11 thoughts on “NASTY + NASTY

  1. YLTmanners and respect, to you and your beautiful families! Yardie you know it’s always love from me to u from day one. If I ever steps out a line which some days we all do I’m not too big for correction especially from you, at the same time I’m learning, cause you know a b stepping up on her grammar any help I can get I take. Met also I Learned a lot, from you too. Yardie come here u precious apple me wa know no the pink boots to the blue one this, so which one is real, cause me know AMY na go over board with har hard earning money. Come explain to me yardie. AMY I’m not going to step on your corn cause u do whatever makes you happy, and I get to like you u r a hard working lady. I always c u on the bx 10 bus.

    1. :kimpoi :angel :babygirl :peluk :hope :supermaho
      Blessed day my dearest Genuine!

      Most ppl would’ve known that from day one mi declared mi bias fi Yuh.Thus you n only you will mek Grammar police turn a blind eye to errors like your beautiful families* and go correct and serve others! !

      yuh raise an interesting question bout who fa boot real enuh dearest hearbeat Genuine. Well dem set deh tell lie pon Met so dem capable of telling lie pon boot too.The circumstances of how Amy rolls logically mek u know she nah waste her money pon dat real expensive aliencrap boot…so a must the fake one she rocking.

      Amy can get a bly still cuz she ain’t the type to be boasting on Social media bout authentic brands that people constantly have to be pointing out is fake af!!Much love to your beautiful family too Genuine! !Always the highlight of my day to hear from you enuh!!

  2. The old lady in the black boots always look f**ked up and nasty lookin she swear she cute and look old and wash up.

  3. Champagne lady? More like freaking Malt Liquor. Dem just look tired and done out. Looking like Uncle Lukes reject dancers who tek crack now.

  4. :ngakak A wah kina :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a wah roll in yah a di famous boots dat makka have on??????? Yuh know seh from she change har name from lady mackerel to makka she a gwan wid bare tings lol she want cowfoot and tings yuh song nice still f**k mi till mi come now…. But yuh see dat beside har mi nuh know a wah dat it Always naked.

  5. Dem sick mi stomach, dem always look nasty and desperate. Fi dem time gone long long time. the ole gal weh swear seh she hot the one weh always a spread out and tek pictures, it don’t look good. I c young girls with more class and that’s a shame because unno a di oldest ones in the dance. Woman in the black boots I don’t know who a fool u but u need to STOP

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