Good afternoon. So met, I know many of your readers are gonna say that I am stupid and maybe I am. I met this guy this summer at a bike show in trelawny. And I can say he swept me off my feet instantly. I don’t know if I was blinded by the words coming out his mouth (I am single, I’ll take care of you) or if I just saw dollar signs. But I can tell you I was sprung. So I am the type of chick that goes all out for my man. I please him in every possible way because I see no issue with that. Thing is ,while I am being this faithful person thinking I met my king, This dude has been living a double life, make that a triple life. He has not only one but 2 additional babymommas . And they worst part is they both know about each other and they both are still with him. I asked him earlier about it and he flat out lied to me. The worst part is how I found out. So I am there telling my friend about my dream guy and she proceeded to inform me that she not only knew this dude but she was sleeping with him a while back. Funny thing is he is so controlling and jealous. I was not only ashamed but I was heart broken. She was the one who told me about his other life . I met his friends, we did stuff together and I know it’s a short time to fall for someone but I really had hoped he would be what he said he was. I’m upset. And he acts all gangsta I’m gonna let the ppl who ..he is just a pretender who acts like he’s a don..he is a big freak. And he lies to get into panties. I guess I’d probably be doing the same if I were him.but that’s my story.n I feel better telling it..hope I save some girl a heartache


  1. lol, thanks for the warning but with no name or pic how I can know who to avoid? Also, who is the tongue expert you or him? so many questions.

  2. Sender great job on your grammer, at least you are not a dunce bat. Lol next time do more background checks first before giving up the punny it will save you lots of heartbreak!

  3. Were u getting money? Cuz frm u were getting money him can fuxk off! Well u different still cuz sex seems like a ur thing an thats all that matters

  4. Nuff ah whi woman swear bline whi fine our knight in shining armour..ongle fi fine out seh ah one rass eediat wrap up inna foil paypah….

    At least yuh fine out before yuh turn out to be baby madda 3, 4, 5, are goodly 21. Mi love it hurt now, but yuh whi si likkle more fram now u dodged one bullet…Spin yuh roll couple time, praise God an guh fine sumin constructive fi occupy yuh time.

  5. So how mi ago know mi luv. If yuh nuh send him pitcha Mek me see a who… Das why yuh fi sell di pussy.. mi say mi stap sell it like when ppl come offa drugs an mi did affi relapse mi luv. It deserve selling. Luv nuh bloodclaat put food pan di table… den again wah mi a say yuh wouldn’t have table inna di first place.

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