NATALIE 106- 66


Met did you hear about Natalie 106. Met she cuss the people in a har party and the one the wey no support are but the funniest thing she and har brother a friend again .met she say big up are brother then she move to say a man she say an she don’t suck pu**y she want are money back from all who never come a the party then she say are brother a no battyman and him a the best dress man wey come a party.met that was the same brother that seh she fe dead when she was sick met these are just some of the things the brother him say ar pu**y done an are pu**y stink .him hate har she worthless she walk an thief clothes a day time so many bad thing don’t want to mention .met she now Natalie give it to him one she say him a battyman and seh said him come here pon the same passport she came on dress like a lady in a dress an a wig an make up that I know for a fact when he came to Florida he went to black beauty house they went to meet him at the airport so that is true. She talk it met Natalie need help she is sick she say if Paul smooth never come a are party she was going to spit in a him face cause Paul smoothe a battyman she dis the people them bad pon the mike met Natalie cuss har moma fe food and a tin a sausage fe 69cent them treat them moma like sh*t .the mother did call Paul fe 30 dollar an him tell Har him don’t have it but same night him do 200 hundred money wheel. Natalie get mad and start tell everybody in a the party because them no talk are so call friend laugh har to scornnnnn. them know how she can chat him met can please help her god forbid she is sick .right now she was the big talk in Brooklyn last night much less queen wey the party keep Natalie u make a money fix u teeth met one thing I have to say give u life to The Lord .

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  1. Met .. This is FACTS!

    Natalie & Paul hate each other badly but Paul hate her way more he cannot stand a bone in Natalie body believe me !!! Fi blood dem nuh live good
    Natalie jealous of every female Paul deh with mi feel she want him
    Idk if some kinda incest did gwan when dem did younger but Natalie
    Is obsessed with her bro. All when she vex wid him and she buck him up inna party she always a hype up herself and a give him attitude and a drop word and him just ignore har lmao. Paul talk say him deh wid him baby mother fi 12 years and a the papers him a wait pon .. Paul tell all a him groupies same suh all when him want Melissa teef a ting or two … All when him did deh with Stacy Ann him swear high n low she did have papers but to his surprise none Stacy Ann nuh have dwrclll cant do a ting fi him so him push she to di side if you can’t mind Paul range he don’t want you !!! #Facts him love likes n him love clothes more than him love God it come out a him mouth … Lmfao dem man deh liable fi do anything mi nuh put the batty business past him .. He looks low key gay! Mi can talk nuff more but mi nah dweet lmfaoooooo

    Morning met


  3. No mon dis affie stop no f**king class this gal have u real need fi fix that teeth inna yuh mouth mon wid di dance money

  4. Met it more than bad him all chat how Natalie did live a shelter n how she wutless fi real
    Dem life sad nuh bloodclat & inna party everyday Paul range need to have a seat now with his old ass fckin these lil young girls & taking dem money ! All big woman to dem Mek him Fck dem ! Natalie watch him gal dem n tell him all typa shit bout dem a give him bun wid har liad bbc self ! Har mouth loud & tink like ! Two a dem have temper problem all that anger look like a from dem childhood .. Natalie ah di man & Paul ah di girl haha I swear

  5. Them is just one of those crab ina barrel family, tear dung each other, and when them dune nutten sweet like Bessie syrup suh, dutty disgraceful people them, them need roll ina the barrel to the sea of no return

  6. what a nasty set a family …..met did u see the tear dung between kp.sweets, and nurse barbie :ngakak :malu :ngakak

  7. Lmfao hello mi actually like how Paul dress. I got no problem with that man
    But the streets talk and the groupies talk more !!! Lol
    The whole wide world know Weh me just say anuh secret !!

    Hello are you dealing with Paul ah u new boo? Cuz
    Girl you’re just seasonal so tek time wid mi defending him
    Mi can’t tek beaten

  8. Natalie is a dog shit people come support you and you a cuss them everyone keep them party and settle fe wat them get anyway are brother start it pon the mike him say no one muss mess with him sista that when she get a boast and start cuss the people them even are own people a talk wey she drive with.

  9. The only time Natalie nice with you is when she want beg you something .met them treat the mother like shit me hear she talk how Paul treat the mother bad .met the other when them no talk she talk some bloodclaatttttt thing bout him to everybody it was so f**king bad now them a laught off a har all jetset a talk the whole Bronx a laught at the them mother always a complaine bout them no manner to the mother,

  10. Anonymous yes Natalie f**k gal so hi don’t now who she a try fe Inpress Natalie is worst person come a party she always a argue with people she beg beg she love are belly alway a war fe food

    1. flatlined~~~~~~~~~~~_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

  11. Met no words to discribe Natalie if you don’t go to are party she want are money when she see you an she a ask fe it and want to war with you Natalie fe stay home an take care of ar kids them and cook stop carry home dancehall food a har yard.met she chat are brother with me an him wife she even tell me pauliesha wife have 10 kids for him she don’t believe in abortion don’t want to mix are up so mek me stop Paul say anyone f**k with him sista ago dead me no want now battyman kill me fe them death hot

  12. No i am not one of paul boo I am just a reader like everyone. And it just seem to me that u r talking more about paul than Natalie thats all

  13. Natalie a old scoundrel dog who walk and beg everynight. if he nuh get ride go a dance she nah go. den when party done she beg food and beg til she collect money fi go out d next night. she brite bout she a cuss who buy liquor and who nuh buy liquor when she nuh drink nothing a party. if somebody nuh buy har a ting she dead fi tirst some people have a real bloodclot nerve dem gal here fi run go hide and get some dam ambition and clas bout dem a thief a day fi go dance fi beg a night.

    1. True Natalie jump on my friend them night and dem youth forever go out and buy liquor .Shes just a nasty person overall

  14. Fashion passion Paul know hin cannot get any paper Paul did not come to America as a man him cun as a female on the same book as him sista that hi know for a fact so him in the system as a female . Natalie cry to me an tell me that hi swear to The Lord it the true she and are brother is I wicked him pauliesha stay right in a America an mix up people a jamaica them can’t go back a jungle these two brother n sista can’t read n write that a now facts one of the brother got deported the other day the mother is the only one that care about him him rob one taxi driver with gun from Brooklyn to Bronx him did a try shoot the driver but the driver got into a tassel with him the gun when off an shoot him the police get him

  15. Candy cane you sound dumb anyone can tell you to give your life to god even a gun man because now is the time you don’t know who you talking to even the pastor could be that sme gun man that out there killing people met tell me if hi am wrong any one can give a little advise remember Natalie have breast cancer an she lost one of her breast the sender is telling her the right thing ok

  16. Paulisha and nAthali a old news What happen with sweets and kp and sherece?

  17. I’m back ..

    Lol hence the name “Paulisha” unu get it now?

    Ah 5 kids dem have Paul probly have 5 more outta road
    But with the wife it’s 5 unu nuh Mek up nothing man.

    Paul is gay I’m not gonna lie :ngacir2

  18. Just reach home me say to rassclaatttttttt me in a the the party the woman look so sad me say me never know say she a boil up fe the f**king people them. She did give it to them me say she and the pussy hold battyman brother of her lord god them give it to who come an who never come wat a thing. We’ll hi won’t be going back she just lose one supporter not even the.sista Paul me naw go

  19. her mouth stink she suck too much cocky dnt mek she talke inna yuh face cause it might kill yuh.. mr pepper said her pussy stink and big we dnt like you dnt come back a queens we dnt like you . yuh brother a batty bwoy dnt come back a queens

  20. Natalie stay very bad Mi guh ah Har party & before she thank di people dem weh come out she ah cuss Pon di mic she never look good ah Har party but Mi will never support Har again Mi feel like Mi waste Mi 20 she very ungrateful

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