The frogback couple! Thief dem at it again.this big old shape bad gal trish weh claim she a foreigner every time she come jamaica look like she come from a scrapped metal junk yard.we beat har woman and the sh*t pit gal a tell lie how she beat people dutty frog back trish bout she ago war people we ready when you r. the thieving gal lacey weh thief milk out coffee and f** man like dog she f**k he she and the old lady har file stink a bay every man a bay f**k out lacey.


thieving borrow clothes lacey sh*t mouth you cant hype on nobody because we have your secret i dont know how you say you a butch and f**k man so. Go back a Dr jones fi the belly you (Edited) there because you never know a who is the father….you gal a chat why you no tell her all the things you say bout her and the reason you act like you want her . trish Belleville most wanted lacey chat your file everyday so when you ready start let we give you. Billy the goat trish old lady you remember that lacey?she’s not billy the goat anymore?

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