So like there is this person constantly tormenting Miss O and I dont agree with it because im a huge fan of hers but what really never made me care much about this is because of what she did a day ago. She made a post which had incorrect grammar and somebody corrected her and she slammed the person. Now this other person is constantly making hate comments and she does not stick up for herself , so is it that “duppy know who fi frighten ” as I said I like her bt that was uncalled for the way she dealt with that person compared to the unknown person “duning” her because it was not that serious. I always thought she was a person who ignored bullshit bt she proved she is not that so I want to see her stick up for herself now!


  1. So what u wanted her to do defend the fact that she does/doesn’t see her husband, her stuff not fake and she use to be lonely? Totality two different situation here…..grammar police can be annoying yes but I don’t see the need for her to answer about her family true or not no need to validate ur life for people that u don’t know.

  2. more dan once mi see she respond to stuff that people say…she may not directly answer them, but she wi ansa wid a comment to her fren dem weh ansa and it’s never anything nice.

  3. I see teh shade…yea the person that corrected her could just let it pass cause clearly its a typo with these phones choosing THEN when u thought u typed THAN!!! but when O answered with a clapback and a dis the kids thats a no no…however 2 wrongs caan mek 1 right whe di duppy ya a follow d girl post n a stalk d girl fa now bout fake bag n do breast??? dem no see say she live wid d man so she n d man comfortable wid d breast , me hate dese materialist bitches whe think everybody plastic like dem

  4. Miss O was wrong to talk about ppl children cause I’m sure she don’t want anyone talking about hers. Shame on you O I thought you was better than that.

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