1. You would think this would be the final nail in the coffin but mi a get fi realize seh Kasi nuh have no shame so I wait for the saga to unfold…

  2. Met did mean fi send…Kasi tweeted this yesterday “Curve Gotti ‏@kasi__b
    When people hype; unu complain. When people humble; unu seh them fake. Make up unu mind. #StopBeingDraining” I’m guessing that’s in response to Yardie’s article.

  3. Poor Kasi, I’m starting to feel really bad for her. She’s clearly in denial and needs some sort of intervention. Where are her friends and close family members, does she even have any of those? How can anyone sit back and watch someone close to them totally humiliate and emasculate their own self for the world to watch, laugh and criticize? This is becoming a situation where professional help is required. Kasi needs someone to talk to. Sad. Just sad. Bolt isn’t worth all this public humiliation, no man is worth it really. No sah. This serious.

  4. Clovis a ramp too ruff now rotfl. Stay at home girlfriend plz to bleach him mouth and kock, cause it look like him kiss and phuck anything with two foot. Yuck!!

    And tell him No more strip club dates “Ms Stay at Home”. Bring him on:

    *Dentist dates
    *barber dates
    *PEdicure dates
    *facial dates

    Pamper your man, so you don’t look so much like a gold digger who only cares about herself

  5. mi deh dem set up rat poison fi clovis this mawnin enuh man____________________________:tkp

    all a now mi a dead a mek yuh bad suh clovis dwl

    Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

  6. Sorry Lady Gaga fans BUT the Fame Monster title goes to Kasi! Jamaica’s first international celebrity for doing absolutely nothing like the Kardashians! Build urself after this mama!

  7. Usain’s antics was mentioned on Access Hollywood on NBC a short while ago. They said if it was a female athlete she would be called slutty. Also medntioned he has a girlfriend he was almost engaged to. Never ending story

    1. “he has a girlfriend he was almost engaged to”?? They really reported it like this? If they did that whole reporting & editorial team needs a slap.

  8. Oh God. I’m :malu2 for her.

    Clovis loves to shame women into sense enuh. Anybody remember how he drew Gaza Slim/Vanessa Bling on her knees praying for Kartel’s release outside the jail wall? After that miss thing really did draw up her tail & claws, which was what people was telling her long before he did the cartoon.

  9. Yes @Spoon nuh wonder the server dem under pressure bcuz all mi granny a talk bout Pink Wall. A she set up ar self fi this mi nuh sorry fi ar esp if she nuh sorry fi ar self. Unnu see wah she…um I mean her friend weh “know her and her family personally” comment say inna Yardi post? Only support the Gold Digging theory. After that mi nuh think we fi even gi ar time of day. Some a bawl say we hate her (like gad know?) some a say a envy but the meat of the matter why nuff ppl mind tun from her is the hype, lies and fakeness. It nuh av nutten fi do wid ar looks or the fact she did inna the runnings fi be Bolt wife. Hope she can pull an Anna Nicole, without the drugs and fake boobs lol.

    1. I haven’t really read much of the comments on these Bolt stories enuh, so I don’t know who said what, but everything they talk about ‘hate’. I wonder what they think she have that most people would hate on her for. Let me analyse what’s going on for her that people hate her for:

      1) no job
      2) does she own a residence?
      3) has she saved her first million from hard work yet? Even better her first 5?
      4) maybe it’s for her being a 3-some facilitator?
      5) her looks? Which is no more prettier than many other girls I see walking around Ja.
      6) fake hair, nails, eyebrow (I swear I saw someone wrote something about her eyebrows that I didn’t understand, but didn’t care to ask).
      7) social media hype
      8) top runner man, who flash IT like its hot all over.

      I would name some more why yall (not me) hating on her, but I’m annoyed with myself for even putting a list together – I means I gave it some thought. Shame on me.

    2. Every walk mi walk ppl a talk bout pinkwall. All UPT move in over ya!

      But me haffi big up Met! Cause har ting deh way up!

      But pon a serious note Kasi sad and lame! Mi see woman weh deh wid man weh hav less than Bolt hav more than wah mi see her with! None a di woman dem mi see weh deh wid Bolt look like much! Mi couldn’t a dash out to man weh a bathe inna money and di money nah shine pon mi! Worse wid faithful pussy and freakiness him seem fi want! You mussi mad!

    1. dwl!! I saw her tweet saying “For the record, I hate pink.” Kasi you wanna get big bad and hype, why u neva comment that same comment under the observer pick. hawk tuh —sick tummack

  10. :ngakak ____________________________________________________________ Kasi hate pink Met. I wonder why. :bingung

  11. Kasi my girl, it just came to me! I feel it right in my bones! Usain going to take the shame out of your eyes. He’s going to do something for you. Do not listen to these naysayers, & dare I say it ‘haters’. He IS going to do something good for you, because no man can systematically & categorically shame any woman like this & don’t make it up to them. Take heart Kasi! :2thumbup

  12. But clovis nuh easy at all watch the speed kasi tek off wid fi creet bolt inna the house? Dwl no sah look pan dust.

  13. First car now trip or does she get the car on the trip? Or is that after the baby but before the wedding?

  14. Kasi a dutty gyal. Har face a foll everybody. All me fool fool esi. Mi neva know seh a pinkwall di gyal a throw shade pon. Kasi nuh vex bout do cheating. She just vex seh she neva involved. Woiii. A tiad. Mi ago sleep.

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