1. Sender – jealously a bitch and I hope you find comfort In your own life. However, her miu miu glasses and chanel bag cost more than enough so she can step out in a boob tube dress n her body on point. Meaning it compliments her KMT your past petty

  2. Thank you for pointing out your pettiness but you forgot to add stalker. She must hype because some people just mek dis B feel important. The best way to get people off their high horse is to ignore them.

  3. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Ha! sender you and I are on the same wavelength of pettiness with zero apologies. Life too serious yah! Hopple where yuh buy ur dress and boots goodie/bad b*tch? DWL

  4. Their life is so repetitive every year it’s the same thing go to Miami after jay party lmfao or go to Hawaii or go to puerto Rico poor dem

  5. No man this is sick everyday sender you going send stuff on happle ?? I mean I can’t stand the show off but damn too this stalker shit man well I guess dancehall celebrity

  6. Excuse me this woman always looking like a HOOKER . Miami is a vacation spot where ppl dress down and relaxed she’s looking like she’s heading to the stripper POLE .

  7. Sender you complain when she post brand names and say she need to be humble etc etc. But now that she don’t post you have a problem… Suh di woman just cyan win!!!! Get a life.. That woman is on vacay and your home chatting and worrying about her.. Not petty but very Stalkerish!!!!! I think yal talk about Jay Icon, Apple, Bobbette so much because yal are Jealous… SIMPLE!!!!!!

    1. Jealous of what? Seriously ,what is there to be jealous of? They are frigging entertaining! That is a fact! Outside of what John public know about them…what is there to be jealous of?

      Jaidon and apple career?
      Jaidon and apple personal bank accounts?
      Jaidon and apple educational certificates hanging on their wall?
      Jaidon and apple house title?
      Jaidon and apple thriving corporation?
      Jaidon and apple car titles?
      Jaidon and apple secure insurance policies?
      Jaidon and apple 401k, IRA, stocks and bonds?
      Jaidon and apple upstanding character?

      Go sit your ass down and learn about what jealousy/envy means.

  8. Honestly how old is this big women She’s to dame insecure she’s smoking marrior cute .she an illusion she herself no she ugly in real life .strip her from her hair makeup vanity copy cat name brands and fake lifestyle she her self feels and knows she’s uncomfortable in her own skin . hence being so extra. All her life she probably wished to be naturally pretty. She’s done all this to not even look like her self she soooo desperately wants to look like the barbies she probably couldn’t afford to have . Middle aged and a ghetto mess, straight embrassment .She can’t even be a roll model to either of her children in real life she can’t even model a successful life image for either kid. I wonder will she bleach up and pump up her daughter at 18 time will tell cuz she’ll still be in those same 20 dollar clubs at 60. Fronting for the gram

  9. sender is right because when she have on fake brand she hastag everything , n apple batty don’t look good in that video with r two pen foot ,robbas name everything she wear guess zara etc apple fi gwey people go watch j e con party n u all will see that his jacket is fake n missing a tiger on one side n then I saw the tiger hinding under j arm dwl apple stay u yard help ur daughter with home work read a book n play with her girls need their mother

  10. Apple sometime u fi mek ppl wonder where r u or what u doing . Do you Jay n Bee a tell all them move? Go sit down u n ur clown man

  11. Hi Miss”Meth” (pardon my lisp) Ask Miss Apple for the link to her “laperla lingerie” please because for some reason neither of the pieces are on the website. Thanks in advance :2thumbup

  12. Yoooo y’all funny as hell. Can you imagine everyday y’all come on here and discuss what this woman. like what she does can make or break y’all! Nothing she does in her life benefits either one of y’all??? So why do y’all care soooo much????? It kills me. If she wear fake or real it does nothing to effect y’all life. If y’all would spend half the energy taking care of self and stop worrying with others y’all would be so far in life. And to the ones who gonna start bragging about what jobs and money you have… save it! Cause if you had all that going on you wouldn’t even know she is alive. Much less care about what her and her circle is doing. Live your lives and stop worrying with other people. Smdh… ijs

    1. You’re adding to the comedy :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak. People with jobs aren’t suppose to lay back after hours to participate and read blog sites?

      Bitch go have as much seats as these other clowns. Did you miss the disclaimer?

      “If you dont like this forum, please do not whine and wear us out, do yourself the favor of closing the screen”

  13. Exactly Miami is a free down state, unless you’re going for a classy look. I feel shamed for you, imagine the looks people giving

  14. Ah Apple and Jadion ah comment n ah gwan like seh ah somebody else lmao this is a blog page ah yuh fren dem ah send ya’ll in common sense. All when Kerry Ann and sally n miss lou ah chat unno yah have time to come argue with met when it’s the same gal dem weh unno have threesome wit and weh unno help ah chat unno seh unno wear fake so don’t get mad at people cause mi kno unno must be at home chatting people as well it’s a blog get over it nuff time robbas chat unno seh yuh love borrow arr tings happle and you Apple chat yuh fren dem all the time too so please this site is the only celebrity site u will ever be featured on so yuh shoulda get use to the chattingz by now yuh just love put on show fi people like yuh innocent without the young gal showing u attention you wud be a nobody cause jadion ah di only man weh want yuh if him gone tommorow yuh bruk like dawwgggg sour happle yankee Michelle open arrr store it ah hurt yuh heart fi see arr win yuh nuh like see peoole win yuh love chat bout everybody weh ah do beta dan u jadion chat yuh too wit him side gal dem. Everybody know yuh heart nuh clean just some affi play fake wit yuh fi try get tings but dem seh yuh nasty n full of ah fake hype fi no reason when u can show ah mortgage inna yuh name when u can show seh yuh own ah car in yuh name when u can show yuh American passport when you can travel across seas to Europe or London weh yuh claim seh yuh from the detectives dem have yuh name ah precinct dem kno seh yuh love chat but when u can do fi tings dem weh wi mention other than post up inna name brand inna party then we can seh yuh really winning but till den yuh just ah pretty sadamire weh chat Kerry Ann seh she ah sell pussy how yuh fi seh dat bout yuh own friend. 10 thosand heel n not even ah big mansion wit ah pool

  15. Apple tagging dreamdoll the girl not even looking at her probably begging dreamdoll to wear some of her hair to get a bust cause nobody not buying it

  16. Sender Apple wear only
    [ PEAR high fashion ]

    [ sender nuh fornicate no lie pon apple.]

    Sender you of to touch her picture and the names of her brands will pop up my dear.

    Her dress says [ wolford]
    Her shoes says [ Balmain]
    Her glasses says [ miumiu]
    Her bag says [ channel]
    Her hair is [paparazziglam]
    Her life says [fake ]
    All her stuff is [ fake ]

  17. all i have to say di people dem shame to the point they cant even snap. all wen hopple a most ZADDY HIM HAVE TO TURN HIM BACK PON HAR POOR DEM STOP HYPE AND HUMBLE YOURSELF

  18. Irrelevant shit n that’s not how you flex when you in the MIA! You go casual elegant but some gal cannot do that because they not cute enough.. big a plastic n bear f**kery things! It’s a flop

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