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  1. Yes met results in for a time now.. Burgs is the father.. I think she should of posted the results for all the pain and embarrassment he put her threw

    1. yes put it pan every billboard but most importantly is that he really makes it up with the little boy and write an apology to him when he is older..shame

  2. He will Neva do that.. I really want him to feel the wrath of nikki.. But at the end of the day nikki is fraid of burgs badd.. I heard his other baby mom Roslyn took him to court too

  3. For child support.. Sad part.. Burgs will still walk pass that child str8 any day.. Y do niggas take care of their child depending on who the mother is..If u ddon’t see urself having a baby by someone.. Don’t fu*k them because shit happens.. Look what happened to them.. She breed and all now the babu don’t know him fadda smh..

  4. No burgs does not take care of all his kids.. I am Chris in law.. Everything Chris chat to might man about him come pillow talk wit me Lol.. He’s in hot water right now that’s y him no deh bout.. Neither does he take care of the ones in ja

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