thoughts on “MRS LAMBADA

      1. no dem seh she turn christian, so mi juss a seh, maybe a she send in harself fi alert us on her impending return to di dancehall.

        i don’t know about her sexuality dear

  1. Sender if you want know how TRUDY AND HAR BOOK doing just ask and stop with the sikes dis ain’t no April fools.

    Waving in my Wendy Williams voice………TRUDY how you doing???? Lmfao

  2. Which part ah Trudy body clean? That picture tricking us Trudy body was full of cellulite and stretch marks all’s good she’s trying to change Babylon run her in church

    1. incase yuh neva noe miss jamaica body can be rid of cellulite guh ask a doctah n tel mi weh em seh…stretch marks can only be masked but not removed……….an soooooooo?

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