THERE was gloom in Mud Town, St Andrew, yesterday as residents mourned for Pastor David Roper, who was shot dead while conducting a prayer meeting at his Greater Work Revival Mission Church about 9:30 Wednesday night.

The churchman, known by his fellow community members as Brother Sam, is the brother of incarcerated gang leader, Joel Andem, the once reputed leader of the feared Gideon Warriors Gang.


Police reported yesterday that armed criminals crept onto the grounds of the premises, entered the church and pumped bullets into the pastor.

“The pastor was preaching and while talking on the mike we just heard the loud explosions,” said one community member.

The resident said minutes after the shooting the bullet-riddled body of the pastor was found at the foot of the altar.

His plaid shirt was soaked in blood and the mike on which he delivered his message lay a few metres away from his outstretched hand.

Police sources said at least 12 spent shell casings were removed from the scene.

Yesterday, police said they increased their presence in the area while launching a search for those responsible for the attack that sent shock waves through the small community.

The increase in police numbers, however, provided little comfort for residents in the area who said the killing has left them in fear for their lives.

“Right now we living in fear is as if we don’t want night to come down because we do not know who could be next,” said one resident.

And she was not alone.

“Right now we [are] worried. If the man them can shoot a pastor what would they do to me who is a regular resident,” said another resident.

Yesterday, a group of policemen were seen slowly making their way up the dusty track in the community, sections of which were fenced off with zinc.

Andem was in 2005 sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm.


  1. Pon news last night one oman say she don’t hear of him in any badness cause him stop that long time.

    Onu fi know sey the pass always come fi repayment pon outstanding deeds- all if a yesterday.

  2. A so mi kno Jamaican gawn down de devil’s pathway and there is no turning back fe dem. Is tings like dese why pensioners and ppl who live a foreign don’t wah come back dere and live and dat is why Jamaica nah go betta dan how it tan. A mi yard an mi love Jamaica but wah de sense mi a come back deh come live if people life means nutten ova deh…

    1. Hi stop it did the same thing not happened in SC with the white guy and the people dem in Church ? Jamaica is not the worse of all so please stop it.

      1. Just because it happening elsewhere does not mean we should accept it on our shores. Do you know that there was a time in Jamaica when not even Playboy magazines were allowed into the country, even though it was prolific elsewhere? Customs would seize every copy of pornography entering the island because that was our culture. We were a modest ppl who did not need negative influences on our shores. Pity wi desire to become Americanized instead of maintaining our own identity has led us into the bowels of hell. Folks saying crime is everywhere to normalize brutal crimes in the country. It should not be happening on our shores ever! Fck where ever else its happening, wi nuh care who fah country want to a do what, our country should not be the face of crime or on anybody’s global crime index.

        1. Thank god the dark days of illiteracy and christianity no de a Jamaica any more cause all iphones would be a problem to onu. Onu always say onu LOVE yard but quick fi chat bout not going back! DWBRCL Stay whey yu de.

  3. So true Phanton Phoenix!!! and not only do YOU yourself have to live right, you have to pray for your family to live righteous too because fi dem sins might go fall down on you & people come to you for repayment fi yuh family transgressions!!!!

    & so so true Anon 12:30! God know, whenever my retirement time come, mi woulda LOVE fi go ah Jamaica & nuh haffi deal wid di cold & mi KNOW my pension & 401K woulda go ah LONGER way down there than up here but mi ah tell yuh, mi really think me woulda fraid fi live down there. No respect fi life ah tall dem nuh have! Old, young, all di suckling pickney dem nuh ramp fi kill fi money!

  4. A only 20 years Andem get. That wicked specialize in kidnapping and contract killing. Jamaica justice system is a joke

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