I know I had promised to say something last week but it was a really tough week so please forgive me.
This has nothing to do with the Apple saga I want to put it out there first. A lot of times people come on here and comment knowing that they have concocted a bunch of lies , yet they feel no guilt in spewing them.It is not cool, it is really bad when someone has to resort to lies in order to make someone look bad..If you feel you have to lie on the person to make them look bad then you, the liar are 300 times worst than the person you are about to lie on or lying on. If you have to lie on a person to make them look some kinda way to the multitude then the person isnt bad.
To the persons who came on multiple time over the past few months instigating and concocting lie about Marcia and her daughter, as I have said before that is a low and evil blow. The person who commented that it was Demecia who told that story about her mother , you know that was a lie. I did not have to ask if that was a lie, from the relationship they both had it was obvious that something like this could not have happened. I just want to put it out there, that the story about Marcia sleeping with Demecia’s man is a lie. And also add that Marcia takes very good care of her mom in Jamaica. Not for nothing we have had a case on JMG where both mother and daughter shared the same man and had children by him and it was indeed true. For those of who remember Big Mama from Philadelphia, this is the case/post I am referring to ..but in Marcia and Demecia’s case no such thing happened.

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  1. Met, yu done know sey a few of us have some good bout we fi not even did follow up that little bitch…then it had the nerve fi claims sey dem nave no malice against the woman and all declare friendship.
    Hope fi har daughter/son and har nah share man, because lies have a way of becoming

  2. Met Marcia have secret for u ??? Do u have any idea that this woman is witch ?? Met until u know her personally

    1. Why what me say hurt u so bad? A only secret someone can have Fi me why mi set the record straight? U nuh have no rotten draws string Fi go swing pan so u can pap up all part a u?

      1. Met, yu mean say she fi go use de raggedy baggy and heng har dam self! Is a wicked dat cause all de oman pickney name she de yah a use as screen name.

        1. Yes PP that was the wicked part. If dem did seh a so dem hear it wouldnt so bad but fi go seh di daughter seh a so u know seh fi dem ting nuh normal

    2. You have a mental disorder. You are in a state that you need to belittle someone in order to get your point across. You need an intervention with yourself because your character is of someone who does not know or do not plan on knowing how to approach ANY situation. You may not like the this woman which is in fact your choice and that you are entitle to but learn how to express yourself which goes back to that mental disorder of yours!

  3. @ Demecia. Don’t use Demecia name to hide yourself, because marcia living the life you want it bun yuh so she a witch … Because she get a man faster than you nuh true and you upset… Marcia know how to keep a man … Yuh know man love witch..

  4. Hah ha the met a since when you get moral ??? Met u love ppl business like how snail love slime !!!! Marcia has nothing for me to be envy off social media and real life is too different story , keep a man lol micheal I wish u well with that witch ….

    1. U mrs bitch must be a back n belly rat nobody caaa tell me say u NEVA use to set ur alarm pon marcia pot cause u know the woman intimates like u n har draws seat sign contract
      Marcia my message to u invest INNA some brooklac n flush out the shit dem outta u life real tawk

    2. Good aftanoon,Met, Metters and di liars dem,
      Anywho is when since loving suss and mix up mean u nuh hab nuh morals..see here Lord. Can si seh u nuh know di diffrance dats why unu guh round and try disgrace and mashup odah people lie wid unu lies and deceit.But si yah God nahn sleep.
      U right u nuh “envy off”, you envy turn on and up up up, it tunn up suh till it a bun you dung, and u want come rub di ash off pan JMG, but none ah dat round here. Guh dash u misplaced bad energy someweh else. Look like di witch knock u dung more dan ah few pegs, dats why it ah bun you. Unu really evil fi want to spread such crude and nasty things bout people, but nuttn tan innah di darkness fi long not anymo..gwahn guh get di draws string as Met seh…unu ah ole wicked and misery lub company..not round here.

        1. Pot ah call kettle black…Demecia, whatever Marcia duh yuh, it ah mad yuh outta yuh senses…yuh comeen like ticky ticky..yuh jus ah leach on tight ah naah let guh…give it a f**kking rest already dude; aren’t you tired? :cd

  5. Mettttttttttttttt wey u tell da blogger say about draws strings . Trust me a laugh till a piss met say rotten draws string 🙂

  6. Demecia is a real hater! leave the woman alone! u just mad u got caught out there with your lies! u have the nerve to tell met she love people buisness! i see u the one that’s making Marcia buisness yours! Met keep doing what u do! because it’s so good dummy! i mean Demecia on the pink wall loving all the mix up!

  7. Some a dem tun ole pestilent inna people life when they are being ignored. A suh some of dem people yah lie and wicked and sit down and build lies about people.
    @Ms Met I saw one of your bloggers post a lie about a certain person on here saying is the person sent in a story and I commented that it wasn’t that person. I knew it wasnt them causen sey that person was not in a position to even lift their arms muchless fingers to send in story. And by that bloggers response I knew exactly who they are. That person is a big time trouble mekker and no one I mean no one likes that person where them live and in Jamaica. Very loud mouth liad person who is known to mek up stories down whey dem live. But they have a personal vendetta against that person who does not know and only saw them one time. Ms Met I will email you what I am talking about. Some people just wicked and disgustingly lie

    1. Yes man no problem nuff a dem is here that will log on just to tell lies but they are the same ones when dem log off will cuss JMG down to the ground.They know why

  8. So where is happle apology ? History this really met so you know marcia personally but you cuss happle !! Hypocrite at its best two sided cutlass not even media take out would do this lol

    1. Nuh worry bout my side and me cutting. THE POST SAY THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH APPLE SO WHY U A BRING UP APPLE HERE?

  9. The amount of people I see on here for years that you allow people to put out accusation and say worst than that and they have never apologize I mean I have heard your website all damage a marriage in Jamaica cause of accusation !! Did you say your sorry child please that’s how you know people bias cause people say what them feel and know Ras who the hell swears for people no sah but happle is the worst you know what happle does but marcia deserve apology no sah , you can hate one person so bad

    1. What u doing here then? Mi hate apple because mi seh a lie u and di rest a tell? God really have to be present in this world because man to man is really wicked and unjust. But mi a beg u fi read because I apologized for my delay and nothing else so nuh tell nuh lie pan mi rolling calf because u haunted

  10. Oh dear! Well people degrade people over here daily and it’s apart of life when it’s a gossip site . You can’t expect full truth all the time . Just be very careful of who unu slaughter because words sharper Dan knife most times and ppl have feelings too.

  11. People a talk bout Marcia and Demecia long before the apple post so mi nuh know how dem really fi go seh a because a apple dis and dat. A some sick people dem yah. As to the person up top..Yes we go hard everyday but if anyone come wid proof say people a lie pan dem me fi one will seh a lie a nuh one time mi come to anyone’s defense

  12. Man to man is so unjust stop cuss met obviously met have enough proof to apologies for what the low life hungry and bad mind wicked bitch a paint the woman name with lie and use her own child as weapon against her, marcia is no trouble maker I was shocked to see she and apple at it.. Demecia go wash your dutty puss. And how you wicked suh why use the woman daughter name to comment, evil cann done..

  13. met go suck a ______ u too holy all of a sudden look how many ppl name you trash on here even when there is nooooooo proof , u kissing Marcia evil ass ,9 out a 10 ppl who is or has been around her has nothing nice to say about her know that for a fact — demecia a is the same one who talk about her mom and the evil eye witch doooo the same , ,, met the black belly ant u need to send out a lot of apology to a lot o ppl

    1. When me suck mek sure u stretch out and can gaggle so every ting whey suck full up u empty rass. I dont business bout what Marcia do or never do I do not know her and it is not my duty to know her. Mek sure seh u can wake a mawning because di straighten out have u heart a flatta…as a matter of a fact mek sure seh CPR deh pan side. Mi a ants and u is what? Dem seh ants gather food di di winter and u a depend pan my suckings fi a belly full tonight. I apologized to Marcia for being late with my statement ..I couldnt apologize for what was said because mi neva seh it tampon string..pad peal go learn fi read..panty liner tape go suck out u mout

    2. Stop mixup the woman daughter bout she seh mother have evil eye. Is that all u can seh really? Dont try ride mi tonight because u neck a go pap fi sure

  14. Why that jancrow wat call herself demecia no go eat some dead meat hungry belly jancrow a no met mek u a stave low her.. As met say make sure you wake up a morning remember to need CPR close to you pon the coach wey yuh a sleep..

  15. Mis suh busy di last two days mi jus a run een pon dis. But tuh di BIG DUTTY bungle weh ah try style Metty, yuh need fi guh drink full strength clorox. Nastiness yuh lies ketch up pon yuh, till yuh all ah impersonate di ooman daughter. WICKEDNESS yuh need fi guh back unda di rock weh yuh crawl from. Gweh from yah wid yuh liard self. Try memba seh Scammers, thiefT and liards nuh get nuh respect pon JMG.

    1. Yawdy she can try style yes but she cannot style me because me and har draws no share nothing in common.Is har draws she go di crotches combat ebola and boko haram

      1. Metty dat man-made virus soon buk up pon har antiviral. Not even ah blood transfusion can cleanse dat nastiness. If she even own a pair ah drawers, we done know seh ah long time di cratches run weh lef har….cause har unda neet bitta jus like har tongue. Di two-tone mongrel need fi guh kotch elsewhere…..

  16. Gm all! I think Demicia did not read post properly all she saw was apologies and Marcia and that got her real angry why ppl tek dis social media shit so serious, your comments sounds personal so you should take it up with Marcia in person and stop trying to come at Met becausz she will pap yuh up inna pieces!!!

  17. i can personally say that i know for a fact that met will apologise if she catch on to ppl abusing her site and spreading lies on an individual.When a story was posted about me that proved to be untrue and i reached out to her to dispute the lies that were being spread she responded with a heartfelt apology and some kind to the dutty demo up top wi might like mix up but wi nuh wicked like u fi sit down a plan ppl demise with the lies.please to kindly destroy whatever device u using to come on this site bcuz u nuh fi have internet access bcuzx u determine with u lies and is a menace to met is obvious say marcia live is killing u in side and she is the reason u r sleep deprived.please to contact ur local religious leader as u r in desperate need for an exorcism.

  18. Raise u hand if u say Brt weekend. ..stop the cussing and explaining.Metty big up uself. .You might have a mix up sight but u a human. .

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