Who is Annmarie Richards?

Annmarie Richards is a Jamaican woman who has raised 32 children, but not before she came from a broken home, in a struggling community herself. She experienced first-hand what it feels like to be a forgotten victim of Jamaica’s painful economic situation. She has since devoted her life to finding homeless children, raising them as her own, and giving them new opportunities.

It’s her goal to take children off the streets and integrate them into school systems, giving them a foundation to build a wonderful life.

Annmarie has helped numerous people turn their lives around. She has provided a home to women stuck in prostitution circles, drug addicts, and others. She not only takes troubled people off the streets, but she also helps them thrive in society!

Thank you for letting us tell us tell your story Annmarie, we love you!

You can help support Annmarie and what she is doing for people in Jamaica just by sharing this video with everyone you know! Help Play It Forward for Anmarrie, Play it, Like it, Share it!

Film by Matthew Butler, Joel Robbins, Jenny Ljung
Cameras used: Sony FS700 and Canon 5D Mark III
Lenses used: Canon 16-35MM, Canon 24-105MM, and Canon 70-200MM.
Edited by Matthew Butler using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Music by Alec Jay. Song title: Annmarie
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Special thanks to our 2nd camera operator Aaron Sorenson. Check out his YouTube channel

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  1. What a wonderful story! It highlights the strength and beauty of the human spirit. God has angels among us. So wonderful to see love amongst our fellow Jcans. May God continue to bless Annmarie and her husband!

  2. we need more people like her an her husband in this world god know .wish you all the best in life hope god keeps blessing you to bless others.

  3. Does anybody know how to contact this lady? I would love to be in touch with her so I can send some stuff for her kids that I normally donte to other places here in America

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