1. An nuh everything yuh mus fi tek picha ah, somethings just kip tuh yuhself, especially when yuh culinary skills nuh too presentable…cuh pon di common fowl, look tough an nuh cook good.

  2. Not even Andrew Zimmer wudda nyam this.His tag line if it looks good, eat it doesnt apply to this fermented “food”

  3. I can’t identify it, so I would not eat it. Fi a young gal weh love hype and love pray fi Kartel go pray fi God teach yuh how fe cook cause this pass wukliss!!! Yuh food right fi look so cause yuh only learn how fe put on long fingernails and not how fe properly slice food fe yuh presentation look good.

  4. A she name Miss. Can bearly……everything sloppy and half ass. She can bearly dress, she can bearly sing, she can bearly suck cacky(judging how kartel no link her) She can bearly chat, she can bearly dress…..and she can bearly cook dog food.

    It no three bad fi mongrel dog but pedigree dog naw go want that.

  5. Den a which hand wit dem nasty long shit up nails she use knead di flour fi meck dem ugly ass dumpling deh hayyyyyyyyyy mi hateeeeeee ugly dumpling yow kmt nastiness GO SIDDUNG KMFT

      1. Haha u right Metsy cause the “supposed” dumpling yellow like yam inna di likkle plate but tell mi sumting a soup she put inna di plate instead of a bowl???

        1. Country people use anyting mek run dung eno but dem food look like food, as talk di tings seh no pedigree would eat this

          1. Met oooo look agen if u no see piece a mackerel heng off a di plate like a it say “plate mi nah let gooooo ” inna mi Kartel vice lol no sahhhhhhhh
            Cocky termite bling teck my advice n leaveeeeee camera n all social media alone cause u no know say u fi look over di picho before u post it smh poor u

      2. Met how you do? She just need some cornmeal. The way how she dry eye and lie a dem food deh she fi nyam unrecognizable food bet if she put dat infront the dog the dog woulda walk way from it.. cause dog no nyam nothing weh them no recongnized… dat is not food dat is a uunrecognizable something only aliens eat those stuff no human being no eat them things there not even dog.. only drancrows and aliens

    1. Dats not dumplins those are tire wheels, then look pan the sweet potato nuh woiiieeeee a nuh cut them cut dat enuh a cutlass them use chop it up.. woiiiieeee me baddieeeeeeeeeee

  6. People, oonu affe see wid Vanessa Bling you know. Remember say it’s just a matter of time (in June) she is going to know her fate. Oonu nuh see de confusion of de mind start already ? De plate of “whatever” speak fe itself, don’t ?

  7. Bobbys have some nice plate set for 19:99 u get soup bowl, dinner plate 4 cups and some saucers too. Why she pack up so much food in a di desert bowl? Ijs. Good morning Peeps 🙂

  8. a must diet she deh pon cause dem like fi tell people fi eat out a small plate so dem no nyam nuff lawd dat look disgusting

  9. Mi still a try figure out a wah mi a look pan….real slavery plate ….ppl still nuh get it a nuh everything you haffi put pan fb or ig some ppl love attention eeh man damn!!! Good or bad dem will tek it cause a wah the blct that fi put up now gal tek so much hood inna yuh batty and caah cook cum catcher

  10. dat a no rundung or runweh..a juss dash weh dat…what a messy plate..den di food too big fi hold pan di plate…di dumpling a hang on like is a cliff it a drop offa smh

    1. :ngakak if I laugh in yah tiday e see, wah yuh seh mum d dumpling hang on like is a cliff it a drop offa??!! I weak!!

  11. can smaddy tell mi y on God’s earth dat gal would an nyam of d meat and a tek picho wid so so food and bone alone????!! If dah gal yah nuh mad well mi mad, n mi ago check myself inna 1 mad house or asylum or something, but dis yah behaviour nuh normal, I would an like to think seh ppl post pic thats d best of the best n not d worst of d worst!! If mi tek a picho pan my phone n mi nuh like how it look mi a delete it much less, mi would an never tek picho wid sinting like dis, much less fi save it and post it. All dem 15 smaddy deh weh really click like, nyammy nyammy and licky licky nuh baxide, dem nuh have 1 raas thing fi do eh nuh!!!!! Metty onuh cant buy dem 1 bag a bag juice or orange gi dem mek dem go downtown go sell?????? She sick drancro (johncrow) stomach, cauz mi have a dog name stallin, if she ever dash dah shit deh out a door gi him, not even look him nah look pan har, and if him do look, and e dan just cut him raas eye pass she, cauz mi nuh know what d f**k is that, thats is neither run dung nor up, she nuh ready fi leff fi har mumma yard yet, cauz she nuh know A from bullfoot. If yuh waan post sinting yuh nuh post sinting weh well prepared and eye cathing and moth watering and appealing, kmt….

  12. shorty need to cook some of that same thing there and put it in a the same chimmy and carry it up a GP prison yaad go give him it…

  13. all now me caah believe she really put that in her body.. a now me know them a really wicked, she don’t care about herself, so if she go jail and get prison food, it should be of no problem to her cause she use to the unrecognizable food, dats why me no want no friend from any and anybody cause if she put dat in her mouth, what would she do to me?

  14. dis shit load plate should of post under not safe for work my stomachget upset everytime me scroll pass dat yuk!!!!

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