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  1. Yea man met me waan u listen to it fully me never know say a so d gyal dunce n cocky n tink say she a Icon in a dancehall – me say Mutta wrap her up n was so condescending with her me na lie me feel shame n a no me, me did a wait pon her fi call JMG name lol

      1. Metsy oooo morning lmaoooooooo Muta say di leg dem open like scissor not the one whey cut cloth but the one whey grass mi laff till mi belly a hurts yowwwwww

  2. why den MUTA nuh wear shoes and cover up dem dutty feet of his that he is xposing to society? is that spontaneous too? di girl a try seh ,it was not intentional,but at heat a di moment while performing,twas unfortunate but it happen, nobody is perfect and while performing remember its live, anything can happen , remember janet jackson’s superbowl performance? wardrobe malfunction, some artiste drop off stage, some dont remember their line, like ‘macka diamond’ suh til she stuck pon, ‘mi nuh response’. am jus sayn.

    1. So CNN u ago compare the visibility a Muta foot to Angel pusC lol u right tho cause she a try n regard like front like it is foot bottom so……………………

    2. cnn no that is comparing apples and oranges…he was trying to really tell angel fi look into herself because if a desso har head deh ”spontaneously” she have a lot to learn

      1. Is between her leg thing for her all her life, s is the first thing she resort to. Is dey so har spontaneity dey. If a laff today a piss up miself, dunce bitch

  3. i understand met, but the whole point is we as humans ,all have to accept criticism, which is basically individual opinions, but do not chastise or degrade di girl for her performance, which in some parts was not intentional,but @ the moment its jus quick reaction and cannot be reverse. In my opinion, I rather view D’ANGEL’s photo,than to look at MUTA’S feet anytime on a stage show, that is a disgusting view. ‘pick the beam outta ur eyes MUTA b 4 u pick on someone else’s

  4. Mek sting move dem bl**dcl@wt n guweh. Coo pan dem a ban ppl. Car get tief like wow ova deh, suh nobody soon nuh guh. Mi nuh like D’Angel, but ppl skin out regulah everyweh nung. Really nuh see di big deal!!!

  5. Afternoon Met, and Metters.

    Whats the deal pon Muta? how him can chat suh, is it making anything better a Jamaica?
    I feel a more wordy adversary would be the heartless killa dem can he get an interview with dem so I can know whats the future for Jamaica?

    I keep hearing everyone seh D’angel a “dutty gal,” if so, it should not be surprising then. (I know zero about D’angel or Michele so I don’t have much to say)

  6. It is sooo sad that angel just don’t get what the man is saying…. Lack of understanding is such a crime. Just there tryna justify your behavior.


  7. You know what I cannot understand. The Angel said her husbands behavior was affecting her son. Mi neva si beenie man front or back yet ………a wonder how dis a go affect Marco Dean ….when everybody si weh him come from

  8. outtah she r macka mi nuh noe who brightah dan who ooooo hef angel seh inna di spur a moment one mor time :travel

  9. d’devil nuh have nuh sense,bounty killa beat the sense out a her,damn idiot she just a repeat are self like shi a scartch record!

  10. I honestly don’t see the big deal she is grown and she can do whatever she wants, until we as Jamaican women stop going along with these self absorbed, misogynistic non double standard patriarch critics with male genitalia we will never be seen as equals ever.

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