Good morning, any problems you have with the new format please post them here..The like buttons gave some issues lastnight so I dont know if I will put them back.Please keep me abreast on problems you may have along with suggestions πŸ™‚


  1. Met sometimes u can’t really see what you are writing in its entirety,due to the fact that comment box is overlapped by the posts on the far left of the page..u can squint and see it tru deh, but u done know:)).

  2. Hi Met,
    The page doesn’t load when I’m on the home page, can’t see anything, even when i refresh and scroll down.

  3. A regular PC, some stories won’t load either, I’m basically just about able to click on stories from the recent post section. For examples, the dancer respin post won’t load at all, but I can get onto this one just fine.

  4. Met, When im writing my comments i can not see what i’m writing when i type closer to the RIGHT column. It just continue on until it goes to the next line. YOu still cannnot see it until you post it. Therefore i am typing Blindly. For Example in the first line the last word i can see ixs Writing. The second line the last word i can see is TO. And the third line the last word i can see is TY.

  5. Gm Met whenever I first enter the site I can see all the stories, but as it finish loading I can’t see them only the first 2.

  6. Morning! When I use chome I can see anything, its just transparent, when I use explorer I can see but the comment box extends to the right

  7. Noting the issue..may revert back when a few more comments are added and then I can show the tech guy the issues

  8. Only part of di pages loading, same as yesterday wid dis big flaming 5 ind centre of di page Dancer story n d rest of dem wid nuff commments not loadin, dont like di shadow over di page, Mett beg u back di old format till u can sort out di issues wid dis new page,plz n tonks

  9. You know I have not commented in a while but Met mi deh a work using google chrome all mi see is this section and one and a half pics from Atlanta dance etc the rest of the page blank also the pics seem to be transparent I can see the background through them smh I cannot survive my day like this.

    1. Morning Lisha, the background was made a little less transparent so today you cant see it in the pictures too much

  10. I can’t go into the stories nor am I able to comment…when I use my phone nothing loads. As soon as I click on any stories it goes blank.

  11. A who move round d furniture dem inna mi house when mi nuh deh yah???!!! lol, a wah, home improvements gwaan while I was away Metty, yuh a change up d formation??? Yuh dun know anything upward mobility wi seh eh nuh, so anything fi mek JMG bigger and better wi endorse it fully, cauz a my yard dis, a JMG mi live eh nuh! How yuh mean upgrade yuh thing yes, but it look like likkle glitches deh inna system still, suh just mek d fixa man come in and do him thing, fast fast, cauz mi cant function without my daily dose a pinkwall eh nuh! lol Go thru and gwaan do yuh tthing Metty!

  12. Mi don’t have no luck wid de new format……can’t find home page much less anyting else. Please sort it before yuh put it back in dat new format…

    1. The facebook box deh way up top and the comment box deh way down a bottom u cannot miss dem…mi will move it still but not everybaddie fraid fi post sake a dat dem fi navigate the page because u cannot miss that

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