Well we know if it was somebody else Matterhorn woulda talk bout dem long time cause not even di gyal dem dung town can labrish like him, but why it a badda u so Nasheen? Trying to start a selector war?






0 thoughts on “NASHEEN YUH A LOOK A HYPE?

  1. it hurt yuh eeeh mi nuh why unu mek weh oda ppl a duh a hurt up unu head and a only ppl weh a look attention mek suh much different post bout someone else if di man waan dress up inna a wig fi him bizniz

  2. uncalled for….dis a one tracing i will endorse from Matterhorn.Clearly Dasheen him have other issues gainst di man an a use sumting comedic very personal

  3. Yes Anonymous a long time nasheen a chat Matterhorn and him just a use di video as excuse fi seh weh him waan seh long time. Him a carry feelings tru Matterhorn use to fucc him gyal dem! #Fact

  4. When u see dem a act tooo homophobic watch dem cause a dem own new Kingston a nite time di likkle boy dem rich offa dem
    The ting was done in jest him neva just get up a wear wig we all know us who him was acting like kmt nasheen go get ur life n lef Matterhorn alone

  5. It must be Nasheen’s wig mattheron was wearing why he feels some type of way….Mattheron give Nasheen back him wig!!!

  6. mattheron keep doing what ur doing, it funny bad, and as for na sheen of get a life, if yuh Neva on di man page yuh wouldn’t know he was wearing a wig, u acting like him wear it outside, kmt. go sit ur corny ass down. I like how everybody done yuh nasty rass up a top already. so there nothing more to say to u, other from “boy bye”

  7. mek suck hood nasheen gallang bout HER business, a chat matty bout wig and him a suck hood till him mouth shape like it…………………… BITCH PLEASEEEEE

  8. nasheen move yuh ugly self and gweh and low matty if yuh neva go pon facebook go chat yuh bizniz matty wudden have it a tear it up so gweh nasheen a baee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a nuh matty fault boooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mettyyyyy Matterhorn a dip up unda dem Pon insta and it look it about fi get worse. Dem too damn nuff and the one bounty him come in like some big Saul gyal nuffff!

  10. Nasheen a look a hype . No other selecta nuh come say nutten , but big hole Nasheen would have to say suppen . Knowings him a look . Him can never and will never reach Mattehorn level. Him have up Matterhorn long time . Ole gal.

  11. Any send Matterhorn a sen Nasheen go up innna him mumma and him mumma up Ina him granny HIM Deserve it…… a him f**k round Matty ….,., How di f**k u a style di man FI a do him own ting PON him own Rass page?

  12. shit mouth nasheen yuh a look a come bac, and yuh never even de start, matterhorn dont pay miss nas no mind is a buz she a look, is only a hand full heard about him in fl, matterhorn you is intl, known, from 2001 dashine a look a buz and all now she cant get 1 gwey gas ballom, yuh calm sey yu a pullecter and yu a look a hype ova a real selector to do a comic, wey dasheen guh brush yuh teeth

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