A recent audit report of the National Housing Trust has sent the director into early retirement . The report shows billions of dollars ”invested” by the NHT that has turned over nothing . Details in the report showed that every investment the NHT made came back with zero returns.There was a property the NHT was to have acquired after taking over a debt, an email four months later by one of its directors showed that they were unclear about the exchange..Stay tuned for details


  1. :siul :siul, there is no returns becaz di investment is dem pockets, pocketbooks and back accounts…:(( and dem treat dem customers suh bad…ole wicked dem!!

  2. Them disgusting down there! after mi granny invest har millions up inna dat she guh fi it and them aguh tell her seh ah only 30,000 JMD she invest !!! Over all the yearst tinkin housin trus mi hate unu dem need fi just lock shopa jamaica and sink d island you cant do nothing in peace.

  3. Impossible fi no returns, interesting dem nuh mention any losses, juss no returns. Dem really tink ppl a fool. Jeezam peace man why Black nations caan operate betta, and yes mi know corruption everywhere, but a Black nations mi a deal wid cause mi black. Every freaking weh you turn is di same fckry wid dem. Everybody a di top waan skim fat and leff di wata fi di rest a wi. Plus NHT houses are so freaking barebones deze days, is not like yesteryear weh if you get a good housing scheme house is spacious wid land space and a nice construction, now dem give you matches box fi live eena and seh a improvement. Nuff board houses a country look 100% betta dan all di NHT houses a build nowadays..kmt

  4. My question is why when these pple get ketch for their corrupt and illegal dealings they either get to resign or retire and not go to jail or pay back a hefty fine????

  5. Dem a tief …. And a charge so much fi mortgage . Dem fi do like bank and make you can pay on principal … So u hav a reducing balance

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