MIT makes breakthrough in probe of businessman’s murder
7:25 pm, Fri July 4, 2014
The Major Investigation Task Force ( MIT) has made a breakthrough in the investigation into the murder of St. Andrew businessman, Robert Mendez.
Mendez, who operated Payless Car Mart off Maxfield Avenue in St Andrew, was shot dead by gunmen on April 1.
Video footage of the businessman being shot in his office was shown on Television Jamaica (TVJ)in May. The MIT is reporting that it has arrested and charged one of the suspects. He’s John Jarrett, 43, otherwise called “Tucker and “Wasp” of a Balcolmbe Drive address.
Superintendent Michael Phipps, head of the St Andrew Branch of the MIT, told RJR News that Jarrett was charged on Friday afternoon.
Jarrett who was picked up last week was seen on the video footage trying to remove a bracelet from Mendez’s hand after he was fatally shot.
Superintendent Phipps was tight-lipped on the status of the second suspect, but RJR News understands that he was captured in Canada on Thursday.
The suspect, who was seen shooting the businessman in the video, was nabbed by Canadian law enforcement agents following a request by the local police.
The suspect, who lived in Canada for sometime, has been arrested for immigration violations and is expected to be deported to Jamaica.


  1. But wait, I hope dem all finga print d wall dat d slim one touch after him neva get fi tek off di man bracelet, den di secretary neva hear him screaming or di gunshots before she got up n open di door?
    I hope she’s in protective custody. Serve dem rite, long run short ketch, now to find out if it was a hit.
    Dats y we need cameras all bout

    1. Damn, you are very observant regarding the fingerprint on the wall. That was the first thing I observed from the video. That is why no matter how well planned, it is very difficult to get away with murder especially in the USA.
      What I want to know if these guys didn’t see the cameras inside the office or the waiting room or were these cameras concealed or spy camera type. I wonder what Mendez was involved in that cause his death? A number of the used car dealers are heavily involved in the drug trade. One of them got a family and member and her friend to carry hard drugs into one of the small islands where they were both caught and spend several years in prison. He was also an ex-Jamaican Police.

  2. That was a cold and senseless act. The man just start shoot and nuh tek check, that look like dem well plan it, the likkle fool the way how dem wicked the man dead and him guh back in fi thief the man bracelet.. Lord I hope you all guh to jail…

  3. The secretary was one COOL, CALM individual. Her calm composure probably saved her life. Look how she quickly opens the door for the killers without blinking an eye. If it was me, I would have run out of that office once I hear the first shot.

    1. Don’t undastand how she suh calm dou..she nevah ear a ting? Mi wouldah like fi hear fi har tory…caz she just deh gwan like binizz as usual…dat nuh look suh rite to me and less she hab in some powerful sound blockah innah fi har ears. Someting fishy bout u behaviour secretary, very fishy ma’am.

  4. Its so hard to believe news reports these days if there are inaccuracies in the story. Firstly that man was is a customer broker and not the operator of the dealership. Excellent job MIT.

    1. Same thing me seh to. She gooda get a lickel pay off fi set it up . Why she neva run from she hear di shots and why dem never shoot har knowing she will be a witness? You cah truss a soul nowadays. Unless di boss diss har a way and she meck some man deal wid him case neatly ..She was too calm. JHello Secretary… did you call ur gunman family fi come disciple u boss??

      1. I doubt that. I don’t believe the secretary had anything to do with it.
        There is more to this story than meets the eyes. The shooter lives illegally in Canada and will be deported to face the murder charge in Jamaica. The question is what was Mr. Mendez is involved in and the answer will lead to motives. He was also a licensed firearm owner.

  5. But him neva start shooting till him go round di desk, Mendez couldnt pop off quick n shoot dem before dem reach round. Bwoy maybe fright mek him forget him have a gun

    1. But wouldn’t she tell them that there were cameras all over the place? These guys did seem to know they were being video tape. I agree though she was just too calm for average receptionist/secretary when this gun shots are very loud in an enclosed space where the shooting took place.
      BTW, how did they track down the other guy (the actual shooter) in Canada? How were they able to identify him? Did the other guy rollover to get a lesser charge?
      Could this be linked to the illegal importation of all those high end vehicles that were imported without paying any import taxes and the government went after?

      1. The secretary apparently heard the shot, but was not sure where it came from that’s y she open the door thinking the shots were from outside, possibly

        1. It was not just the shots, but the screaming from Mendez office, which is just a few feet away. She had to know where the shots came from just me on that. Gunshots from that close is loud, even if the door was close and couldn’t be mistaken from coming from outside the building. Most people’s instinct would be to run, get nervous, etc. The way she calmly opened or have the thought to even open the door and acted after they left is not normal behavior and I’m sure the police saw the same thing and question her about it.
          Again, I don’t think she had anything to do with it. This is something much bigger than her and we will eventually hear about it when all the pieces are put together.
          The shooter looks like he has on a false beard………


  6. Secretary get page to shut up ,and this mess is linked to ellington dem organise police crime an nuff mix up

  7. Di secretary in pon it, di boss Neva make shi know bout di camera….I tink di police dem suspect har an pressure har till shi squeal pon di res smfh….. di boss involve inna som kinda racketeering

  8. Met oh,,
    DI ppl dem a Jam down seh Mr dealer sell di shooter a crash car without disclosing such info. The shooter tried to get back a refund on several occasion and Mr seller was playing hardball. I am wondewring why ppl do these things only to loose their life and freedom over stupidity. It is weird how Mr seller is well relaxed with the shooter as if he forgot they had issues or Mr shooter was in disguise so he did not recognize him?? Mr shooter did this and Fly out 2 days after, so this was premeditated and could have been avoided. him just gi weh fi him freedom instead taking the man to court. Dem seh a Mr look out get caught first so you know him nah go play hero and do nobody time.

    1. Hmmmm. Why did the Seller not recognize someone who has been pressuring him for a refund and I’m sure was probably issuing subtle threats to get back his money? I would be on the lookout for this guy. Maybe the shooter wasn’t the actual buyer, although it was his car or that of a family member? Hard to believe you would kill someone at their workplace in broad daylight over a bad car transaction? Why not attempt the act outside his work place? Interesting series of events and looking for the truth to be told.

  9. Accused In Car Mart Murder To Be Deported To Jamaica Tomorrow
    One of the men caught on tape in the murder of Payless Car Mart operator Robert Mendez is to be deported from Canada to Jamaica tomorrow.
    Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner Ealan Powell says Bertram Jenkins is to arrive in Kingston aboard a flight from Toronto.
    Jenkins had fled to Canada last year after the murder.
    ACP Powell says Jenkins will be met on arrival at the Norman Manley International airport and arrested.
    According to ACP Powell, Jenkins will be questioned in the presence of his attorney before he is charged with murder.
    The first suspect, 42 year-old John Jarrett, otherwise known as ‘Tucker’ of Balcombe Drive, Kingston 11 was arrested in July last year.
    He has been charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, robbery with aggravation and illegal possession of a firearm.
    Mendez, 41, was killed at his car mart on Maxfield Avenue in St Andrew about 8 o’clock on the morning of April 1, 2014.
    The attack was captured on Closed Circuit Television.

  10. the woman is to go to jail as well she is involved with the killing why she’s not in prison.i know that man kids.
    and should live without a father well that woman kids have to live with out mother too so convict to prison also

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