0 thoughts on “MY APOLOGIES

    1. :alay a choo mi did out and about and a good ting mi neva spread bed iffffffff i did eva den all mi skin mi hudda haffi go sell fi pay off dat law suit :alay

      1. Me gwan need yu fi hire a serva-sitta :babyboy :babyboy1 :babygirl and

        nu leave de base unattended…thank yu very much in advance. :maafaganwati

  1. Metty mi nearly give up pon mi self mi think u block mi, mi say mi a go check in a mental hospital cause mi cannot focus without jmg a part a mi daily activities. Thank u GOD jmg is back!

  2. Met!!!!! Mi miss jmg so til!!!!!!!!! Glad to have you back. I nearly go mad. Is 3whole days the site was unaccessible!!!!!!

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