He is the devil in disguise

I decided I’m going to go to the club to find nick along with a family member of mine smh n laughi went outside the club park my car n out there waiting for Nick then there goes nick walking down the hill went in the club so I drove up the hill now right at the corner there goes nick baby mother car the bm he’s married to yes the blue 2010 Lexus DAT he tell everybody is his its her’s Nik lies paperwork doesn’t n the paperworks said its her anyways I park there wait for Nick he came around the corner walking down to his car I ran out on him to my surprise CTFU Nick Klean ran back to the club shouting security call the police she got a gun call the police bitchass nick ran in the club call the cops 6 car n 1 van with police came so I sit there the Police came to my car searching for the gun Nick told them I had didn’t find one it lol so they said what happened I told them he has my money don’t want to pay me so I came looking for him they show den show dem my proof they then said he called the cops saying a white Lexus truck has a gun lmfao p**yhole informer bwoy all dat time Nick was upstairs looking through the club window Lol dan came nick com bck out the club so I started bitching him up Cuz after dat ran he did down DAT hill screaming he’s no longer a man
OMG b4 the nite could end i got a call saying Nick said I came park behind him and he asked a police who coincidentally just happens to be passing by as soon as Nick needs them to ask me to move isn’t he the luckiest guy on earth lol,that’s when I realized that 1fool really makes many becuz people actually running around with that same story seriously!!! because there’s no way 6 police vehicle is going to com just becuz someone is parked behind u really motherf**ker not in f**king America.

So as of now being that Nick Klean is a police caller I won’t be fighting with him anymore we’re now going to do it the legal way so I’m about to let the law deal with the rest because I have all the proof so there’s no more fighting with Nick dirty and I As of 3/31/15 there will now b a legal case going on with Walt & Jodiann becuz as i said before ppl lie paperworks doesn’t!!! & mi nah mek uno prison me I have too much to lose in America. unlike waste people like uno who sit dung n watching out mi good good weh mek man diss him pregnant baby mother yes pregnant but no baby in the stomach dwfl up n down WALKING around show off my pic wen i dnt even know ur obsessive ass while I had him program like TV lol yes dat what u do to bitchass nigga and this ain’t no talk all the proofs will be coming in to met stay tuned


  1. Metty where is the part 1c bc a paper works me a wait pon. Jodi, nuh go lay wait no man outta road bc them could have kicked you up say you threatened him and all these things. But Jodi me can tell you something? After this experience come of the road likkle bit and tam a u yaad more. If u have 7g to lend you could use it to down pay pon house for you pitney. Don’t run in and curse me but just some advise from one who used to live the party life to a younger ooman.

    1. Jodi is like the majority of BX women, so much in competition with the other women that they try to lock down these nothing Ninja’s with money and goods. The only thing these dudes are telling them all what they want to hear! I love to be courted, I didn’t have a long courtship before I got married, but I allowed men that looked me to wine and dine before 69! Before you hand over your $7000. what did Nick Klean do to deserve that……and in a matter of months, SMMFH!!!

  2. Welcome to the majority of Jamaican Men in the BX!!! Con Artist, Liars and Beggers, sad sad set of Nothing Ninja’s but they do what the Women of the BX condone! Never in one month have I heard of so many desperate Women.

    Jodi good luck in getting back your money, but answer a few things for me: Where does Nick work? Aside from his 2 or 3 parties per year what is his steady hustle? Did you not know of Nick before going to bed and LENDING him your money. In the future if ever you and Robert take a break again, try and take man and lend slowly!

  3. @Nick_eat-her i hear di vn with you ….so tell mi this fi every party yu keep yu affi lick a p@ssy an eat a ass……. Lmao

  4. A WAH TELL U ROBERT IS THE CLOWN IN ALL THIS CIRCUS. jodie hole must good fi she can call the man dem pussy and dem still a stalk ….TOP MAN TOP CLOWN…..

  5. It’s true all of them broke and beg and beg I can tell some story and call some names they have no Shame..a woman a mine them up …never ever will I mine a man unless a me push them out my front. All me baby father I tell to f**k off wid dat nah mine no man never ever…


  7. Bwoy ah what is all this inna Merca!!! Jodi you are a grown ass woman with two kids. I don’t care what he did to you. This conversation should have stayed private. Poor Robert. If him stay wid you after all this hes even a bigger clown. This shit is a huge embarrassment all a uno need fi go fine a life

  8. Jody why you so upset you hurt bad poor Robert should have kick that pussy out. Jody you never know say nick did married before you F**k and give up that money. It’s clear that you check for nickand you told him that you and Robert wasn’t together you is a wicked bitch to bring man in the house. Next time leave hype man alone

  9. jodi will Neva learn. She’s is nuttin but a whore Bitch a f**k out di whole BX. Robert Flava him a PUSSY clown. Di pinkney DEM don’t have a chance with parents like dat. Wat a f**kery, sorry fi DEM. Ragga Shante fi tek dis 1 up. KMFT

  10. Start what donation Love. You know how much ppl dem teef from. Teef fi have long memory. Dat is what har f**k cost her. 7Gs. She lucky. KMFT

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