1. MET please help me understand something , i havent been to jamaica in 10 years
    is where these battyman party keep ????? or dem in regular dance ? or dem keep them own dances in secret locations ?
    is who playing the sound ?
    i find this so shocking that cross dressing is now a norm in jamaica
    and is what the f**k they using as foundation ? powder ? why dem face so white
    i dont judge them for their lifestyle but i’m just surprised this is happening in jamaica in the open like that

    1. these parties are always kept in secret locations, one very brave night my friends and I were invited to one, sad to say that night we ended up going way up inna woie yoie inna d hills and within 5 mins I had to leave,,,,,,got to say curiosity got the better of us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,btw there is a circle in Kingston all the gays and cross-dressers know each other, a friend of a friend makes her living by keeping these “dances” trust and believe they have their own secret society,,,,,, but dah set yah eeewwww man can lie dung wid dem supn yah

  2. Metty, dem deh eyelashes sell fe cheap cheap pa Ebay, all ah 20 pack fe .99 cents wid free shipping…you can look at the one wid di tough calf back and tell seh dat ah man..

  3. that party in particular kept in oniels place (less than a week ago) in kgn, “straight” and “gay” parties keep there, jamaicans only “pretend” to be homophobic!!!

  4. you know say mi did think a the girl Dem this name apple when mi first click pan the video mi did affi go back go read the heading.. Dem batty man yah sick mi the funny thing is Dem a look like the gal Dem bad you can see say Dem a study jah know weh mi holy water deh cause nobody cash tell mi say apple ghost a nuh wah demon

  5. @ latty u know u no easy how u fi a mess with the rich bitch mine u Mek she come cuss wi broke ass. Any way dem lashes deh looks like mi $1 Chinese hand fan a them mouth big a wide like wash pan a mi sey wen mi look mi say my my har mouth land on it neck very biggggg a dem ugllllly. U know a dem set ya live unda the drain a town mi watch di documentary pon dem.

  6. Nah laff we all shud b crying why dem boi de think dem cuddan pass off as a female..unuh look stink gwaan go bathe!!!

  7. Me Nah laff we all shud b crying why dem boi de think dem cuddan pass off as a female..unuh look stink gwaan go bathe!!!

  8. Y wen dem battyman wah impersonate ooman dem always pickup fi imitate ghetto rachet dancehall gals real ooman don’t act suh vulgar kmft

  9. Ewwwwwwwwwww….why are their mouths so big?? They look like that of a whale about to suck in a school of fish for dinner. How on earth can a another man look into a face like those and lay with it? Eww eww eww!!!! :bingung

  10. dem yah a Shad…..and di salt one dem weh bun up tongue …now it look like di one inna di lipstick move from dung inna di gully …..cause dem seh dem a get illtreatment and a talk bout di big life….so it look like da sprat deh get promotion …….cause all di bleach tun right up ….mi nuh have nuh words fi di one inna di white make up …..da one deh lik mi nearly kill mi :ketupat

    1. Me bad breed sistaaaaa! lolol. Sprat get promoted out of the gully! Sprat gone where there’s a pool UpTown.

  11. Why when people are talking about Gay people why do they always refer to them as sinners? Aren’t we all sinners? Sin is sin not matter what type of sin we commit. Gays are sinners and going to hell, but man and woman wey a f**k night and day and nuh married a nuh sin dat? Man inna Jamaica wey love f**k under age girls and molest di likkle girl dem in their families a nuh sin dat? People that run up and dung to every dance, drink liquor, smoke ganja and worship dancehall music a nuh sin dat? These same gun men you bitches worship and sleep with after dem just done kill innocent pitney and people naw sin? The drug dealers and crutcher’s in the dance naw sin? The people who love worship vanity and will do anything and everything to get things they see other’s with aren’t sinners? All you people shut the f**k up bout di bwoy dem. We all are sinners and on a daily basis fall short of the glory of God. Di Gay bwoy dem naw burn in a hotter hell then di drug dealer dem. Hell is hell. Only God alone must judge.

    1. Where in the replies did someone say that those “things” are the only sinners? I’m sure all the comments are about their atrocious appearance. It seems to me Superstargirlz you are one or a group of these orangutans, as your name suggests with the “z” which symbolizes pluralism on social media.
      Superstargirlz gwaan live your nasty, shit filled life, we just want to know why y’all are so ugly and ghetto,brawling, why unuh mouths so big and why the hell unuh can’t wear the proper shade of makeup wit unuh ghost looking selves.

    1. If a dem me see why dem can’t catch the one name batman yet…a think a batman a wear the fan lashes.

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