1. Dwlll. Dis is fukkery but watch how fast it tek off. Lol. She look sexy ina the pink work out 2 piece ting wid the pink dumbbells. Lol. She still cannot dance. Lol.

  2. I luv it.. It reminds me of ri’s video “pour it up”.. Nicki look hella sexy.. Drake my baby.. How u doing..

  3. Dumb cra an advert or anal sex, that’s what all this ass (Fake butt) hype is all about.
    Smh, world gone to the dogs
    Mawning Metty

  4. Yawn! waste! LESBO video. Thought she “wrote all” her songs…lol REMIX with a low down LEZIE theme.

  5. none a e’ mek sense..strictly phuckery at it best she knw why she duh de vid half naked anyways de distraction fi de goons dem i tell yuh…..suh fi ar dick nuh waan nuh kine a pusc unless batty big..chile guh av several sup’m weh yah man

  6. Nicki and har JA entourage read groupie too much and si how Unuh a dun di fake ass gal dem so shi affi come wid summin and ask if dem Nuh come over yah.

  7. Nicki never once aimed for her audience to be preteens.. And most of her audience are teens and up.. That’s like saying Beyonce, ri, miley, drake etc should know that their audience are preteens.. They have no control over who listens to their music. Why should they keep in mind who listens to their music especially when they are grown adults.. The song is about big buts and the video mimics that.. On the song.. Yes she sampled it. A lot of artist samples their song.

    1. Hello, the song by Sir Mix-A-Lot is and has always been about ass…we know that from 19 olong. Now to sample is to use bits…DIS A DE WHOLE Sir-Mix-A-Lot wid minaj and har special ed, nursey rhyme bullshit.
      #LilKimALLthetime #IggyAzelatorass #cockeyefoxybrown #MClitefiyears #saltandbitchasspeppa #realoverfakeanyday #minajsucks!

  8. BIG UP EVERY Jamaican female artist with fake weaves, injection and fowl growth batty and bleach out skin who has ever made a senseless, tasteless, over exposed sex appeal song or music video and dem NEVA buss pass a thousand you tube hits in a year…yet Caribbean women and men from otha islands still love and support dem yardie gyal and dem efforts.
    I love the color green ( envy )


    2. Green like yu armpit! cause Jamaica only have 10 a de bitch dem yu describe…and if yu regula bout yah yu know dem get more abuse dan lean nose minaj! :alay

  9. This is completely DISGUSTING!!! That shit( literally) is garbage! Way would u do such a degrading video, when majority of ur fan base are little/ underage girls?!?!?! GTFOHWTB NICKI. Im so sick of these fake ass (celebrities). Filling our children minds with pure F**KERY!!!!! Then want to tell them dont look to me as a roll model but buy, listen repeat verse for verse of my slack music smdh

  10. she truly needs some competition in the rap game. this is rap?? all shes doing is selling sex and using sum catchy rhymes… this video is very confusing the only thing im getting my this is my body is makin me money im gunnna keep using it to the best of my ability. this is sad. WHERE ARE THE FEMALE RAPPERS. i love nicki but shes gettin more and more ridiculous with her music by the minute.

  11. Met, this woman is a living demon. She is the destruction of every duncebat hoodrat. Notice how everybody look the same? No difference? Like a bunch of deformed zombies? Because Nicki Minja made them think a big ugly fake butt was cool and the thing is, it’s stale, it’s played out, it looks atrocious, it’s ghetto and no decent man wants you with it. The joke is on them while she banks her millions after having led them off a damn cliff.
    Stupid stupid black women!

  12. Dem duh so much shit over the years that I feel no way that the white people dem hijack black music, a make more money, a get all the awards and accolades and a dominate the game. See Macklemore got all the awards and Drake got none, See Iggy a replace Minaj and Arianna Grande a replace Beyonce and the whole a dem.
    Beyonce and Minaj did a collab on the Flawless remix and it’s the worst sounding, most juvenile bullshit you ever heard. Enough is enough and they have exhausted their welcome and outlast their usefulness with their bag of shit and now I watch them all being replaced by their white counterpart and not a fcuk was given.

  13. Lesbo theme! This bitch is whackkkkk.
    Why are you seeing green and it’s not like the fake ass is even moving much? Bad nose job? Song horrible? One good fitting outfit in the entire video?
    No bit*ch it’s red you are seeing cah mi mad nuh raas say somebody out deh endorse this raasclaath garbage when real talent out deh an can’t get a break!

  14. Wow…green like armpit ..oh..ok..
    And Jamaica ONLY have ten as described?
    No comment.
    You CYANT RANK with me…i am a STUNNING NATURAL beauty……
    Miss BITCH….no part of me green…
    Sink dat into d ground .phantom phonenix!
    This is NOT about defending any country or artists you women without vision…
    This is about hypocrisy !!!
    I NEVA see unno go IN pon d WHORES dem in Tommy Lee videos and Konshens naked stripclub videos and Aklaine and all d other videos with oman givin or stimulating HEAD and the TONS of videos of women in JA degrading self and promoting threesome pon radio and airplay.
    This is about all women uniting against degrading behavior. And not chosing sides..unno too bias.
    I am not a major fan of Nikki…but i kno she is a smart business woman as well.
    The video not no worse than Rihanna stripper video wah day. I watched d video as art.fullstop. clothes were ON…u
    I not a dancehall Queen, but I thought the video was sexually provocative like all the videos out there, creatively done. No message necessarily..but it got ova 10 million views in less than ten hours.
    Wah dat SAY about our society ?

    1. So wait there..everyone has to like or have the same opinion of the video? As PP said u must not be here long..Everybody get bun out and I dont think Tommylee’s video was put up here or Alkaslime because I know my bloggers would have gone in. Smart business woman yes but the trick is her voice and tone that she uses to capture the underage audience but she a sing x rated lyrics ..parents have to be very careful because this is dangerous

    2. I don’t listen to no damn Tommy Lee and Konshen…you really into all kind a fart music if yu sink to batty lee and de demon whey gone a prison. Me nu fuk oman so your looks irrelevant to me.
      ME A DEFEND ANY INSULTS FLING TOWARDS ME COUNTRY! Fuk a artist cause dem nah feed me but when a bytch put dem self inna me eyesight me say fair game. It could a get de whole a china (1 billion and counting) that still don’t mean ish…only mean say dat much carelessness out inna de world. It de pon dah site yah fi SCHOLARS like me to examine.
      You should ASSume anyone was envious of minaj cause that wasn’t the case. BTW, ME BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL TO! lolol

        1. Me just dun up me Ackee and red herring and a browse! lolol :ngakak BAM a dis me see…lol

          1. ___________________________________________ spread out..When I saw the video lastnight 12’39 am mi nay like it along with many other people because a nuff bad commentsit get.. mi say what a way dem a use wi dance and nah get it right no time at all thats what I said to myself so mi nuh suppphrizzzzzzzzze unno pick it up and demolish wid a speed.

  15. Met, a ova yah dem fi conduct focus groups when dem want fi test dem things…lol Dem ago get honest opinions :recsel NAY :travel YEA

  16. Phantom u just ass-u -me (d) that is what i meant.
    Read again. U missed the part about all women should unite against degradation, guess u nuh see d word . Oh !
    There u go again . Jamaica your country. No one said anything bad bout ja . I love ja. But that menality would land u a spot only pon jmg. No way far in life.
    Supporting only u and yours. So no one can criticize artist from yard now?
    I criticize any artist from any where. I neva praised d video all i say i saw worse.
    First time i saw dirty expose pussy breasts and plain naked ass was on a Konshens video.
    I was way shocked more than this.
    Met as for u. Yeah she reach on fas enjoy. Since i not on long.
    My comments stimulated more conversation doh?
    Everyone free to dem opinion . Just as Phonenix assume i not Jamaican .wooii

    1. Me nu name Minaj if a come up yu a look or post points pon JMG. Me state my piece and me done…I have better things to be typing about. I wasn’t the only one to address yu so gwan go pest dem….guess the cercy arm pit got yu baggie inna bungle.
      END of you and I interacting. Good night.
      Met, me de bout otherwise :hammer :maafaganwati

  17. P.S. check yuh archives. Tommy Lee had a video pon here. As well as a nex video with a WHORE stimulating giving HEAD. I nuh remba d artist name. I think Gage.

  18. HOW this video different from d many naked strip clubs inna JA and erotica clubs where teenagers ah work ? Or artists ah f**k ten man fi buss one hit song ? ( just saying)
    Mi nah give ten f**ks about chosing sides cuz music industry is not mi line of work . Oh !

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