TRAFFIC in the usually busy Half-Way-Tree square was diverted for several hours yesterday afternoon after a man believed to be of unsound mind relieved a police constable of his Glock service pistol and went on a wild, but short-lived shooting spree, injuring two civilians.
The man is said to have run into the bus layby in the direction of Constant Spring Road, then fired close to 10 shots in the direction of Half-Way-Tree Road.
The Constabulary Force Corporate Communications Unit confirmed the incident in a skeletal late afternoon release to the media, but promised to give more information as the investigation proceeds.
However, a police source, which spoke to the Jamaica Observer on condition of anonymity given the force’s media policy, said that as is customary when there is to be a shift change, a Toyota Hiace service vehicle was parked close to the clock just outside the layby just after 2:00 pm. The constable, a fresh graduate of the National Police Academy who has been assigned to the traffic division, was standing behind the bus when the mentally challenged man reportedly sneaked up behind him and disarmed him.
“I understand he pulled both the gun and the holster from the man’s waist,” the source said.
Another police source added: “It look like him used to gun cause him cock it as it come out (of the holster).
An off-duty policeman who was in the vicinity came to the rescue by shooting the man and recovered the pistol.
Apparently commiserating with his young colleague, one of the sources pointed to the number of people of unsound mind in the
St Andrew capital.
“It could have happened to anybody because a nuff madman deh ah Half-Way-Tree. An’ mi hear say is not one of the regulars, is a new one,” the source said.
The assailant and the civilians were taken to hospital.
The police information unit said the incident has been reported to the Independent Commission of Investigations.


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      1. Ah dat mi ah seh tuh, cah it really bad fi di homeless people dem wid mental illness. Di gully rat dem choose fi lib inna duttyniss an quite proud ah dem livity…

  4. Dem cant find place fi put battyman put dem cant find place fi put homeless and mentally ill ppl, so in order fi homeless ppl get someweh fi live dem affi guh start dress up like drag and frig off ppl, rob loot n kill n be a nuisance to society, look ere nuh mi not even a guh elaborate pan it too much cauz everytime mi see sinting bout homeless ppl mi get dark and ignorant fi dem crooses deh weh bout dem a find place put up battyman, mi just get irritable fi dem, kmdt. So a how dis yah Police careless wid fi him gun, suh??? fi mek mad man just hold him and tek weh fi him gun just suh?? it nuh suppose to be in a harness or something, a same suh bad man cld an just walk up to him and disarm him sed way?? A dem yah careless ppl yah Ministry a security got a walk round wid firearm, mi cldnt deh a half way tree when dis yah fracas yah a gwaan cauz mi wld an want fi inna d vicinity fi guh lodge a law suit gainst dem backside fi endangering mi safety or something mi wld an must find sinting inna d law book weh mi must cld an sue dem fah, damn careless!

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