Restaurant Calls Out LeSean McCoy For Leaving 20-Cent Tip
The receipt above comes from the Facebook page of a Philly burger restaurant called PYT, and it shows Eagles running back LeSean McCoy to be an incredibly stingy tipper.
Philly Mag got in touch with the restaurant’s owner, and he assured them that the receipt is real. Who knows what happened here. Maybe the waiter was a dick and the service was shitty; maybe McCoy just got confused while trying to adhere to the 20 percent rule; or maybe the burgers just weren’t craaaaazy enough for him.

0 thoughts on “NFL PLAYER LEAVES .20c TIP

  1. If di food poor dem ppl deh would report it to di manager. Mi get poor food nuff time eena restaurant and mi call manager and dem comp it. You not going to get out of dis worl service eena a burga joint, suh a juss damn cheap him cheap. Di rass so cheap him not even brink up di bill to a round numba, cause $62 too bloody much.

  2. He has a right to leave whatever he wants. It’s his money and severe need to realize that when they take the job. Not everyone is a tipper.

  3. Something tells me the service wasn’t good. That 20c tip IS an insult & maybe that’s what he was trying to convey. But wah me know…. when I was petty I used to do the same thing. But now I leave NOTHING b.c not even the two penny mi would mek u able to rub togedda.

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