RJR News has received a video showing a pregnant woman at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston being pulled on a stretcher up a flight of stairs due to malfunctioning elevators at the facility.

The 37 second video showed the patient being transported by a nurse and a man.

Staff at the hospital say this is not the first time they have been forced to transport patients in that manner.

In the video, a woman can be heard expressing frustration at what she says is an everyday occurrence.

RJR News was told that the woman was at an advanced stage of pregnancy and was taken to the maternity ward.

RJR News also received other videos showing pregnant women taking the stairs.

But Regional Director for the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA) Maureen Golding has said the issue is being addressed as one of the two elevators at Victoria Jubilee is being replaced, while the other, which stopped working on Monday, is undergoing repairs.

She denied that there is a maintenance issue at that hospital as well as others.

She noted that some of the old lifts at hospitals in the region have been replaced under the Elevator Replacement Project.


  1. Bwoy some tings a gwan some places. What a stress the staff and patients have to go through. Jubilee mi tired fi hear unno news, it never good or happy, always some bullshit story come out a fi unno institution. Sick of it!

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