So this lady is the C.E.O for stars r us promo group anyway she’s from the Bahamas she works with a lot of artist and selector but wat I wanna know when it became her business fi a f**k all a who she work with mi nuh care bout the female artist them wey she a f**k yes she a big big bi!!!!! From elephant man to demarco to charley black you name it she f*k all from the lil selector them to the big one just yesterday mi see she a send mi big brother naked pic ( an artist I wish not to name) and sey a net work she bet working a so females start net working now? She not even on the man bbm not even a week good n him can get naked pic n how she would a love to be working with him n promote his music smh them young gal yah now a days just sick

0 thoughts on “NETTESTING

  1. So what she f**k artiste and sound man. Whats new? You know how much a dem gal f**k everybody. She come in like the dancehall mattress Nikki Z.

  2. sender she just sounds like a nymphomaniac…one man can’t satisfy her..or ooman for that matter. if she want to walk with her vagina exposed on her forrid then that is her forbid and vagina to do with which she pleases ( shrugs shoulders )

  3. the girl from MDTV do the same thing hey if a so dem mek them name mi nah trouble them. what you do with your pussy your business me only worried bout mine’s say it healthy and covered. but its females like these tht make other females in the business less credible and they think all of us wanna sleep with initially from she start f**k them she aint getting no pay she promoting for free dem gal yah bad fi business.

  4. Is she narrowing your vagina sender?!…….unuh love watch ppl front too much man, loow the gyal. And y uh so concern bout uh bredda and wah him a get in a him phone?!

  5. I don’t see why this is a big deal for the sender, unless you jealous the girl because she’s in the presences of all kind of artist and your not which one is it, or you have a hate towards the girl from long time she branch out and got a start the way she knows how and you still trying to find yours. Which one is it I just don’t get it. If the men and women like what they see from this chick and they get it to each it’s own i bet your so call brother will hit that… a lot of men and women have these play brothers and sisters stay in your lane and mine your business.

  6. She nuh muss a faas inna her bredda phone.A can the same bredda a seh sis look ya, look weh dat idiot nassy gyal ya send mi..My male whoring cuz dem we show mi weh a gyal send dem,weh dem just meet less than 48hours ago

  7. yuh ah put di odda artiste dem on blast but not ur bro. I’m sure she didn’t get up and just send di pic. Ur bro asked and he received. If u putting everyone else on blast then put ur bro too. You just put her out there on word famous JMG so dat means no p*ssy fi ur brother now coz I’m sure she know who it is.

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