NO ELVIS …………..

Elvis say Splice :hammer


Don’t u haffi splice from somewhere and drop it pan something?


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  1. No sah, dem deh manframe lie is ah shame. Di percentage enforcer seh ah nuh him deh pon di phone wid di crybaby. An now everyman a bawl SPLICE. Dem is ah set a dutty liard an wicked. Mi nah badda wid dem..kmt

    1. morninggggggggg everything dem blame pan splicing a betta him neva badda waste him time and waste our time :travel

  2. I would never invest a dolla inna one dancehall artiste.The moment dem buss dem turn dem back pan di person who help promote dem. I might not like Vybz Kartel but he made these people popular in the dancehall and there was a contract.The contracts might have been unfair but you have choice not to sign(selling yuh soul to the devil for fame).

    1. Kartel did not promote tommylee dem he used their styles fi mek himself bigger..not even a video he made for popcaan after making so much money off whey dem mek fi show him collect ..tommylee was practically unheard of till kartel get lock up..he does not deserve anything from them , he stole enough from them

  3. Elvis u think say ppl a boo boo a u a d boo boo jus listen to onstage interview
    A him a cum try b clever a talk splice him gwaan til him get splice

  4. Well if it is splice up him still ah bawl cause in order to splice you need a sample of something. Tommy lee mi feel it fi yuh if yuh need a hug or a peice a tissue I’m here for you lol :peluk

  5. Morning Met n metters
    But how do u splice an entire conversation?????? Dese two dodo birds obviously had this conversation cause how else the person would have unnu a tawk bout poscentage lol n all dese things unnu too bad ya man di ppl dem say splice unnu fi say stolen cause mi woulda more believe if unnu did say a twins of twins borrow u n tommy lee voice n do a parody smh damn jackass

  6. lol Elvis splice and remix kartel hood inna him mouth
    . Like really so a who a go able fi have both Elvis and Tommy voice down pack. Man whatever. The naustiness of the music business has always been there and it just a get expose.

  7. Morning Met me and u both know Elvis a freaking lie not a thing nuh slice him just wah hit big time so bad him do kartel dutty work fi him…..if it was something legit kartel a duh why didn’t he used his lawyer? Why? But no Elvis run behind kartel like him a God bout kartel truth him. Mi sure we all see kartel BBM message saying “him don’t even trust himself suh how him fi trust ppl” I guess kartel mek Elvis relevant since him say him have all kartel songs to release whenever him feel like

  8. Kartel too bad mind n red eye is a man him a look fi mine him a prison him fi go look a man fi suck him bcuz him lve him hood suck n leave artist them if him did want to mek money him wouldn’t a walk n a kill ppl

  9. mi listen di recording an it is obvious that it was elvis who record di conversation.
    Tommylee i think, neva know elvis a record him.

    elvis u is a bad liar, you can’t tell lie, di ting no splice up cuz during di recording, a nuff time you a try seh sumting while tommylee a cry. so u a tell me seh, somebody really have so much energy fi splice your voice ova tommylee crying, a seh likkle likkle words like but, nuh, if, wait and all dese tings, cuz u couldn’t get fi chat straight true tommylee did a bawl like cow?

    jah know mi want know dat splicer cuz dem mek di conversation sound real and di conversation did a flow naturally.

  10. Tommy Lee. Bill. Yuh cudda bawl blood a u did a bawl. Cudda Simple well turn tragedy into triumph and just prove to the world ur not uncle demon as we once thought. Ur a cry baby. And Elvis. U did nothing wrong u were just a messenger…but now ur also a liar…Tommy Lee in times like these u need sympathy and empathy, but nuh nyam dem like seh a juici patty. U music ting Deh weh it Deh. Hope u did a save a ting. Plus u a look pan jail time and lawyer fee and extortion fee. U really nuh know nothing bout business.u really is a big damn fool from country name Leroy. U know dem boy Deh weh carry water fi everybody inna di community fi a plate a food

  11. Whether it’s spliced, spiced or sliced de man clearly was crying like a b!tch NO DOUBT. So we need an explanation on that aspect of the Convo. Two things caught my ears, tommylee clearly said he felt like killing himself and he clearly said he felt the urge to get a gun and go kill someone, I can only speculate as to who that person is. Lesson learnt don’t play with the devil he’s the master trickster.

    1. yes ooooooooooo a dat dem fi learn and di devil give u something wid one hand and takes it back with the other

      1. Anyway, met mi nuh sorry fi none a dem. Granny tell all a wi if wi play with fire expect to get burn.

  12. I work with studio software and my work sometimes includes splicing, taking out or adding a word or words and bridging sentences. when I’m finish editing, you really can’t tell that the audio been edited and master. In this tommy lee audio I high doubt that there’s any editing involve based on one deciding factor, there is no breaks “inhaling or gasping for air” in his uncompleted sentence leading up to his crying.


  14. I am not going to lie, Tommy Lee definitely confirms my suspicions of how dunce he really is… I hope him nuh try clash or dis Killa again…

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