A death threat has been issued against Jamaican Grammy-winning dancehall artiste Sean Paul if he follows through with a scheduled New Year’s Eve performance in the Maldives.
The online video threat was posted on YouTube by ‘islam dheen’, bears the logo of a Maldives jihadist group and had a cloaked person sitting in front what appeared to be a black flag, synonymous with the Islamic State (IS).
IS is a group consisting of extremist Islamic militants, responsible for numerous acts of murder, massacres and destruction across Iraq and Syria.
“Sean Paul, if you visit the Maldives, the world will see your burned and blood-drenched dead body,” read papers bearing the threat.
The 41-year-old singer was also accused of being a non-believer, whose presence will not be welcomed.
The Maldives is an Islamic country which lies off the Indian sub-continent.
The video bears the logo of ‘Bilad Al Sham Media’ (BASM) group – an organisation which claims to consist of Maldivian jihadis based in Syria and the Maldives.
However, in a Facebook post, the group said it was not responsible for the video.
“Bilad Al Sham Media have nothing to do with this video even though it claims to be from us. Anything released by Bilad Al Sham Media will be done through our official facebook page or twitter account and no one should accept anything from any other source claiming to be from us,” it said.
However, even as it denounced the video, the group said “we are absolutely against such filthy concerts”
Meanwhile, in a Twitter post, Maldives’ opposition leader and former President Mohamed Nasheed warned that tourism will be affected if threats against Sean Paul are not investigated.
A report on the Maldives website, Raajje, said show organisers will proceed with the concert despite threats.
‎According to Tourism Minister Ahmed Adheeb, his country will not give in to the threats.
Sean Paul was reportedly to perform at Maldives’ National Stadium in Male’ at Adheeb’s invitation.


  1. He need not to go there and perform give them back their money if any Sean Paul and do not go to those people dem country and meet your death for no reason back out on this one you don’t need that country support, you have plenty of fans around the world. Don’t go and Don’t do it real talk your safety is 1st you go there and they bomb your car after the performance don’t do it dude these people don’t play look at the world trade center…

          1. Mi ah tell yuh…sometimes it’s best tuh just avoid certain situations and people fe real before blood start spill left, right ah center…serious serious ting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think this is a fake video and not real Muslims. Perfect way feh stop people money is intimidation. What next a video threatening you better show up someplace or die? Where will this end up?

      1. met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tkp :tkp :tkp right now if sean paul deh a maldives yu know seh him inna jodiann hand bag …..mmissa paul big up uself nuh body no haffi tell yu weh fi do ……..happy hiding

  3. Dese ppl a di biggest freaking hypocrites pon di planet. Dem and dem pseudo-holiness wah dem deh pon, yet di evil dem do to each other and others daily would bun off anybody eayze if dem was to hear. Dem whole survival based off tourism, why dem nuh tun back di Euros, pounds and dollas wah di “cunning disbelievers” spend fi meck dem survive daily? kmt

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